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  1. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Always preferred this version
  2. OnlyHuman's ...

    Enjoying reading this, thanks for sharing
  3. Hgh testing

    wow. Just wow.
  4. Hgh testing

    Can't you just go in to the labs and ask for a private blood test? Don't see why not. Southern community labs, don't see any restrictions on it, just call and ask how much:
  5. Preferred Needle Gauge

    Yeah can be tricky to plunge it, although I sit my vials in just boiled water for 1 min before pinning which I found helped if you prep the barrel quickly. Haha f*ck bro, 19g to pin, where'd you pin that? I even find the 19s to be fucking meaty compared to a 24 haha.
  6. Nzifbb natural

    Just curious, that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't cycle though right? Like could he have come off prior to the shows or something? Or does the type of testing account for those traces still left in your body for months afterwards? Not saying he does just a general question more so haha
  7. Nothing like some delicious Trenbolognese
  8. Steroids

    lmao his inbox will already be flooded with PM's i'd say
  9. Preferred Needle Gauge

    Cheers guys, think ima give the 25s a go for a change then
  10. What's everyone's preferred needle gauge / color and for what injection site??? I've only recently started doing delts, but noticing they get quite sore after, despite a nice clean injection. I know Its semi fresh muscle, but I've had injections there before, so thinking it should be a bit more used to it by now. Will persist regardless. I used 1" 24 gauge (yellows?) for everything, is that too thick for a delt shot?? No issues with glutes, despite the guy at the needle exchange looking at me funny when I ask for the 1" instead of the 1.5" length lol.
  11. Smith machine squats.

    If i ever do them I do that too with my feet forward from the bar abit, or else that squashing shit you mentioned ends up happening it feels awkward as f*ck, plus you feel like you're barely working your legs etc haha. I also see people doing that in the gym, i'm like da fuq, that must hurt.
  12. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Following, interested to hear about this too.
  13. 1st cycle thoughts

    Very interesting guys. To clarify Daz, when you say 'after such a long period of exposure the extra testosterone became useless' is it still fair to say that the person running 500mg permanently for arguments sake still has way more muscle building potential etc etc (very broad statement sorry) than someone natty? OR do you mean literally useless?
  14. 1st cycle thoughts

    Random question bro and not meaning to hijack thread, but do you personally cruise&blast or cycle off?