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  1. How to peel an egg?

    Hi Pseudo, I normally do this - try adding 2-3tspns of baking soda to the boiling water, boil them a little longer (~5-10min) more than you normally would. Fill a large bowl (I normally use the sink) with ice and water like an ice bath, and once ready dump the eggs immediately into the ice bath for 5-10min before peeling.
  2. Recommend PT/nutritionist for a beginner

    thanks Gymrat and Rebel
  3. Recommend PT/nutritionist for a beginner

    Cheers Pseudonym calves still there (looking a little softer), yeah been on contract working around the pacific islands for last few years, good to be back home tho. Have put on a decent bit of weight myself (not lean mass) too (too much turkey tails, palusamis, and breafruit), so looking to get back in shape for summer. She currently trains at the gym at Auckland Diocesan School as she works there and gets in free. oh yeah, am likeing this new website design too, much more simple navigation around threads
  4. Hi, I havn't post on here in a while, drawing on those who have had good experiences/results with female personal trainers (with good nutritional insights). I am writing onbehalf of my partner who is a beginner and totally new to this, and any reccomendations/referrals around central auckland would be much appreciated. Thanks Cheers, fudoc
  5. Eating Halal and Bodybuilding

    Opti, theres a bunch of halal meat stores around Mt Roskill area especially along Dominion Rd: Mohammeds: http://www.mohammeds.co.nz/about.htm Younus: http://www.localist.co.nz/l/ninwgd Imam: 1274 Dominion Road ..?.. from memory But yea, take a drive along Roskill part of Dominion road and theres quite a few Muslim stores/butcheries around.
  6. good specials on protein

    In the larger quantities it is. Nutratech 1kg bag $33 per kilo. Evolv 1kg bag $33 per kilo 2 x nutratech 5lb bags, $124 special price. $27.31 per kilo. Evolv 5.5kg bag $140 per bag. $25.45 per kilo. Nutratech 10kg bag $280. $28 per kilo. Evolv 11kg bag. $24.90 per kilo. Hard to beat this for value. What I was looking for was the best price for a 1kg bag of unflavoured whey. I have enough flavoured stuff to last for a while, just looking for some natural stuff for smoothies etc. GA have a look at iherb.com, i've been getting 10lb unflavoured WPI (Now foods) from them. v.cheap shipping too compared to bb.com http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Mega-Pac ... 54-kg/8217
  7. Dorian Yates coming to NZ!

    awesome, thanks for the headsup maccaz
  8. Fitness plus manukau

    yeah i just had a look at their website, paying cash works out to be about $13/wk a yr.
  9. Fitness plus manukau

    For those who've trained there before, what are your thoughts and would you recommend it? good atmosphere? whats it like during peak hours 5-7pm ? Cheers
  10. What I bought today....

    Nate, that looks damn handy,have you got them yet, do the containers look exactly like the ones in the pics you posted? b/c the photo on nzmuscle shows a different lid design for the individual containers: http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz/shop/Shop+by+ ... +Meal.html or http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/six-p ... s-500.html ? cheers,nick
  11. Anytime Fitness 24hr gym Riccarton Chch

    haha,yea think i'm gonna sign up n giv it a try. apparently theres some pre-sale membership special on at the ponsonby club,so might sign up there n use the greenlane gym as its closer to work.dunno if they'll allow that tho :shrug:
  12. oh, btw, what are your thoughts on anytime fitness in greenlane?equipment, free weights,cardio,SQUAT RACK? i am considering signing up as a backup gym. its mainly for late work days when i can't make it to my usual gym in puke on time.cheers
  13. Welcome back Android!! wow only just realised it after a search for 'anytime fitness auckland' led to your workout journal :pfft: looking forward to your progress towards a Mr NZ title,and all the best!! :clap: ,nick
  14. Anytime Fitness 24hr gym Riccarton Chch

    sorry to bring up an old thread folks, I was wondering if anyone has trained at the Anytime fitness in Auckland (greenlane)? i'm currently in search of a backup gym near my new work place (mt wellington), and anytime greenlane seems decently close.any help/info appreciated, thanks in advance
  15. Which oil??

    extra virgin is good only if you dont heat the oil to very high temperatures (ie,deep frying),otherwise it will loose most of its nutritional goodness and antioxidants. a quick saute is fine tho. i usually steam my veges,then dress w/ some extra virgin.