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  1. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Sun 12.3.18 GPC south islands Was a early start, Left town around 5.15 Weighed in at 99.5. Didn't really matter as we were all up against each other anyway Squats Warms ups were shit. Last warm up @200 was slowslow. There were pound plates and whippy bars which threw things off a bit Opener 220 slideshow 2nd 230 good 3rd 242.5 miss Bench this was were things went sour a little Opener 140 good. Grindy ugly 2nd 145 miss 3rd 145 miss Deadlifts. things were feeling better here Opener 220 butter 2nd 240 no worries 3rd 252.5 Absouloute grind of my life. Had to let my air go so I didn't pass out it took that long to lock out. Got the down command and whites. 622.5kg total 45kg total pb
  2. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Currently 2 days out from comp having to cut around a kilo to get under 100. Should be good tho. Have hit openers in last week or two. Moving pretty good. Body just healing up now. I'm going to push my limits to get 630 plus. Dream day would be 650
  3. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Tues 20.2.18 Bench paused 120x1 140x1 150x1 152.5x0 Not a great day. Gym is flooded again. Weather is crap. Shoulder and arms are fucked. I suspect from all the low bar and possibly bailing on yesterday's squat. Left shoulder felt nasty so didn't really push the issue on the 152.5 3 weeks out from gpc shoreline 3 lift. Just need to get my body to hold up.
  4. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Mon 19.2.18 Squat Wraps 200x1 220x1 240x0 240x1 Disastrous walkout on first go @240 wraps weren't doing shit changed wrap on second attempt and got a decent walkout in. Had to dump bar on safetys in first go
  5. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Fri 17.2.17 Tng bench 120x9setsx3/1x10 (pb)
  6. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Tues 13/2/18 Deadlift mix grip 200x10 setsx3 Pendlay rows 60x5 80x5 100x6 100x10
  7. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Mon 12.2.18 Incline bench 110kg 3/3/3/2/3 Lat pull down Sets of 20 Tricep exn Sets of 20 Laterals and rear delts
  8. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Sat 11.2.18 5 weeks out Squat inzer wrap 200x1 230x3 rep on https://youtu.be/2eN9oMBK6Ms
  9. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    I will have a total for you to beat in 5 weeks.
  10. getstrength nz

    I would suggest not buying a SSB from them. My one they had 90 degree welds that started opening up. Got hold of them sent it back. Worse customer service around. I waited forever, took for me to get on fb and publicly give them a serve on their page. They didn't like that and gave me a shitty answer. Surprise I had a email that day. It's a shame as I know their gear is good as I have one of their benches. Just cust service and their ssbs suck ass. Just keep hastling them
  11. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Did 225x1 SSB in wraps the other day. Fri 11.1.18 Squats low bar 200x1 light wraps 220x1 inzer z 230x1 Sig golds pb 235x1 Sig golds pb Huge pb. Self wrapped to. Once I get my training partner back I should be able to go tighter. Think depth looked dunked too.
  12. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    What's the goal total
  13. Taking down 650kg among other things

    28.12.17 Beltless sleeve less pause squat 160x1 180x1 180x1 182.5x1 182.5x1 SSB good mornongs 55x10 75x10 75x10 Light db rdls 2x50