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  1. Auckland for the holidays

    Cool man thanks. Been meaning to hit up Woodhill really dont want to get stuck inside if weather is good. Also heard of this new mtb park called Fortyfour , supposedly more gravity focused and they provide shuttle service. I dont mind riding up if the trails are good, but gravity parks like Skyline in Vegas are a hell of alot of fun and the workout is just as good. Cheers
  2. Auckland for the holidays

    Can anyone recommend a gym with descent ergo meters? I use clipped pedals, I guess that would be main criteria but not a deal breaker and not super expensive for a couple sessions. Bringing an mtb so might hit up Riverhead or Woodhill if I can sneak away. From what I have searched there are alot of choices, just trying to narrow it down to word of mouth. Thanks
  3. Genetics will only get you so far for sure, still gotta have good training ethics competing at the top of any sport. Cycling is unusual in that not always the strongest guy or girl wins, every dog has his day when everything comes together sprinkled with some luck. Seems like there is a mold you have to start with to have a chance in bodybuilding, but I havent a clue about that sport.
  4. The Program - Lance Armstrong biopic

    Bit a both for sure, some serious Oprah shit. The vibe in cycling circles is that this was made for all the LA fans to help them understand that in that era there was not much of a choice, (using peds) if you wanted to race in europe. Funny thing is that everyone in europe from top to bottom, I'm talking even mom's and dad's have known whats been going on since day one. The mericans get involved in the sport and thats when people start asking questions and the cat got let out of the bag. The real story here is the actor Ben Foster took peds for the role. Imagine going to your GP and telling him you need to get juiced for a role, then getting the script to make it happen, only in merica. To bad they make you jump through hoops out here for those that suffer from low T levels that actually need the therapy. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/sep/10/ben-foster-the-programme-lance-armstrong-interview
  5. Cyclist vs toaster

    Yea Heubner was one of the biggest (size wise) track sprinters ever. His older team mate Lutz ruled the match sprints for long time, Lutz was smaller, but was 10x world champion in that discipline. Heubner had the potential to be as good but liked going out to disco techs a little to much, a bit of a playboy. Taking that toaster idea to the next level, imagine harnessing all that power put out by people working out on ergometers at the gym. Better yet would be cool if the govt. set up power stations that would provide good paying jobs to unemployed people to help supply energy to the grid, looks like a forward thinking progressive entrepreneur rich dude is working on it, check it out. http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/pedal-power-could-solve-the-worlds-energy-crisis-45802/
  6. Sorry for digging up old thread I am new, just discussing this on a ride other day. In the cycling world at pro level the short answer is no, no matter what you give or how hard you train a donkey it will never be a race horse. That said the pro bike racing ball park has always been considered a level playing field that has been known to change its own goal post. Most of the riders are on some kind of program, the programs dont differ that much from each other, however for sure some guys (like LA) body's will respond and handle "stuff" better than others. With all the heat pro cycling gets atm, my feeling is that sure the level of doping is far less or as they call it now micro dosing. This gives the clean genetically gifted guys better odds against the less gifted riders. Most sports should follow what the body builders do, have a juiced and non juiced category. Set some goal posts for the juiced guys to keep the athletes safe from themselves, cause lets face it pro sports is about entertainment and money for sponsors so they are going to do it anyway.
  7. Cyclist vs toaster

    Foresterman’s mom must have mated with a polar bear, still he would not make it out of the parking lot against the likes of Froome or Sagan going uphill no matter how short the distance. Would be cool to see him race against the super juiced lab rats that came out of the East German track program from the early 80’s era, guys like Lutz Hesslich and Michael Hubner were fricken scary. These guys make Lance Armstrong’s program look like a nun on nodoz. I have watched Foresterman race and checked out his bike, looks like he is using stock equipment for a which is strange considering how much of a beast he is. The EG guys had custom made solid steel parts because of how much power they would transfer would just snap stock crap.
  8. howzit

    Hey man thanks. Not much of a runner, I do a little bit in my of season to work out different muscle group and to give myself a break from riding. Kind of a jack of all trades in the cycling world, lately do mainly road riding and mtbing. Come from a strong bmx background which is a great foundation to have when you get older in life. With a good base from bmx racing it makes for easy transition to mtbing or road racing, mainly the bike handling skills from bmx that really help. I did some lifting when I did just bmx, mainly in off season to work on strength, once season kicks in the only thing that helps is riding and snapping gate starts. In my old age cant afford to get hurt with kids and work, so now just ride road/mtb up to 3 to 400k a week. Want to get back into lifting this winter, not to beef up more for overall core strength.
  9. howzit

    long time lurker thought i would sign up finally to participate. consider myself an endurance athlete, as i get older (almost 50) can appreciate being fit and consider it more of a lifestyle. pardon my writing style in advance its pretty informal but hope you understand what i am saying. some interesting stuff in here!