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  1. Tues 15.8.17 Speed bench doubles 50kg plus med bands doubled over 4x2 60kg 4x2 Quite decent band tension here took a bit to get used to but moved fast Incline bench 60x5 80x3 100x3 110x1 112.5x1 (but messy but think this is a pb or matches and was easier than last time) Incline db triceo extn 3x12-15 Band press down 100-120 total reps Happy with this session feeling strong. Niggly pec/shoulder is feeling way better. Seeing everyone at ipf nats making me want to bring it
  2. Mon 14.8.17 SSB squats belt only 155x2 155x2 155x2 155x2 155x6 (amrap) pb Depth wasn't perfect but was a huge effort really proud Wide stance SSB good mornings 60x12/12/15 Chest supported dumbells row 25 3x12 Band pull aparts
  3. Right Time to right this down before I change my mind. Weighed myself last night........ and coming in at a juicy 101kg. Diets been pretty loose and been having the odd beer, which is fine, but I don't really feel comfortable at this weight a d my frame doesn't carry it that well. I'm only 175cm. I want to get back down to low 90s and look better for summer. First step is to kick the beers, also be trying to do faster cardio most mornings. This combines with eating less junk. Should drop some weight easy enough. Will try and maintain strength as much as possible. I don't think it'll be too bad
  4. Fri 11/8/17 Bench 117.5x 4 setsx2 117.5x6 (amrap) Close grip spotto 67.5 2x15 ohp 40x15 50x12 50x11 40x11 Cable rows set on each pin on stack Not really happy with bench tonight.right pec/shoulder is niggly and felt like i was down in power. Dips seem to irritate it so dropping that exercise. I could get a couple more reps if i went touch n go also these were paused
  5. Thurs 10-8-17 Deadlift mix grip no belt 172.5x3 172.5x3 172.5x3 172.5x3 172.5x3 Snatch grip deads 172.5 3x3 chins about 5-6 sets 5-10 Hammer curls 2x30 band curls 2x30 New set up on dead feeling speedy
  6. I'll try and get the logging going some more 4.8.17 Bench Barx10 X5 60x5 80x3 100x2 115x2. 115x2. 115x2. 115x2 115x8 (amrap) Touch n goed last one or two. Still making pretty good progress. Probably left a rep in the tank at least. Trying to lock in technique Spoto press close grip 65x2x15 Lateral Rear delt raises Have got a new training partner, she previously competed in powerlifting in the eqquiped days. Quite cool to be able to coach/ push someone. She's looking to make a comeback and I think she could dominate with some time under the bar
  7. Tues 25.7.17 pause bench bar 60x5 80x4 100x2 112.5x4setsx2 112.5x9 spoto press 70x10 65x15 side raise 3x15 rear delt raise 2x20
  8. Mon 12 July 17 High bar beltless Bar 60x5 80x3 100x2 120x2 140x1 150x1 160x3 (messy as f*ck) 160x1 (missed 2nd rep) Wide stance good mornings 55x15 75x12 95x10 Cable crunches 5-6 sets High bar was mud today. Done a 60+ hour week and it showed today. Recovery and mobility needs work. Kept dumping foward out of the hole. The rounding was real Sqeaked out a tripple which matched last week's pb. Im not really suited that well to high bar in heels tbh and my form can go to shit. Still waiting for a new ssb otherwise I'd be using that
  9. I have the powerlifting bar from solid strength equipment. It's solid, I know other gyms that have them with no complaints. Moderate bar whip but still 29mm so doesn't flap around too much. Around 400 bucks
  10. Not sure. The gym and store is seperate. The store has no phone. Can only email them. Which is bs. Must be so people can't abuse them over their orders. Guy I'm dealing with is Steve Thompson. Don't know if he's the boss or not.
  11. Shit. There belts too. Rather go to other people I know even if it costs more. They going to send a new one apparently the design has gone from welds to bends. Took them 3 or 4 months to get my mates ssb. Doesn't change the fact safety on my gym was compromised. What if it broke on someone I trained with and fucked them up. Would be like a catapult for sure
  12. Ok. Update on my ssb. One of the Welsh is cracking and it's lucky I didn't die. They want me to send it back to repair. They gonna muck me around. Took them 3 months to send my mates bar out. Pretty pissed tbh. It's less than two years old lol
  13. Fair enough. My Indian work mate in that vid was the funniest tho. Was almost trying to curl that shit up lol
  14. Hmm wonder how pro strongmen lift stones........