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  1. how much

    umm no,maybe when im 60.
  2. how much

    happy to pass 5 mins of your life with you.btw i looked up the meaning of the word diatribe it means an angry or long piece of writing.its most certainly neither.its mild curiosity..nothing more.
  3. how much

    you dont get antagonised nor attribute false motives to these questions.im a life time natty too who has no idea.thats why i ask.
  4. how much

    you do thats why you reply.i applaud your honesty btw.at least you shoot straight.
  5. how much

    and thats not being disrespectful,but the best lifter on this forum is Hayden Pritchard.thats if he still powerlifts.
  6. how much

    i think it is the great seperator.you look at the guys numbers who competed natty then switched.
  7. how much

    ??how.must be a new type of anabolix that you are on that gives you an ability to not only mind read,but it can make you put a thought of yours into my posts??wow you are amazing!!
  8. how much

    whoops something went weird with my browser.i cant fix that post.hey btw theres no angle nor an attempt to discredit anything,strange how you managed to make that up.and thanks to bang_bang for giving a straight answer.
  9. how much

    im only mildly curious.plus id get the eject button from the IPF if i decided to compete again and im not even really competitive there.the question is more for educational purposes.Tren?ok.
  10. how much

    as a barometer i guess,over a 20 month period of competing natty,i increased my squat by 20 kgs,my bench by 10 kgs and my deadlift by 35 kgs.i have no idea whether thats good average or slow rate of progess.i would assume its slow.im in my 40s. i have seen guys who started competing at the same time as me increase their squat by 45 kgs,bench by 22.5kgs and the dead by 55 kgs over the same time frame. wondering if i took anything whether that progress would double or triple?
  11. how much

    strength did you gain once you started taking steroids?how fast did you increase your strength?what steroid gave you the best gains? ps im neutral on their use,only thing i dislike is when people cheat in drug tested feds.
  12. Powerlifting comps { all feds }

    lols without even knowing who you are,i dare say you are probably better than 95% of regular gym goers.The standard on this forum is very high.Ive represented once at masters level and im pathetic compared to the godzillas here.
  13. Powerlifting comps { all feds }

    no i havent got u mixed up with someone else and its your call anyway.i just thought i would do my good deed for the decade and aware you that you are up there.hehe not a big deal here when id hazard a guess and say 95% of the regular posters here in this particular forum are internationals.lol.all the best with your comp.
  14. Powerlifting comps { all feds }

    Its not being disrespectful openly stating the truth.to be competitive at top level GPC u gotta be using.so wat?
  15. Powerlifting comps { all feds }

    thats nice,but with all due respect the IPF is the bigger fed.If you have never used steroids with your numbers you would most likely be very close to making the NZ team if you decided to do the relevant competitions.Dont quote me on that though,i dont follow the opens close enough to be sure.But i know your numbers are big. using the reason you dont know anyone is not a good reason in my book.im pretty introverted myself,but going to a meet with no support made me introduce myself to people i would never normally talk to.Ive met some pretty cool people.plus you are talented.people will come up to you.