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  1. You brewing up some Caribou Lou?
  2. Pretty sure i've seen it on here before eh. Some dude got banned lmao. Sometimes they are SO obvious haha
  3. lmao, that busta probably on this forum tbh.
  4. I may have missed a post above but what's wrong with Glutes bro? I've done them EOD before and if you aint fat it's not hard to twist around and hit em, you get kinda good at it. And if you do the injection properly by the time the next few days have rolled around and you hit the same side again it shouldn't be sore. Sure there could be scar tissue issues but It works and I never seemed to have any problems. I really should add in delts though I've figured next time.
  5. lmao, good god.
  6. Well 36 nmol is actually in reference range I believe for Testosterone, as you'll see in my attached image. So sounds like that gear could be under dosed? I don't know. I have some results from a cycle ages ago, on some average quality gear I think. This was not long after i started a first cycle maybe a few weeks? I can't remember, and for 500mg test a week mine seemed low IMO. But i'm extremely far from being an expert at reading bloods, so take it with a grain of salt. The gains were coming so I wasn't too fussed if they seemed low. For ref, this cycle was Test E only, just under 500mg pwer week
  7. LOL one day maybe you'll see where i'm coming from..and that perhaps abuse / brutal truth is justified. Well Deca is pretty harsh, you also should have run it for longer, due to it's nature. But anyway, that's a whole other topic. It's almost impossible for me or anyone here to tell you how long it's going to take. It's possible you'll never recover, some take a couple months, some take years. Everyone's body can react differently. Also do you have pre cycle bloods from before you started juicing? Some people 'recover' but never back to original levels. I'd give it a few months more at least. Fix that bung ass shoulder too while you're at it lol
  8. Welcome back? I've been here the whole time while you've been off doing god knows what. Lmao i knew you'd come back with some salty reply because you can't take criticism. Comes across as angry but what you're doing is bad. Literally beyond stupid, but maybe you'll listen to someone else on here that sugar coats it for you. Anyway.. Wait until your natural levels go back up. Taking more crap ain't gonna help. Unless you don't care about your natty levels future wise etc. Which is fine lol, some people don't.
  9. What the f*ck? No offense but this is by far the most retarded post I have read in months on here. OH wait you're back from your 'Nova' PCT thread http://www.gymnation.co.nz/forums/topic/20244-deca-pct-nova-or-clomid Would it be fair to say that you lack even the most basic of understandings as to how steroids work and their effects on your body and it's natural processes? When you inject exogenous testosterone, your body stops producing it's own testosterone. How in the hell is taking more test going to raise your natural levels back up? Of course your testosterone levels would be elevated on gear? I don't even get the thought processes going on here. Sorry to flame you bro, but this shit is just dumb if you don't even have a basic understanding. Considering you've done a Deca and Test E cycle before and still don't know this somethings wrong. Are you trolling? lol
  10. definitely a little bit of progress, but you could make so much more if you eat more (i mean quality food too, not junk). Eat till you're absolutely stuffed imo. If i was that size i wouldnt even care about dirty bulking and putting on some fat. Just eat like a horse
  11. haha yeah man especially the booze right
  12. LOL @ parkinsons meth addict. I've gone off the idea of ever trying it eh. I had great results just actually sticking to diet etc then some light clen usage once i'd gotten quite low bodyfat. Also interested though to see if anyone is using at the moment though, and what with (e.g. AAS, clen, ec stack etc).
  13. Haha nah I didn't mean it in a mean way. At the end of the day everyone has to start somewhere. At least you're keen to try and improve etc, which is awesome.
  14. Jesus m8 haha. Well why don't you start doing some cheat ones if you can? Just using your knees as the point of contact with the ground instead of your feet? Can you do that or nah?