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  1. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    Triple shot long black that will do the same as most of the pre-workout stuff out there as all are bases on caffeine boost

    lmao , albanians they never learn -Gym at the bar etc.
  3. Eating plan for bulking

    thanks ratz99 , I'm more of a lean bulker I struggle to eat so much so I break it up into 6 to 7 meals. And yes I love a potato,will smash that every day if I could.
  4. Eating plan for bulking

    I'll put together more information and edit my post ,Anybody know a good bodybuilding coach/mentor, looks like that is the only way to get ahead Please let me know thank you
  5. Hi, need to review my bulking eating plan ,for the next 14 weeks. Have a look and add or take away as you think ,this will help me structure the perfect eating plan for the next couple of weeks. Eat plan bulk_work in progress.xlsx
  6. Trestolone (Ment)

    Any updates on how the cycle went ?
  7. Inquisitive about online medication shopping

    Hahaha Fack sake yes, but the store clerk look confused when asked about these things
  8. Hi, Hope everyone is training hard and fighting for those gains... I would like to know if someone has any suggestions on online medication shopping ,like growth medicine for injured athletes, would rather like to shop local but seems to be a problem.
  9. Hey Guys

    Van here, I'm new in wellington and looking forward to competing in some Bodybuilding competitions ,getting back into training now and feeling oh so motivated. I'm looking for a coach that could help me with some diet plans,body assessments, training plans and supplements.Also some posing help and motivation always helps, I train out in Kapiti CF ,as it's close to home. Competed in South-Africa last year and really enjoyed it ,looking to build on those experiences and grow massive muscle ;-) So if you guys could maybe put up some trainer details ,that would be good.