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  1. another amazing article from the herald http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=10891006 "Over the next two days the Herald tells the stories of two young Kiwis whose deaths were directly linked to steroid use. A coroner's inquest ruled Kris McKenzie's suicide in Invercargill in 1999 was a direct result of his steroid use. Five years later, another Kiwi teenager, Kieran McNamara, took his own life after developing a mental illness attributed to his steroid use. wtf? steroid causing mental Illness? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/steve-deane/n ... d=10890944
  2. Caffiene and Creatine?

    Werent most of the studies done with a black cup of coffee?? Plus when I read Creatine uptake , marketing bullshit comes to mind. Saturate your body with creatine and then keep it there . That is all.
  3. CCTV Footage Supps Store Robbery

    I thought these twats made enuff money from their shit music
  4. Dirty bulk on Carls Jnr??

    They have a carbless burger I eat there once a year. I wouldnt be grossed out by an aorta.
  5. Albutarex or albuterol?

    I really hope this is a bot, or someones alt account trolling. I rub my belly with thyme and rosemary extract to bring out all the toxins which tone it up.
  6. Love It thanks guys and thanks nzmuscle.
  7. anyone heard of these??

    Plus he only fights fatties.
  8. 2.85kg Home Made Burger

  9. Eating Halal and Bodybuilding

    Sandringham road as well , 2 butcher shops right next to each other with a host of takeaways.
  10. How can you spot a juicer?

    Jezzus chryst!!! the bar is bending before it even leaves the rack,how much weight is that?
  11. How can you spot a juicer?

    *scape goat :grin:
  12. GHRP6 and CJC

    -balls dont shrink - muscles become swole -hair grows on yr head - 40$ according to herald fella -u look younger. -gains stick around - no bitch tits - sexy azz dreams in Imax 3D Sounds like jesus semen!!!Am i right in beleiving it does f*ck all? Kiwijuice u got a log i could follow bruv?
  13. Best/cheapest Whey Protein.

    can you tell me what flavor and how the taste is? weird question but does it taste salmony at all?
  14. How can you spot a juicer?

    did U wear a nz aesthetics tank top to work by any chance? U should ,The questions will come flying at you ,more to do with your sexuality though.
  15. How can you spot a juicer?

    These are the types of things i was referring to as he had over developed shoulders, traps etc which made me think he could be on juice. Could very well be difference in genetics/training/ eating as I declare War said, as physical signs seem to be a very poor indication (just look at lance armstrong who is an example of unnoticeable steroid use). Cam buddy I understand where your coming from,My view of what is achievable is so skewed it's not funny,I also believe people understate what is possible when you are on steroids purely from a visual perspective ,That is until you speak to them and get the whole gist of how thing's work.I have nothing against people juicing and I probably will get on the bandwagon when I am convinced I am giving 100% at the gym and in the kitchen and achieving very little. Make no mistake there are no shortcuts,the hard work is the same ,the recovery time and results are just better.