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  1. Question about Stronglift programme

    Where do you live?
  2. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Interesting, I wonder how many are even sarms and not just DBOL lol
  3. I remember going into powerhouse years and years ago and the owner Old bull sorry can't remember his name just randomly spent an hour helping me with my deadlift and im not even a powerlifter was f##king awesome lol
  4. Making your own protein powder.

    That's actually not much cheaper than plain nutratech bro, should get some bulk stevia or similar sweetener bro
  5. Small Training group set up (Private Gym ) BJJ .MMA.

    Where are you located?
  6. Organ meats.

    I'm not a fan of liver but kidney and heart beef and lamb are both great mixed in with stir fry's!
  7. UFC and positive tests

    Oh f*ck i really should of known that he was my favourite 145er, I dont understand why he was taking ghrp6 instead of the other options. i havnt tried it but all ive read and heard from people is it makes you hungrier than a samoan who missed breakfast and lunch on a 12 hour shift at KFC lol.
  8. UFC and positive tests

    Wow Harry i hadn't heard about the GHRP6 thats interesting because i'd always thought the half life was slow brief it was near imposiible to be caught unless it was with a day at absolute most. But thats most likely bro science!
  9. NZ raw powerlifting champs in Christchurch

    That would actually be a lot of fun, but can't this year sorry. Thats mean to here though!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/1741805732732425/ Hey guys is anyone on here competing in this comp i thought if allowed i would offer my services, I'm a Sports massage therapist in CHCH and ive worked with Nrl, Super rugby, State cricket an Netball and numerous professional fighters and will be in the changing rooms for the DUCO Joe parker event in CHCH. But most importantly with the legend Beastbuilder sweating my ring out on his 120kg of lean muscle lol. Enough trumpet blowing im putting this up to offer a good discount for mobile service as it will be significantly cheaper than at the clinic i work at mon-fri. Just an idea would be cool to meet up and work with some other Gymnation folk!
  11. Drink bottles...

    Beast builder ive seen you with an entire water cooler covered in 5% stickers under your arm
  12. Basic blood test

    found the price list now with out a referral atm im just going to get Vit D, magnesium and liver function
  13. Basic blood test

  14. Basic blood test

    No unfortunately properly should though, im going to get it in august 100% when i switch to a contract based income though.
  15. Basic blood test

    Thanks bro, think ill just go to the path lab had to many bad experiences with gp's lol its a gamble of $60 plus for the chance of getting a referral