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  1. Fake gear?

    Did you get sensitive nipples or anything like that by week 4?
  2. Fake gear?

    So its fair to say that the gear is fake then 🤨
  3. Fake gear?

    Hi Guys, I'm on my 2nd week into cycle running test E 500mg/week. Got bloods done before first jab and just got results back just after 2 weeks and shows same test levels. I asked the guy I got from and he said it will take about 4 weeks to show elevated test levels? Doesn't sound right to me? Should I keep going and get more bloods in acouple of weeks ? I feel my strength has increased but feel this could just be placebo effect. I have done cycles in the past but never got bloods
  4. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Thanks for your 2cents that's about all it's worth too. Close the door on your way out. cheers
  5. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    hahahaa your a crack up alright, But yeah my wood is working fine lol, Dont have problems with it, just know im not fully recovered as the balls are still shrunk but dont have problems getting it up, As for fighting... its all just good amusement really, I dont take anything personal, gotta get given abit of shit from the more experienced as im sure they did too when they started out. But yeah cheers bro.
  6. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    definitely sounds like it was underdosed stuff then, in saying that I got good results fast, and found i was getting calf and lower back pump at those levels, also rock hard wood all the time, and acne on shoulders and back so the gear seemed pretty legit but maybe underdosed but from how I pumped up I wouldnt of wanted a higher dose if anything a lower dose... maybe the testing wasnt very accurate either as the guy at path lab told me that I should of really done it first thing in the morning not in the late afternoon for best results. So not sure how true that is or if he just wanted to go home early lol
  7. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Thank a lot, well informed and good info just what I need to hear ? You say the test levels were low for being on gear ? What should they normally sit on? The 36.8 was only 3 weeks into cycle and was running 500mg of test and 400mg deca
  8. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Why is that a gay cycle? Care to explain rather than just saying meaningless responses like it's gay. im not looking to run high doses of test as I don't want to get calf and lower back pumps which happened last time I ran 500mg of test then decided to do a marathon leaving me to pull out after only 1km in due to the calfs . but am all ears if you feel there's is a better cycle to run for strength and endurance
  9. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    And this is why i am on the forums asking the questions..... but instead of giving a knowledgeable answer you just reply with sarcasm which doesnt help anyone does it.... so maybe instead of the sarcasm how bout actually trying to help out.... after all this is why we have these forums So is there anything wrong with doing another cycle at low dose as he recommended or is that the worst thing ever.... hmmmm FFS cmon man..... really.... sarcasm.... really.... lol
  10. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    hahahaha yeah well its entertaining your brutal truth.. in the past you didnt actually give any info just abuse.. now your giving abuse with info... so i much prefer that!!! go you!!! lol But yeah was planning on running longer but the heavy weights and BUNG shoulder wasnt a good combo hence why i stopped But shoulder is now 100 percent but want to run some test and eq for cross fit so was thinking of starting a cycle next week but seeing that my test levels seem at the low end of the scale might not be the smartest move. And yip ive got a back log of test before juicing which was around 26 when juicing went upto 35.6 and now sitting at 10.8 So alot lower than my normal levels. I got told to run clomid after the deca cycle but seemed very hard to source at the time and its not like you can just go pick it up from your local chemist, so only had nolva on hand which i read was a big no no so didnt do a pct which may be the reason my levels havent gone back up... or maybe its just cause im impatient which is probably more the truth. So my GUY told me just to run another cycle of test e 250mg and 600mg eq for a cycle which should see me get the results im wanting for cross fit then said after that cycle just do a decent pct and let the body have a good rest. So dont know if that is 100 percent true what he tells me or if he just wants some more $$$$ lol
  11. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    now that is a better response mate.... those happy pills just kicked in? awesome... good for you ma mate lol Now I want to ask another question... but not sure if ill get a HAPPY reply or your standard abuse reply... its kinda exciting not knowing whats gonna happen next tho.... but here goes.. ill be brave and roll the dice and see which mood i get from you... So on average how long does it take to recover from deca considering i only done 6 weeks and its been already two months and from my path lap tests 10.8 is pretty much bottom of the scale on test levels were as my normal is around 26. Also didnt run pct (Nolva) as I was informed it has a reverse effect with deca.... so was informed that its not worth even taking and to just let the body naturally recover.... ( cant wait for some more abuse now... its like opening a new present each time)
  12. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Good to hear from you again buddy... also good to see your still a angry little man, its alright bro not your fault your little pecker stopped working cause of to much abuse of gear over the years... but unlike you... i would rather ask a stupid question and get a stupid reply than just not ask at all. But ive missed your abuse mate, welcome back lol
  13. Hey Guys, i recently came off a 6week test e and de ca cycle... was planning on running the 12 weeks but ended up with a shoulder injury so decided to cut it off short. Its been about 2 months now but my test levels are still showing low according to pathlab they are 10.8 9-30 nmol/l when on the gear i was reading 35.6 I was told to try running a low dose of test e of about 250mg a week which will help until my natural levels lift back up... is this true or should I just wait it out for acouple more months. I am wanting to start up a cycle of 250mg test e and 500mg eq soon as ive taken up cross fit and would like to improve strength and endurance Any advise would be great. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your advise bro, will take it on board for sure :)
  15. Hey Guys, So im onto week 4 of a test E, Deca cycle and was planning on running 12 weeks Test at 500mg and 10weeks 400mg of deca, However I started the cycle and my guywho supplies me said he would send me the remaining Deca acouple of weeks back, however he has now done the runners with my money and no gear so now I only have enough Deca to see me through one more week, my question is..... should I just continue to run the 12 weeks of Test at 500mg or maybe increase my test to counter not having enough Deca to see me through to the end of the cycle. Im pretty gutted cause it takes about 4 weeks for the deca to kick in anyway and now just starting to get some great results and strength gains only to find I have to cut the deca out of the cycle now, so abit frustrating as I will not be making the most out of my cycle but have plenty of test E on hand so maybe increase the doses of that to make the most of the cycle? Anyway hoping to hear some positive feedback on your thoughts Cheers.