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  1. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    Cheers bro, but I look like shit esp compared to you if your in anywhere near conditioning you were in last I saw you! As a side note, your company used to do a bit of work for my new one.
  2. what do you drive?

    Ford Falcon for the wife, I've got a Toyota Altezza and a lexus gs300 slammed on 20's, that I'm trying to get rid of, haha. Normaly have a 4wd or two as well but haven't got any at the mo.
  3. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    I found some definitions to clarify things. I think he was calling you an morbidly obese Hawaiian...
  4. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    WTF is a moomoo??Edit, Google told me. moo moo A rectangular cloth with crude stiching worn by morbidly obese persons. Becca said, "Dude, I've gained SO much weight, I need to wear a moo moo!" OR Sounds like Moo Moo, correct spelling is Muumuu. It's a loose dress originating from Hawaii. Morbidly obese people typically wear muumuu's. It looks like they were made out of a flowery set of curtains OR lastly, moo moo uh moo moo is uh big-ass night gown or dress that big-ol's wear. my grandma wears moo moos with no underwear.
  5. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    Will keep an eye out for something like this, its gotta be less risky than just measuring my self and sending measurements over the net.
  6. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    But won't that lose me all my GAINZ??!!
  7. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    Thanks guys, will be going through the motions this week for now with some cheaper options, to get me through until I get the work discount I've been promised from Barkers, (found out today), then I'll probably do as sounds good has done, and get the quality stuff, and get it fitted to me. Yeah it won't be everyday dealing with customers, I’ll be national technical support for a prestigious euro car brand, so when I go visiting dealers etc, I have to fit in with the snobs and the wankers. Ahahaha. Also if anything, hopefully I only get slightly slimmer, sitting on heavy side of 110kg these days, not fat, but ain't got those washboard abs. Ha.
  8. Hi guys, I've gone and got myself a job off the tools, and have to dress flyer than I'm used to. Where do you guys get your threads? Hallensteins can't even cater for my thighs, let alone my lats and arms. Literally tore the back out of a suit jacket when I tried it on. I need a new suit and some nice pants and shirts etc, but prefer not having to remortgage the house for fully taylored shit to get something that fits. Any places you guys recommend?
  9. 2017 log

    Good on ya bro! Been following your progress for ages from in the shadows here. Fucken tank man Solid effort there. Gutted about the tear but that's sport for you. Bigger and better next time! Heal up good and proper and then get back into it. I'm not up to speed on the rules, but if you miss a lift, is that your comp finished? Or just the injury factor that makes it over?
  10. Core strength with calisthenics

    holy shit. love the functional strength and flexibility!
  11. How many Calories per day do you consume?

    Holy sheet. Making me feel bad. Eat average 5000kcal a day. up to 10000kcal on cheat days. Not including shakes, as i have them so inconsistantly. 6' 2" 108kg 15% BF. Quite an active day job, and I really like eating. Lol.
  12. Bruh, Im currently doing a level 3 and 4 course through NZIHF, and I would highly recommend it. Im doing it more for knowledge gained than starting a new career but it is very in depth and thorough in all aspects of fitness and the industry. If you want any more info ask away. Micah.
  13. #Conspiracythread

    The Exclusive Bretheran (spelling?) are slowly taking over the country.
  14. Big Kiwi Sick

    Anyone else see that 3rd degree thing on Justin tonight?? or am i waaayy out of the loop. Shit, all that juice got to him. Hearts failing and some other shits going on that I didnt understand. Gone broke from being sick, closed the business etc. Kinda sad seeing the big fella crying. My old man works in the hospital/ public health sector and has seen more and more bodybuider type guys coming in with heart defects/failures etc caused by the use of steroids. I'm no expert on the subject, but i just worry about the number of young guys i see and know who are getting on it. Justin is only young in my eyes. Not even 40 years old. Waay to young to go. I have nothing against using them, I beleive it should be legal and a personal choice. I just want the younger guys I see doing them today to get more indepth knowledge of what theyre doing to their bodies and how it will affect them later on before they take that step. Met a 17 y/o not too long ago who was on it, he trained hard, ate good, and he looked farken insane, but hes only bloody 17! He could go along way naturally before taking the enhanced root. Personal choice and all that though.