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  1. 1RM predictor

    The basis of all university work. Or just laod it up and attempt a 1RM.
  2. Pre-workout supplements with crossfit?

    Old thread, but taking a PWO and doing Crossfit nearly killed me. Heart rate was way too high. Felt awesome to get the kick and motivation on tired days, but definitely something I would personally avoid. Gym lifting has rest periods. CF does not (unless you consider the running a rest).
  3. Ultimate Warrior dies, aged 54

    I watched it in the 80's. And these guys (along with Arnie) inspired young boys to pick up the iron. As for everyone online chasing the 'AAS caused this', they forget that heart disease is a big killer of men regardless of lifestyle choices (though poor choices can increase the risk). correlation does not imply causation. But we know this already. That WWE wrestling has no off season, so no cycling. Also, as mentioned everywhere; the 24/7 cocaine and pain killers do more harm than AAS. Cocaine must cause a big demand on the cardio-vascular system. and yes I am bias.
  4. Squats are great

    My knees are shitty. Surgery on one, with the other needed it. I had to stop squatting. Lost mass right away. I did the leg press to try to get some strength back but that hurt my knees so bad. I had given up hope but the trainer at the gym who dabbles in PL said to go back to squats. I started with just the bar (heavy for you, I know :pfft: ) then got heavier until I am comfortable with 100kg ass to grass. Still not near where I was, but this is an incredible come back considering I have minimal cartilage and multiple tears. And I want that 6kg back on my legs.
  5. Who wants Tom back?

    Toms a good bro IRL Drove my tractor once.
  6. Who wants Tom back?

    We live in a society that believes (rightly or wrongly) in rehabilitation and forgiveness. Forgive he who made this place less bro-science.
  7. CCTV Footage Supps Store Robbery

    Thieves are the worst shitfucks to ever breathe. Thieves and rapists. cut them all up.
  8. your tren experience..

    My conspiracy theory paranoia starts by the 4th or 5th pin. Loved the body change though. But I had to choose reality. I felt like I was a 'no sleep in weeks' kind of mental case.
  9. My Male Bitching for the night =D

    Should've told him to piss off.
  10. Stealth injectables

    Dianabol: breaking noob hearts since 2012 8)
  11. another accurate media piece

    Let's hope the jury ad judge aren't media muppets. He needs to blame methamphetamine. More likely than gear. or is it??? :twisted:
  12. Pinning advise

    The ratio of lava lamp draws in quads has only been about one a year. Hardly anything to worry about. Keeping it to the side of the quad is best for me. Though we all have different vein maps (excluding arteries) so we must all find our sweet spots through trial and error. And with low body fat you can easily see the surface veins.
  13. Pinning advise

    quads mate. Easy.
  14. if you come off you may need PCT. 'May' need. If you only need a month or so to recover, then go for it. But perhaps hearing from others would also benefit you. Perhaps you could organise some deca to aid with reducing the shoulder pain. Works on my knees.
  15. Pinning advise

    http://www.spotinjections.com and also, just use them once: Heat the oil filled barrel under the folds of a towel in the towel heater rail. Nice and warm...