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  1. RIP Old Bull

    R.I.P buddy.

    Cheers mate, he has worked incredibly hard for it.

    Yeah Ill be there as my client Gaurav is competing.
  4. Body Building North Shore Auckland??

    Hi Aimee, I currently train the 2015 Ms Universe (bodybuilding division) as well as the 2015 Universe figure tall champion. In my 20 years as a bodybuilding coach Ive taken dozens of females to National and International titles (for more check out my FB page "Aylmer Porter Trainer of champions") . As Pseudo stated both myself and Naera Johnson (also an excellent bodybuilding coach and former client of mine) are based at City Fitness in Albany (recently changed over from Club physical). If you are interested in working with me send me a private message or contact me via my FB page. Andrew, Ill put a post up on my FB "Trainer of Champions"page re the changeover as your not the first to be unsure about the changeover.
  5. Sleep quality.

    Bruce, take 4 at night before bed.
  6. Sleep quality.

    People that perform resistance training deplete magnesium allot faster than sedentary individuals. Magnesium is involved in muscle contractions so during multiple strong contractions (i.e training) its used up very quickly. I get most of my clients to supplement with it for this reason. If your deficient in it you will tiny muscle tremors, some get in thier eye lids but you can get it anywhere, where a tiny part of your muscle will contract multiple times a second for a minute or so. Or while falling asleep your body or an individual limb will jolt and wake you up. As magnesium is essential in relaxing the central nervous system if you are low in it you will have a lot of trouble sleeping , and often wake up through the night. Its essential in good mental health and low magnesium can manifest itself as mild depression.
  7. Living in NZ from 21st June

    Which part of Auckland mate? Auckland is a big place.
  8. Reverse dieting

    IMO reverse dieting should definitely be used by female and natural competitors after competition, natural young men with naturally high T can get away with the more traditional approach of introducing a lot of calories for an anabolic response (as can enhanced athletes).
  9. living off 1 type of protein/carb source ?

    ^^Completely agree. I used to live on tuna and rice back in the day. And I have heard the theory that mercury in todays tuna is higher than what it used to be as more and more mercury has accumulated in the environment over the decades as its doesnt biodegrade . I bet Donald would know.
  10. Sleep quality.

    Do you supplement with magnesium Bruce?
  11. living off 1 type of protein/carb source ?

    Yeah not the best idea eating that amount of tuna as others have said. Ive witnessed Mercury poisoning twice from it. I think it only tends to manifest in noticeable side effects in those that are sensitive to it. But since Ive seen it happen Im a lot more cautious on how much tuna I let clients consume.
  12. Strength/Size decline with age

    I dont think you will notice any difference in strength Skeletor as you hit 40. From my experience its only in the mid 50s that strength really starts to drop off. Ive had clients like Phillip Puttick who came to see at 43 years of age and had never set foot in a gym before. By 48 he had the strongest legs and back in the gym by far and around the 3rd strongest on pushing movements, and he was a skinny 63kg Englishman when he started. Hes now 57 and comfortably sits around 102kg at about 12% (pseudonym knows him) I dont get him to lift heavy anymore as he justs wants to maintain. He hasnt trained his legs in over 4 years but last year there was a leg press competition in the gym and he wanted to show the young lads in the gym whose boss. So we trained the leg press twice a week for 4 weeks and he was back up to 500kg for reps (full ROM not these bloody half reps you see everywhere) . So his muscle memory has not diminished with age whatsoever. Similarly client Christine Henwood (rebel) only started back at the gym 4 years ago (after a 20 break) and now at 58 is easily one of the strongest women in the country (you can see her deadlifting 140x10 at 68kg on my FB page).
  13. Endurance sports and bodybuilding

    For you personally Pseudo you would lose a hell of a lot of muscle if you took up endurance training. Ironically you are probably better suited to being an endurance athlete than being a bodybuilder (on a physiological level anyway). But yes as you figured you would struggle at your current size, cardiovascular efficiency drops by about a third for most athletes over 90kg as opposed to when the same athlete weighs 70kg. The only way you could follow both disciplines would be via some form of periodization where you devoted maybe half the year on endurance training and losing weight, and the other half to regaining your lost muscle mass, which would mean of course that you would never become particularly good at either.
  14. NZIFBB Pro-Am Champs 2016

    ^^ Exactly right Harry. I've been a member on here for 8 years now and every single time a top bodybuilder comes on here they get treated like shit and so don't come back.
  15. might be anorexic?

    I assume the doctors tested you for giardia etc.?