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  1. Chasing that total

  2. Chasing that total

    SSB squats Bar 55x5 75x3 95x2 115x1 135x1 155x1 Add wraps 175x1 200x3 Deadlift touch n go 200x1 220x5
  3. Bursitis

    Get a safety squat bar. At least you could squat then
  4. "Supplementation" lol You mean gear. You've been lifting 5 or 6 years not consistent. And you've reached your genetic limit. Really? Most people's natural limits are far higher than they think. If you just cop out and say you've reached the limit, you've probably given up and training like a wuss. My advise, put in at least 10 years ball busting work then re visit the issue
  5. Chasing that total

  6. Chasing that total

  7. Chasing that total

    2/10/17 SSB Squat beltless 152.5x4setsx2 152.5x4 (amrap) RDLs 60x3x20 Feeling like a tank atm. Weighing around 100-101. Which im all good with. Hit a 170 shirted bench to a two board other day. 115 plus 40-45kg chain floor press. Lower percentage on my DL atm, working between 170-180 for tripples. seems to work a treat. Looking for a big comeback come 2018. 600 total will go down
  8. Chasing that total

    Tues 19 /9/17 Did train end of last week. getting about 3 sessions in per week after buying my business. will settle down though. Bench 120x4setsx2 120x8 (matched last cycles PB with too much hype) Dead stop barbell row 60x15 80x12 100x12 80x16 Dumbell incline skullcrushers 10kg 3x25 Farmers walks and weighted carries to finish
  9. Chasing that total

    Tues 12.9.17 Bench paused 117.5 4x2 117.5x7 (amrap) was easy and shut it down before grinding too much. Two in the tank i recon Pvc pipe banded ohp 20x20 25x15/12 Chain skull crushers Band press down
  10. Chasing that total

    Mon 11.9.17 Squats low bar Belt only 181kg 4x2 181x4 (amrap) Bulgarian split squat Banded hamstring curl
  11. Chasing that total

    Big jump paid off also. Never gone 220-250 like that was good
  12. Chasing that total

    Thurs 7 Sept 17 Deadlift 60x5 80x3 100x3 140x2 Belt 180x1 220x1 250x1 (pb) smoke show Barbell rows between 80-120 for multiple sets Lat pull down wide 4x20 Preacher curl db About 3 sets Ez bar reverse curl Non stop buddy curl style sets 25-12 lots of sets
  13. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    I thought you had depth on your second bro. From the front at least
  14. Chasing that total

    Tues 5 Sept 17 Bench Bar 40x5 60x5 80x3 100x2 115x2 115x2 115x2 115x2 115x8 (amrap) 140x1 140x1 Pvc pipe ohp with 10kg each side on bands 20/20/15 Chain tricep skull crushers 15kg chain Happy with today benched with bit of a crew in the shed. All bench moved real good second single at 140 moved fast as. 25/25/50 rest pause last set
  15. Chasing that total

    Mon 4 Sept 17 Low bar squat belt only Bar 60x5 80x3 100x3 120x1 140x1 160x1 180x2 180x2 180x2 180x2 180x3 Been a stressful week. Just broight a buisiness. First time lifting in a week.happy to be able to hit this with no sleeves now after not having heavy weight on my back in a while. Last rep on last set was high af so shut it down.