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  1. I’ve been told that Graeme washer is knowledgeable about these issues but i was shocked when he said he would not be prescribing anything after being on Trt self administered for five years. I’m trying to come off as I’m wanting international travel and I never needed it in the first place. his words were: I’m 31 so I should recover but don’t know when I will recover but it will happen. (Well of course, but my aim is to not prolong the suffering and recover ASAP, which means hcg clomid nolvadex and ai. ) Serms and pct will just give you the numbers like raised LH FSH etc but once you’re off it, he says it would not change anything. he does not believe in PCT or HPTA reset at all. For someone supposedly one of the most knowledgeable in the country, he seems to defy everything that I’ve ever known and what everybody everywhere says. I was shopping around different people but my endocrinologist prescribed clomid and when I told him that, he said he’d like to talk to my endocrinologist about that lmao. even my endocrinologist, a well established one at that, said hcg doesn’t increase my testicular size back to normal. Once it’s raisins that’s it. Did not know how much hcg costs and only gave me clomid instead of nolva hcg and ai. Anybody with experiences with this guy Graeme, please feel free to chime in and also your thoughts on what he’s done for you.
  2. Will being honest with Endo about Test use ban me from ever getting TRT? I've got an upcoming appointment with endo who I'm sure will prescribe me Test. LH FSH Test, All way low. I've read somewhere on this forum that they will ban you from ever getting a hold of testosterone if your levels are deficient due to self sourced Test use. Is this true? Anyone had success with getting on TRT after years of test use?
  3. Every time I get my testosterone level checked, it costs $37, which I have paid three times for already out of my own pocket. However, it seems like that even done privately, it attaches my NHI number. Yes I give my real name when I get my bloods done privately (otherwise if I were to present my Low T readings to my Endo, they wouldn't accept it). I have some figures that are close to the cutoff point for the lowest level 8 and some that are above ten. Since I got mine privately, if I were to show my GP/Endo for pushing a case for my low T, will they see the other results I would be hiding from them? Because they are all linked to my NHI? Just curious for people that do take illegal non prescription steroids, do you tell your GP that you're doing it, so that you could get all the blood tests and monitoring for free? How often do you get all your blood panel checked/what do you check? Also the same question if you're doing TRT. I've heard that some guys go on cycle of test for 12 weeks and then once off (after the last shot, when will it be the lowest reading?), they bring the low t results to their endocrinologists to get Testosterone for life. However, with that strategy, you will need to get your testosterone levels checked to see if the UGL is legit or not and if it is legit, and your levels have become >29, will it not be recorded permanently on your database and therefore, you will have no chance for getting TRT from an endo? Am I correct in how the system works? NZ is literally the hardest place to get TRT so I'm assuming that once they find out you've been doing steroids, maybe they will prohibit you from obtaining forever, as mentioned by this article- https://www.steroid.com/blog/New-Zealand-Doctors-Catching-On-to-Bodybuilders-Trying-to-Trick-Them-Into-Prescribing-Steroids.php So how does one go about employing such a strategy to get on TRT for life?
  4. What needs to be said to my GP in order for me to get HCG? How does one obtain it? How much is it? I know that Pregnyl is prescription only so I'm really wanting to know how to get a hold of it.
  5. I know that if your levels are low, you could get $5 test for life from PHARMAC but I have no idea about AI, HcG etc. I couldn't find anything about Hcg in NZ. Where would one obtain it if it's not subsidized? Also, if i was prescribed T for diagnosis of low T by a certified endo here in NZ, would I have no problem with getting an endo in Australia? What's subsidized there and, would NZ citizens like myself have any problem getting subsidized prescriptions (I do know that NZ citizens are considered second class citizens there and don't have access to many things like free health care). These are the things I worry about if I go on TRT in the future, if I do ie whether HcG is subsidized in NZ/Australia/UK and if NZ prescription is universally applicable enough for it to be a smooth transition to over there in either the UK or Australia as I don't want to not go through months of zero supply/not being able to get prescribed at all because of different system etc when I either move to any of those countries for good. Thank you
  6. Endo said no to TRT, solutions?

    Guess what? My diet was completely normal (no strict regimen), just like any non gym going person would eat. I didn't go to the gym in a month nor did any form of exercise. Just lived a sedentary lifestyle. I wanted to see what my testosterone level would look like if I lived my life like the majority of the population. So of course I made sure I got some sleep. To my surprise, the results came back this morning with 18.3 nmol/L, nearly double that of what I got before. I forgot to mention that the night before I got my 9.8 reading, I did get 8 hours of sleep but did have 2-3 beers. I know drinking significantly lowers T. I'm more hopeful that my endocrine systems may be normal. Thank you DAZ and a troll appears for mentioning about low dopamines. I did not know this. Ill research it further and research into suppliments that might counter this. I know people take zinc to increase T. I'll do that also. Well, I am not depressed. I never ever feel sad or have self pity or any of the junk that may come with depression. Also, even if I were to be depressed, I would never take anti depressants so I guess the only solution is to just slug it out. Mind you my bodyfat is around 24%. Maybe losing weight will increase T and lower estrogen levels. I am supposed to have at least average testosterone if not higher since my digit ratio is low so genetically maybe I have it in me to have higher test levels if I optimize my lifestyle. Zyzzbrah I have seen your posts on the forums before but I thought you had low t and you tried to get trt without any avail. Now you concluded that it was because you were depressed? But yeah, I'd definitely want to try going on a one month 'cycle' of trt (or even try a cycle of the real juice) to see what it does for the psyche and my life, if my test levels are 1k+. I couldn't give a f*ck about getting big or ripped. I'm around 93Kg now at 5' 10 and my goal weight is 85 at 10% bf and I never was attracted to steroids for size and gym gains or strength gains mostly because I'm content with my muscular size currently(just my fat needs to be deleted off my frame).
  7. Endo said no to TRT, solutions?

    How much is the initial appointment at the men's clinic? Are you talking about the one in parnell? Several gym members said I should visit there too. Damn that's expensive... If I could find the right endo, it'd be fully subsidized. Here in NZ I read that they only prescribe 100mg test cyp instead of the 200mg you find in the US. 1mls would last me 5 weeks since I was planning to go 100mg every 3.5 days. Maybe it's worth it to go and get the 10ml vial and see if it has any effect on my apathy levels. Do you know how long and how much of it I must supplement myself with it in order to ramp my natural levels down so I could get a subsidized prescription from an endo? Would the men's clinic forward my prescription to my GP/Endo?
  8. Endo said no to TRT, solutions?

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to get TRT so I went to a private endocrinologist here in Auckland for an hour consultation which cost a whopping $400. I brought my blood work with me and are as follows (taken 07 August 2015) I'm 25 btw Total T= 473 ng/dl Free t= nil (Not calculated since over 15 nmol/L) FSH= 6.4 IU/L LH = 5.5 IU/L Prolactin 140 miu/L TSH 1.9 mIU/L Of course, I told her all my symptoms which are analogous to low t (the thing that bothers me most is a lack of drive for life/no motivation and just an apathetic feeling towards life). She said no. Despite all the symptoms, my levels are in the 'normal range'. I pushed and pushed and still she said no. She said it was 'unethical' of her to prescribe me TRT (maybe i should visit a male endocrinologist?) She however gave me a script for a full blood checkup and the results were as follows (I read that not sleeping can reduce t levels so I decided to not sleep at all before the morning blood test.) The results were taken the 10th of november Total t= 444 ng/dl FSH= 4.4 IU/L LH= 3.2 IU/L Progesterone 1.7 nmol/L Oestradiol 97 pmol/L Prolactin 172 miu/L Thyroid functions Free T4 20 pmol/L TSH 4.5 mIU/L So I gave up trying to get trt and tried to jack up my t levels the normal way, because the cost was way too much to see another one. A week after this, I went as hard as I can at the gym for three days straight and on the fourth day(I made sure I slept this time), I paid for a blood test just for total t and it came back an abysmal 283 ng/dl. What gives? Optimistic that I might be able to get TRT, I got another test done a week later and it came back 459 ng/l Now, the last two tests I paid for on my own and thus were not forwarded to the endocrinologist. So maybe I can take just the low test score and give it to her. However, I know she and will probably say my levels are normal yet again. I don't want to spend another few hundred dollars just to get the same response. What would you do in my situation? I just really want my life back and desperately seek for TRT. I'd hate to live with apathy/lack of motivation for the rest of my life. Even for the gym, I have no motivation to go but most of the time/ I force myself to go and even whilst at the gym, whilst others are hacking away seamlessly, I have to force myself every set to keep on going. Sometimes I stay in the gym for 90+ minutes just because I know I have to finish my gym routine but my lack of motivation just makes me take long ass breaks just sitting down and doing nothing. So yeah, my gym workouts are just gotten through by mental toughness. When I was in my teens and early twenties, it was never this way. My lift stats have stayed the same for the last four years (I'm not bothered about that) but I've gained excess weight over the last two years, from 80 to 93kg. Anyways thanks for reading and thank you for your help.