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  1. Growing Size??

    If you are interested to do a show you should look at entering one towards end of this year or early next, either physique (boardshorts/height) or bodybuilding category (weight). If your numbers are on point you would get on stage around mid 70s looking awesome! Equally you might find its not for you. It would give you a good insight into how you want to progress with building your body and what supplements (natural or not) you might look at. Anavar is a waste of time imo, but i have read decent articles countering that.
  2. Hello

    Sounds good! Hmm i guess it depends if its judged on weight loss or overall transformation, but yes i do resemble a lunch box!
  3. Growing Size??

    I would be interested to see pictures. Did you have a BF test or is that just a guess? You should be looking good unless you are over 6ft
  4. Fat burners?

    Anyone tried any fat burners they would recommend? Any stand outs or are they all very similar with all the regulations etc Looking at Hydroxycut Hardcore, usually buy fat burners to help me start diet and get some results to help me along the way. Dont like throwing money away so tend to stick to eating plan if i have bought some fat burners. Any tips or advice welcome, Thanks
  5. Hello

    Hi everybody, Looking to get back in to the gym on a daily basis and not take weeks off at a time, that recovery excuse :pfft: Hopefully start 'shredding' soon for summer. Currently around 102kgs, 5'7 and 25 years old. Been getting to the gym around 2-3 times a week recently, is there a summer transformation challenge or anything like that? Might post up pictures soon to keep myself honest. Cheers