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  1. Saw she one her category! She looked dope on stage
  2. Nah actually so more people can find my account and hopefully follow me because they want to see my content
  3. #livingthedream when my supps are free and yours are still only 5% off...
  4. There's a motive to a degree. Long term goal would obviously be some sort of sponsorship by way of supplement company and clothing line. If companies see you have a good following and people are responding to your posts (likes, comments etc), they are more likely to sponsor you because they know your posts about their products will reach a wider audience. hashtags actually just help people find your photos and account I was taking the p when I said for likes haha.
  5. likes brah. hahaha # for likes.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDjgX-BSm18/?taken-by=georginamusk The goods arrived! Gotta get that gymnation shoutout cranking on insta!
  7. YAY! Thanks so much! I promise I lift heavy too guys haha
  8. Doctor shred

    Go see Tarren
  9. Back to the gym after 20 years

    Maybe up your chicken a bit? I'm a 59kg female on a cutting diet and my servings of chicken are 150g...
  10. Newbie - advice

    Don't be intimidated! Just walk in there like you're the man and it's YOUR gym and you'll be fine (in a non arrogant way if any of this even makes sense lol). I used to be timid and walk around the gym being so self conscious of what people thought and now I stroll in there and set up a bench in the weights area or go set up for deads being all like WASSUP are we here to work out or what? Just own it! You got this man.
  11. How to peel an egg?

    Use a spoon! You just need to make a little break in the shell and use a large metal spoon to get the rest of it off. Works so well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Un_EkJVveQ
  12. Diet

    Bring back this thread! Gyzz we are all dying with anticipation to know how your diet has been going for the last month.
  13. Where is everyone

    Wasn't he moving down south? Maybe he's intransit
  14. Where is everyone

    Um you forgot 500ml juice bro