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  1. Not in any way trying to be rude mate but i wouldn't call those legs tank haha. Calves decent sure though. Why don't you train legs? Just not into it?
  2. Steroid and Blood tests

    Ah gotcha thanks bro. That was a misunderstanding on my part.
  3. Steroid and Blood tests

    haha nah bro I know that, not quite what I meant. I mean how do people know they have quality raws etc / not fake until the end user tries it. Unless that's not how it works?
  4. Steroid and Blood tests

    Of course most sources don't have a presence on the web. It's illegal. Do you think they want to go waving around the source to everyone? Just draws attention from the wrong people as well as legitimate customers. Most UGL gear is going to be underdosed to some extent, unless you find a really good source. The dealer always wins mate. These people are importing raws and brewing it up. Most of them are not going to have access to a lab to test the concentration of the final product. They are just relying on their source of raws being dosed at what they say it is so even they probably don't know half the time. To be honest, 650ngdl is in standard range isnt it? (26nmol/L / 750ngdl is upper end?) Sounds fake. How many weeks have you been on 250mg?
  5. Kinda scary the more I read it, starting to put me off cycling. I always take the taurine and royal jelly, but god knows what damage has been done.
  6. Carb cycling

    I don't base my diet on carbs as such, when cutting I never go super super low on the carbs, and I've had great success. Less carbs does not mean better fat loss. I don't buy that reasoning (Not saying you were indicating that, just giving some background). What matters more is your calories. I lower my carbs as I lose weight though simply because I want to keep my protein high and most carby foods i eat have more calories naturally. So to answer, the moderate carb day is irrelevant in my opinion. Just keep your carbs moderate the whole time if that works for you. You'll still lose weight if you're in a calorie deficit. Just need to track your weightloss and adjust your diet / calories accordingly. Remember keep your protein high though.
  7. Carb cycling

    Eh bro there's no way in hell you need two refeed days at ~17% bodyfat. I know you're not interested in rapid fatloss but remember you won't become really depleted super quickly because you'll only be running a moderate deficit right? Once a week at most I'd say, or you'll be literally prone crawling with your fat loss.
  8. Clen - AKL?

    I agree with Pseudonym here, Don't buy the BCAA's. Absolute waste of money. So sick of my mates at the gym wanking on to me about their BCAA tub they bought lmao. Use that to buy vitamins or good food.
  9. Clen - AKL?

    Don't even bother touching Clen till you're like 10 or 11% bf, waste of time. Even then It will make f*ck all difference, you can't beat a good diet. Those calories sustained for a long period of time + exercising seem kind of low for your weight, but I don't know much of your stats or history etc. Basically If you diet too long and too much of a deficit you can slow down your weight loss. Track those calories a little more accurately. If you've been in sustained deficit for a while and feeling depleted etc eat at maintenance levels for like a week. Then go back to your diet. Once you get lower bf have a refeed day like once a week, that's what I do anyway. Keeps the weight loss going. Don't go pigging out and eating shit food all day though. Very vague guide but if you research refeeds etc you'll see what I mean.
  10. LOW T & TRT

    Yeah alot of people use 18's for drawing. I personally switched to 21s for drawing because I heat mine before anyway and it doesn't have the same impact on the vial rubber stopper. (Have had shitty rubber stoppers get loose when drawing around the needle before). Anyways, for injection ask, but if they don't already, ask for 25 gauge for injection. I don't know if it's anything to do with the solution or not, or that variant of Test in particular. But as an aside some nurses don't seem to be that good at pinning lol. I'd rather do it myself than let half of them do it.
  11. LOW T & TRT

    Out of curiosity, what gauge needle do you inject with? And what sites do you inject?
  12. To cycle or not to?

    Fair bro, you gotta stuff it in haha. It can be hard at first I must admit. Wish I could bulk on 2600 though lmao. I'm cutting on 2800 Edit: Misread sorry, your maintenance is 2600.
  13. To cycle or not to?

    Not to be rude, but Why the f*ck would you eat those noodles? They are full of absolute shite and have fuckall nutritional value. You'd be better off adding 150grams wholegrain oats a day? No ones metabolism is that high that it's hard to eat enough to gain weight. That myth in metabolism disparity between people is talked up so much. Unless you have one of those disorders which i highly doubt you don't, you just don't eat enough (and proper food) to gain enough mass. Ditch those shitty noodles and eat some real food. 100g oats is like 300cals. Just do it.
  14. Cycle after a break

    Please dont take my advice as true, but I feel like 50mg a week is not a super effective dose.. Someone will likely correct me. You may need to go a bit higher. Remember you're not getting 50mg of actual hormone there.