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  1. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the SS bars I'll still use mine. I just bought a Valhalla power bar. It's just a step up in terms of stiffness and knurling
  2. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Cheers dude. More to come
  3. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Good day at comp yesterday. Bench 142.5/147.5/150 all good and all very easy and smooth. Comp pb Deadlifts 220/242.5/255 comp Pb https://youtu.be/xBie3EGoYwE
  4. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Bit of a update Since last gpc comp have stayed around 103/104kg. Have a push pull this weekend. In prep I hit a easy 151.5 bench. Have switched to a heels up bench set up which had helped emensly. Also ripped a easy 250 pull. Havnt really maxed out too hard this prep. Will see how it pans out. Have been doing alot of Hatfield squats put up 200x6 and 195x8 both beltless. After this push pull its 11 weeks out from my next gpc comp. Will jump back in wraps. I really want to maximise them so want to get plenty of time in them. Also want to show up with my bench from now on. My last 3 lift i only got my opener at 140
  5. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Yeah. It would be almost 100nzd cheaper . They are 370aud over there which is a nice deal. Tbh you may be paying for the rouge name a bit with the opb. Def on my radar
  6. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    There is another option I've been researching. The ATX Ram bar. Looks real nice. From what I've read it's the German alternative to a tpb. https://samsfitness.com.au/barbells/elite-olympic-bars/atx-ram-power-bar
  7. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Just duck eggs
  8. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Rouge it is. What bars do you normally lift with ?
  9. I've been saving a little bit of cash up and migh5 be in the market for a proper power bar. If i keep saving up i could add a deadlif5 bar to that. So weighing up my options. I have a solid strength power bar but wanting to step it up 1. Force USA power bar. Have heard these have decent knurling. Cheap price. Designed in USA and built in China I assume. No reviews online really 2. Valhalla power/deadlift bar. 28mm for power bar which is smaller than most and not ipf approved. Most power bars seem to be at least 28.5. Limited reviews, made in aus. Pretty expensive. 12 month warranty 3. Rouge Ohio power/deadlift. Most positive reviews of almost any bars. Ipf specs. Lifetime warranty. Seems to have established the standard for power bars. Have to ship from aus so might have duty. Will probably end up costing the same or slightly less than the valhallas My pick is the rouge. Let me know what everyone thinks and if there's another option
  10. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Did u end up competing? Or was this in prep. You seem to get messed up quite a bit bro
  11. grade 2 calf tear

    How the hell do wraps tear a calf. Maybe caused by all the gear u running. Somehow
  12. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Haha fair enough 622.5 then. Beat it!
  13. maccaz 2018 prep log

    We going to be close on Wilks bro. What bw u at ?