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  1. New to forum and site and open to learn

    Your correct, 73 is the birth year...getting grey around the edges...but wife runs alot and understands the importance of fitness etc, so I can always work around family for the right reasons...
  2. New to forum and site and open to learn

    To be fair its a diet thing for sure, I dont eat too bad..but always room to improve...the biggest hurdle is a decent gym and a training partner
  3. New to forum and site and open to learn

    I live out Darfield way but work in town, so happy to attend 5 sessions a week, right now my focus needs to be on getting clean eating sorted and getting rid of fat...cardio is a must-hate it ..but gotta do it..then want to resume building.
  4. New to forum and site and open to learn

    Too far to travel to Dunedin anyway...lol...just wondering what is good around Canterbury for training and getting the results
  5. New to the site, getting back into training, live out of town so gym takes some planning, looking at options for a gym to join or someone to train with, open to new and different training methods. Live in Canterbury and would appreciate any advice or guidance to avoid some of the pitfulls and false idiots out there.