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  1. Just protein code

    I gotta admit, this latest batch of Nutratech Vanilla aint tasting so good. BB NZ kindly sent me a free 5lb bag to see if it tasted any better but sadly not. I just have to load more in to make up for the mild taste lol. The Just protein one did taste a bit better in comparison, perhaps i'll reconsider going back to JP. @gazza even though you don't like the Vanilla JP is it bearable?
  2. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Alright cheers for the info bro, defs stuff to keep in mind. Will probs keep doing both to get the best of both worlds.
  3. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    lmao I see people doing this sometimes
  4. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Not tryna start an argument, genuinely curious, but is there any evidence to back this up bro? It just sounds a bit bro science to me, that's all. I don't really see why you can't elicit the same progression through other means of training at the same speed, given everything else is equal and you are training just as hard.
  5. Just protein code

    BB NZ is indeed shutting down, but you can still purchase Nutrawhey elsewhere, and even from nutratech themselves. I just got 2x5lb bags of Nutrawhey French Vanilla for 57 bucks each (114 total) off BB NZ for their closing down sale ! What a steal! http://www.bodybuilding.co.nz/nutrawhey-whey-protein.html Only thing is, I've had the Vanilla flavour before and this batch does not taste near as good as it should. It's almost as if i've got a batch without enough added flavour or some crap. I'm a bit salty but it doesn't taste as bad as the unflavoured one.
  6. Amen haha. Remember my first cycle. Was great but defs not lean bulk 😂
  7. Yeah do a lean bulk. People think they eat like shit and get away with it on cycle. You waste less time having to cut at the end and you actually look good instead of a fat bloated mess that doesn't even juice. I know several people may disagree with me but last cycle I had great success (judging by how I felt etc) just tapering off the test then running Clomid only for 2-3 weeks and tapering off that too. I didn't even bother with Nolva, but I had some on hand regardless.
  8. Just protein code

    Yeah not sure man haha. I may even alternate between them to be honest, I do enjoy the less sweet flavour of Justprotein now and then I guess. I evidently didn't have enough work to do Friday arvo haha.
  9. Just protein code

    Actually not quite. The Nutrawhey is only $69. Just protein with 15% off is ~$64. Justprotein = 50 servings(assuming 2kg worth) of 40g scoops (even though the scoops actually turn out to 30g weighed if you dont pack them tight as f*ck), if you equate that to the 30g from the nutrawhey (5lb, 2.27kg) by scaling down the 40g scoop of Justprotein to 30g, you're getting 66.6 servings of Justprotein for $64 with about the same macros as Nutrawhey (scaled by 0.75, so 24.7g protein, 120 cals etc down from 33g, 160cal). Price difference 64/69 = 0.92 scale, so if we then scale down Nutrawheys servings etc to price match Justprotein, we get 75servings x 0.92 = 69 servings. Well i've gone full on special needs there, but the Nutrawhey comes in slightly better, by a few servings lmao. Just for the record I am a fan of Justprotein.
  10. Just protein code

    Anyone know why Just protein have just hiked their prices? A shame, it was good protein but ill probably go back to nutratech.
  11. Eating plan for bulking

    Apologies for the delay, here you go, the file (Nutrition Plan.xlsx) is attached to this post. It's been updated since, now has a post cardio total etc at the bottom too, which you may or may not find useful. Side note: If you don't have microsoft excel, this also works in Google Sheets, just upload it to there and you can edit etc, in fact that's where I've been using it, I just exported to excel format to upload. Nutrition Plan.xlsx
  12. Thailand Vacation

    The ping pong shows are actually just fucking weird lmao. Like weirdest shit I've ever seen.
  13. Arimidex - dont want to biff them.

    Hahaha, yeah bro. I didn't even bother PMing eh, I assumed he'd probably already received like 10 messages
  14. Fat Loss Sups/ first time

    Yeah bro pretty much same here haha. If I'm really stalling though ill do the few day thing. Feel like cheesecake right now :(
  15. Arimidex - dont want to biff them.

    Gimme Gimme.