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  1. Taping thumbs

    Hey @maccaz thanks for replying! I've used that one and Goat tape; they are very good but totally overpriced. I heard too about those rubber nubs, but they look quite slippery.
  2. Taping thumbs

    Hey! Thanks for that, there aren't stupid questions :) I tape my thumbs just for protection, as soon I start to lift the bar for cleans or snatches, the friction between the bar and the thumb rips the skin.
  3. Taping thumbs

    Hey Guys! Do you recommend any particular brand tape for thumbs? I've been using Goat tape before and it is very good but overpriced. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, I would like to ask to the community, Which one is the app you use to track and log your routines? At the moment I like Jefit because allow me to create the routine online and add my weights. Any suggestion? Thanks guys
  5. Meal delivery suggestions

    Thanks @Pseudonym thanks dude. I sent an email through their website but no one replies, so I guess there are not so serious. @Realtalk Thanks for your comments :) Thanks heaps
  6. Hi Guys! I am looking for a healthy delivery meals package per week, any recommendation? I've tried muscle chow the food is horrible! Thanks in advanced have a great week
  7. Hi Guys! I am a fitness enthusiast and I am looking for a buddy to workout together in the morning of Cityfitness CBD branch, someone? ??
  8. Finally, Which one is the better place to get chicken breast? Or I just have to check the savings in the supermarket? Thanks guys