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  1. Fair enough. My Indian work mate in that vid was the funniest tho. Was almost trying to curl that shit up lol
  2. Hmm wonder how pro strongmen lift stones........
  3. Have you ever lifted stones bro.
  4. Strongman Saturday Stones were 31/41 and 85kg
  5. .
  6. Did Bench only yesterday 137.5 good 145 good 150 miss Lost tightness on the 150. let it sink too much and tried to heave it up too much, then my back seized up and couldnt get off the bench. Its all good now. just lock/cramped up Overall pretty happy, 145 is still a 12.5kg comp pb
  7. Tues 23/5/17 Comp bench bar 60x5 80x3 100x2 120x1 130x1 135x1 135x1 Just up to rough opener was thinking of a bit more, but ill play things safe. Been feeling crappy last couple days, hopefully i can bounce back by Saturday. Need to make sure my ass stays down also.
  8. Sun 14/5/17 close grip bench paused bar 60x5 80x3 100x2 120x1 130x1 140x1 145x1 (PB) BB rows 100x3x8 DB Bench 35x10 35x10 45x10 Its on, two weeks out from bench comp bw 98, really think i could get up around the 150 mark. Bench gains have been crazy lately
  9. Wrestling shoes online are good by the sound of it. Like what BG uses. eastbay i think. Ive got the Reebok crossfit lite(power shoe) they are good, like a upgraded chuck. But they are around 130 mark, and are harder to get hold of now
  10. Fri 12/5/17 Bench paused Barx20 60x6 80x3 100x2 120x1 130x1 140x1 140x1 140x1 Slingshot 140x5 150x4 160x1 Touch n go raw 100x17 Bench is on the move! 2 weeks out
  11. Tues 9/5/17 3 weeks out Front squat Bar 60x5 80x3 100x1 120x7 SSB good morning's 60x5 80x8/8/8 Close grip bench no wraps pause Bar 60x5 80x3 100x2 120x1 130x1 easy as. Going to open higher than this I think DB bench Unsure of weight X15 X15 X15 X13 Things are voming together. Quad/knee was a bit tight after the fronts. Will roll it out. Really need to assess the next couple of weeks on bench and work out attempts. AI am thinking of opening at 135 and going 140 on second. We will see
  12. Yup certainly on the move. Weighing a bit more too.