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  1. Pre-workouts and Fat-burners? Advice plezz:)

    Ditto Dinahlady , strong scientific background would be a good start but like many not easily achievable. I thought I could share my two pence worth on fat burners I have tried a few and found after the first few weeks they don't work. Cycling them is more effective to a point. Then I did a lot of reading and found this - looks as if fat burning is regulated by hormonal cascades, starting from the the pituitary gland. This release TSH which is then converted in to T4. With a normal liver and kidney / adrenal function this should be converted into free T3 which is I seem to read what stimulates the fat burning cycle. When T3 is converted into bound T3 not free T3 fat burning is hampered..big ass syndrome. This calls for in depth lab tests to also test reverse T3. Exercise and diet don't have as much direct effect as we hope ( and I was in the circle believing this too). If the liver and the kidneys and the adrenal glands are stressed, gut is permeable chances maybe more bound T3 is produced and no amount of exercise or diet may change this. Other hormonal cascades are also affected. So... what may help? Potentially? Reducing liver, adrenals and kidney stress...by reducing chemicals, exposure to high tech gadgets, controlling life stress ( cortisol). Personally and this may not suit everyone I have also introduced some superfoods and sourcing my ingredients from certified organic sources, freeze dried is possible I some cases. For us, finding superfoods that work alongside our hormonal cycles and boost progesterone when this is low . Not do extreme workouts before your cycle if feasible. if you find a good acupuncturist I had a convo with one awhile back who said if energy channels are blocked the effect of superfoods natural properties is hampered. So it looks like a 360 approach on your body maybe needed. ( not cheap...) I also invested in a high speed smoothie machine and try avoid sources of chemical fructose, dairy. This means reading labels and being very picky about what you buy. low sugar alternatives or no sugar are dum as well ( non scientific term) as they seem to stimulate the same enzymes as normal fructose and so similar brain chemicals reactions. I am also a master athlete and this to me is more valuable perhaps in order to keep what I worked hard for as long as possible in the best conditions. If you are on a budget sourcing certified organic is going to put a thought or two on your budget so may not be for everyone. If you are or have come to a point where no matter how much exericse you do you don't see changes or -and and feel your diet is truly where it should be then you may need to look at other reasons. There are some good sources of info out there about how some long term. diseases develop I came across these by googling and asking questions. I hope this is of help.