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  1. Fat Loss Sups/ first time

    You don't need any supps or anything. I'd say your body is just adjusting to accommodate your reduced weight, and likely, depending how much of a calorie deficit you're running, your new diet. If you go too low on the cals for too long your body slows things down a bit, happens to me every now and then too. You also need to lower what you're eating (total cals etc) as you lose weight of course. Solution I seem to find works is to eat normally (read normally, not binge) for a few days or so. Normally id only do this for a day but can vary from person to person and what bf % you are etc. Look into' re-feeding when cutting' online, plenty of good info online. It helps heaps. Feels like you're taking a step back but you'll end up breaking through the plateau on the other side.
  2. Laced test e??

    I'd be happy to sample some of it if you want ;)
  3. low test. and HRT

    I regularly boil water then take it up stairs and sit a vial in it so its up to about half way for about a minute. Doesn't do any harm. Id say prolonged exposure would ? Wouldn't know though
  4. low test. and HRT

    Ouch haha. Yeah bro I always over compensate and go quite far to the upper outer portion of the glute to well and truely avoid that nerve. Heard some horror stories of people hitting it and jumping and getting the needle stuck in the muscle and shit. I find heating the oil before hand, like sitting it in very hot water for a minute seems to help it go in.
  5. low test. and HRT

    They don't / shouldn't if done correctly, especially not in the Glutes (ass). Quad injections hurt like hell though. The first few times if the muscle hasn't been pinned often you get some post injection pain, just feels like you've bruised it or something is the easiest way I can think to describe it. But after a few shots it usually goes away.
  6. Protein on a budget

    Yeah but the protein powder would be something you don't have to buy weekly, it may last you a month or two. Justprotein or Nutrawhey for example (http://www.bodybuilding.co.nz/nutrawhey-whey-protein.html) You can pickup Nutrawhey for $65 if you use the bb.co.nz code of the month for 5percent discount. Thats 75 servings of whey @ 24grams protein per serving... So 87 cents a serving for 24grams protein. Pretty good really.
  7. Diet

  8. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Always preferred this version
  9. OnlyHuman's ...

    Enjoying reading this, thanks for sharing
  10. Hgh testing

    wow. Just wow.
  11. Hgh testing

    Can't you just go in to the labs and ask for a private blood test? Don't see why not. Southern community labs, don't see any restrictions on it, just call and ask how much:
  12. Preferred Needle Gauge

    Yeah can be tricky to plunge it, although I sit my vials in just boiled water for 1 min before pinning which I found helped if you prep the barrel quickly. Haha f*ck bro, 19g to pin, where'd you pin that? I even find the 19s to be fucking meaty compared to a 24 haha.
  13. Nzifbb natural

    Just curious, that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't cycle though right? Like could he have come off prior to the shows or something? Or does the type of testing account for those traces still left in your body for months afterwards? Not saying he does just a general question more so haha
  14. Nothing like some delicious Trenbolognese