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  1. RIP Old Bull

    Really Sad news, Old Bull set me in the right direction Power lifting wise so many years ago, some simple advice and actions but i could be far off a good path without them. Anyone know what happened to the powerhouse forum, is it still accessible or moved somewhere?
  2. Power lifting

    I see, yeah i frequent the NZ motorbike forum "Kiwi Biker" its great, thought it would be cool if there was something similar for powerlifting, though they have 8500 members, and i guess theres alot more motorbikers around than powerlifters and bodybuilders, so 1500 isn't too bad for this forum i reckon. Yeah I guess i'll start training hard and see what happens, not that worried bout body fat at the moment, as long as its not out of control. I finished a 12 week strength cycle after 6 months of body building style training and my lifts were 122.5kg bench, 162.5kg deadlift, 100kg squat (haha i can hear you laughing at the squat, not bad for 9 months working out i reckon though, in my first workout i did 6 reps at 60kg on bench!!) squat is my worst for some reason, that was in 2005, i've been on and off since then but i'm just getting back into it properly now, bout 9 weeks into it, don't think i'll quite reach those agian this time round, except squat, ive improved my technique alot, i reckon i'll hit close to 120, the others will be bout the same again I think. Might start a breif training log, for my own motivation more than anything. Planning to stick with a standard periodization type program with some speed training for bout a year and see how I go before i get into anything advanced.
  3. Power lifting

    Just wondering if this is the main forum for NZ powerlifters or is there another one? (I can't find one though?) although it seems like this is a good place to discuss all types of training. Just curious more than anything, but i'm 6'3"/193cm, currently 114kg, but carrying alot of BF, somewhere between 15-20% maybe?? (not really sure, i've got a good layer over my abs though haha) If i was going to compete in powerlifting in future any ideas were i'd fit in, <110kg or <125kg? My thought would be that i'd struggle in 110 because of my height. Also how bout olypmic lifting? anyone know if 6 foot plus lifters are common in <110kg division? Let the discussion begin....
  4. Appropriate Thread for my first post... Hi All basically one name: "Arnold Schwarzenegger" have loved him since my dad showed me predator when i was 8 years old!! From about 14-20 i always planned to work out, never got round to it, Then i watched "pumping iron and signed up to the uni gym the next day, and now i'm hooked!! Wish I had started at 14 or 15!! One other reason was that I had (still do to some degree) one arm much bigger than the other due to my sport. Though i'm more into powerlifting/strength training now than getting big, i find number goals much more motivational.