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  1. Wilks Formula. Time to ditch?

    So Brett Gibbs is saying no weight classes??
  2. The Agility Ladder Myth

    I'm in every night around that time so come say hi this week :)
  3. The Agility Ladder Myth

    What time you usually in to train?
  4. The Agility Ladder Myth

    WTF?!?! Haha that's where I'm at and starting the academy out of! Find me on the trainer board thingy (James de Lacey) by the couch so you know who I am and come say hi :)
  5. The Agility Ladder Myth

    The paper is by Slawinski et al., 2015. How 100-m event analyses improve our understanding of world-class me's and women's sprint performance. Book is Applied Sprint Training by James Smith. Yea definitely want to cover both ends of the power spectrum and not just focus on strength when sporting performance is the outcome. Are you in Auckland Longboa? I'm starting a sports academy here next week that may benefit you with having a properly structured offseason. Got one athlete involved so far whose competing at the World Half Ironman Champs in September so hopefully grow to developing athletes of all sports and levels!
  6. The Agility Ladder Myth

    Can't say I'm too sure about the COM question. He starts "slower" but reaches a higher max velocity later than anybody else through his ability to continually produce horizontal force and high velocities. There's a really good paper and book on that. Distances, efforts and exercise would be a little different as sprinting doesn't come into play as it would during a larger field/court sport. In your instance, it's more being able to produce force quickly over a step or 2 or maybe even 3 or 4. So improving your ability to jump further/higher would be more beneficial than sprinting with a sled for 20m for developing that power. Exercises like hip thrusts, broad jumps will aid in the horizontal component then your classic squats and jumps will help your vertical stuff. Then you've got your other stuff like hurdle hops etc for learning to produce that force quickly.
  7. The Agility Ladder Myth

    http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-4/rw0oi/5693719d0cf2e94e3fb1c8e6 Part 4, final installment on speed!
  8. The Agility Ladder Myth

    http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-3/rw0oi/56fa206b0cf2e3ce9bb21088 Part 3 up!
  9. The Agility Ladder Myth

    Yep that probably plays a role in it but remember often elite players will score similar to sub elite players in COD tests so the physical role may not be as great. I think it comes down to elite players have greater knowledge of game specific situations and are better at recognising patterns of play (hence why they are at the top of their game). Yep that's a good observation. You'll see lots of split steps in touch rugby due to the "slower" and evasive nature of the sport compared to rugby union or league.
  10. The Agility Ladder Myth

    http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-2/rw0oi/56e749450cf2d686649abaaf Part 2 is now up!
  11. The Agility Ladder Myth

    3 more parts to come! Please share around if you like it :)
  12. The Agility Ladder Myth

    Haven't posted her in quite a while. Thought I'd share something I've recently written that may benefit some of you or even just make you think about agility training. Part 1 http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-1/rw0oi/56a86d7a0cf22a80b02a51e0 Part 2 http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-2/rw0oi/56e749450cf2d686649abaaf Part 3 http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-3/rw0oi/56fa206b0cf2e3ce9bb21088 Part 4 (Final) http://www.dimeperformance.com/#!The-Agility-Ladder-Myth-How-Should-You-Train-For-Speed-Agility-Part-4/rw0oi/5693719d0cf2e94e3fb1c8e6
  13. League vs Union - Who's faster?

    I do not sadly and yes I was living in Romania working in professional rugby over there
  14. League vs Union - Who's faster?

    Just to clarify I'm not the author of the study however I'm good friends with the authors and planned to use the same data for my research but other stuff prevented that. What I write here is a mixture of the authors speculations and my opinions so overall, we can't make definitive statements about why the results are as they are. But in saying that... Both groups consisted of 15 elite athletes and were classed as elite due to representing their respective countries. They were selected from a larger pool but there's always limitations with athlete selection. Wookie is right with league players covering more distance in a game, also involved in a greater amount of high intensity activities (tackles, wrestle, sprints etc). Hence the need for greater aerobic adaptations. Just speculating here but union has a greater "horizontal component" to it with athletes having "to overcome a greater number of high force movements such as scrums, rucks and mauls which favour athletes who can effectively accelerate their own body mass." Compared to league which is a very "upright" sport due to the ruck being totally different. Outside of S&C training, union players are scrummaging, cleaning out rucks for their skill work adding extra work in that horizontal force vector. I think the most interesting theory is the fact union players were found to have greater hamstring strength than league players found in this study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23751772. A researcher out of France has linked greater hamstring strength (especially eccentric) with faster sprinters hence the authors of this union vs league paper speculated this could be part of the reason for better sprint performance. I've written a few more little posts on my blog, if you guys are interested check them out and let me know how they are. Appreciate any feedback on them Also feel free to ask any questions. Not sure if I covered everyone's posts