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  1. Yeah hard lol. Most girls don't give a f*ck about your nuts anyway. If you gotta small dick i'd start worrying mate.
  2. lol you know you can permanent lose some size right? Don't even worry about the size of them. They'll do their own thing in time. How long ago did you finish PCT? It can take months for things to come back to normal. Luckily for most people things do come back to normal eventually, it just takes time. Like I said aint gonna fully recover in a month or two. You need to try be positive and keep exercising and eating well, get heaps of sleep. It sounds like obvious advice but it does help and will work.
  3. I highly doubt you'll put on muscle. Diet > Steroids. Steroids only do so much.It's like when you see people that talk up Tren so much that you get people running it and thinking they're gonna get huge and ripped eating a 1000cal deficit. Not like Test E 500mg is the most potent cycle either, Sure it's a huge help and far better than natty but still. Given you've got so much weight to lose you'd be better getting closer to to your goal weight first surely? Or even getting to your goal weight and doing a lean bulk with the Test E? just seems like a waste to me, unless your willing to run it the whole cut which is gonna take ages because you've got to lose 60kg. Perhaps you already meant in your post you intended to use it near the end, my bad if that was the case. TLDR, only reason id run Test E like that is to help preserve the muscle I have, and within a realistic timeframe. (i.e. can reach target bf % in 12-16 week cycle).
  4. Tren High BP

    Yeah bro that's the plan I was just wondering why it suddenly came on this time round i guess, and if there was something else i was overlooking that could be causing it. Alas it's probs just me being too cocky and thinking more is better.
  5. Tren High BP

    Thanks daz, thats somewhat reassuring to hear. Thankfully i aint tempted to ever blast and cruise either.
  6. Hey guys, Doing a Test and Tren cycle: Test E @ 500mgs week, (2x250mg twice a week) been on this for like 7 weeks, always run it for 2 weeks before starting Tren. Tren Ace, started at 100mg EOD about 5 weeks ago, after about two weeks I was just running 140mg/150mg EOD pretty much. It was great, have made huge progress in the last few weeks, but then about a week and a bit ago I started getting High BP and associated sides, suspecting Tren at this point. The day I felt pretty bad it was 180/79, which was concerning. I also take Royal Jelly, Taurine, and Calc/Mag, drink plenty of water. I thought it might be Estrogen related, but I don't have crazy puffy nipples or sensitivity as I run .25 Adex EOD usually after a couple weeks of being on. Regardless I got my E2 tested in case but it wasn't even that high (140 pmol), which is actually in reference range. I know it's the Tren because I skipped one of my EOD doses and lowered it to 100mg EOD and I definitely feel better, but BP is still a little high after about a week of this about (148 / 80 ish) and I occasionally experience a tiny bit of that light headedness feeling, although far less frequently and just feel better overall. I've even stopped drinking coffee, but that doesn't seem to have helped at all. My questions: - I've run Tren at 150mg EOD before with far less issues than this, so why is it only happening this time, and why did it suddenly start happening? I surely would have reached peak blood concentration levels from 150mg EOD before it started occurring so not sure if it's from upping the dose. - Is it possible the gear was under dosed last time and I'm just a pussy? BP is not something I want to f*ck with and it's not worth my health to keep running it so I will drop it if I have to, I just want to know if anyone else has encountered this before and what they did (supps, dropped Tren completely, took a break etc). I prefer to put as little crap as possible in my body, so I don't really want to go on BP meds or that, Id rather vastly lower the dose or drop Tren.
  7. You're legit eating ethipoian calories there. There's no way you're going to sustain healthy weight loss with that calorie intake, not to mention the muscle will start dropping off you as well. It's too low to keep up. And you shouldn't need to go that low on cals yet given your body fat level atm (based on pics). Pseudos right, tweak as you go. Planning this far doesn't usually work out, there's too many little things that can change and you need to adapt to keep losing weight.
  8. No pct after cycle

    I reckon this too. Its happened to me before. I remember ages ago when I came off in Nov/Dec one year, I was sweet until like April and noticed lack of sex drive when my mood about other things in life was down or whatever. And particularly when I was cutting I noticed lack of sex drive, well after completing PCT and being off cycle, sustained calorie deficits are never much fun, and once I got to like 9/10% bodyfat I don't that helped. If you run something now you may risk undoing some of the recovery your bodies done, may be best to look at the other factors that could be contributing, if any.
  9. Question about Stronglift programme

    So many fucking Beta cuckolds these days eh
  10. Just protein code

    I gotta admit, this latest batch of Nutratech Vanilla aint tasting so good. BB NZ kindly sent me a free 5lb bag to see if it tasted any better but sadly not. I just have to load more in to make up for the mild taste lol. The Just protein one did taste a bit better in comparison, perhaps i'll reconsider going back to JP. @gazza even though you don't like the Vanilla JP is it bearable?
  11. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Alright cheers for the info bro, defs stuff to keep in mind. Will probs keep doing both to get the best of both worlds.
  12. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    lmao I see people doing this sometimes
  13. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Not tryna start an argument, genuinely curious, but is there any evidence to back this up bro? It just sounds a bit bro science to me, that's all. I don't really see why you can't elicit the same progression through other means of training at the same speed, given everything else is equal and you are training just as hard.
  14. Just protein code

    BB NZ is indeed shutting down, but you can still purchase Nutrawhey elsewhere, and even from nutratech themselves. I just got 2x5lb bags of Nutrawhey French Vanilla for 57 bucks each (114 total) off BB NZ for their closing down sale ! What a steal! http://www.bodybuilding.co.nz/nutrawhey-whey-protein.html Only thing is, I've had the Vanilla flavour before and this batch does not taste near as good as it should. It's almost as if i've got a batch without enough added flavour or some crap. I'm a bit salty but it doesn't taste as bad as the unflavoured one.
  15. Amen haha. Remember my first cycle. Was great but defs not lean bulk 😂