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  1. lmao What. The. f*ck
  2. Yes, you tell them what length (if available), and what gauge IM needles you want, 3ml barrel etc
  3. haha jeeeeez mate
  4. Haha nah bro, Wasn't having a go just looked insane
  5. From an old thread (r.e vials): https://www.medical-and-lab-supplies.com/search/?q=vials Buy them in bulk. Theres no reason you can't import them, that I know of...
  6. R.I.P back haha
  7. Oh cool LOL. Wow though, that makes me wonder why you'd even bother with the regular one if it's that inaccurate. I'm guessing it still serves a purpose though?
  8. The f*ck is "sensitive" estradiol? If you mean testing estradiol levels (e2) you can just walk in to the lab and ask for it to be done. It costs around 20 something bucks + collection fee from memory..
  9. Lmao what a bitchy shitstorm. Id rather read another "its my first cycle how many grams of test should I take" thread.
  10. You'll just have to wait it out and hope your hormones come back to normal bro. May sound obvious but getting heaaaps of sleep will help loads. And feeling flat when coming off is kind of normal I thought? Doesn't gear make your muscles retain alot more glycogen, water etc? I felt flat as f*ck for ages when I came off anyway. Try eat heaps too, and stick at it
  11. "11 months" ... Wow.
  12. Yeah i got some throbbing shit like that when I first pinned my quad. Never again did I pin my quad lol.
  13. What happened? Just curious
  14. I wouldn't say it was a good topic Imo. Especially not when OP doesn't even know how to spell Nolva lmao. But, we did however get a room. He tried to pull some queer shit on me and told me to call him daddy.
  15. lmao, sick insult bro, you twelve? Later m8