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  1. Chasing that total

    Sat Dec 2.17 Did a mock meet in my shed with the crew today. Results are as follows Squat 200 easy af 212.5 good 222.5 good (pb) Bench 140 good 145 good 150 good (paused pb) Deadlift 220 good 252.5 good 270 miss. Got to knees. Def in my range though. Total. 625. 55kg pb on my best comp total. Was more in the tank on squat and bench for sure. This was for all the people in the past that have told me I was shit, or whatever else. Its great motivation, I'll do this shit all day long and this is just the beginning.
  2. Chasing that total

  3. Chasing that total

  4. Chasing that total

  5. Chasing that total

    Been hitting some wicked numbers recently including squat 210x1/220x1/200x4 bench 147.5(paused) 140x3 deadlift 260x1/240x2
  6. Chasing that total

    Tues 7-11-17 Bench paused 100x2 120x1 140x1 @ RPE 8.5 Slingshot 145x5 145.5x5 147.5x5 Pendlay Rows off blocks up to 120x5 Incline dumbell tricep extn 3x15 Rope pressdown 3x20 Lying side rear delt flies 3x20 each side 4kg Good session today, trained with the crew, the 140 raw single moved slower than i wanted. but still realistically an opener weight. good pause too. The first set of slingshot was hard af. last rep was rpe 15 or some shit. second set though i locked it in better and the next two sets moved alot better. Looking at doing a test/mock meet in my shed. my only goal is to break 600, which the way things are going i should be able to murder it. bw sitting at a juicy 102
  7. Chasing that total

  8. Chasing that total

    Mon 31.10.17 SSB squats plus chain 45-50kg chain 145 bar weight x6 165 bar weight x4 SSB good mornings off pins 55x10/10 10narrow/10 wide Dumbell Bulgarian split squat 6kg 3x15 each leg
  9. Chasing that total

  10. Chasing that total

    Sat 28.10.17 Deadlift 60x5 100x3 140x2 180x1 220x1 260x1 (pb) Speed bench 10x2 60 plus purple bands to 2bd Was way too much band tension tbh
  11. Chasing that total

  12. Chasing that total

    Fri 17.10.17 Ssb squats with weight releaders Top single 165 bar weight plus 50kg in releasers.
  13. Chasing that total

  14. Chasing that total

    SSB squats Bar 55x5 75x3 95x2 115x1 135x1 155x1 Add wraps 175x1 200x3 Deadlift touch n go 200x1 220x5
  15. Bursitis

    Get a safety squat bar. At least you could squat then