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  1. Pre-contest journal

    Hey there, I just had a couple of questions with regards to your pre-contest nutrition. From what I've read you are seeing someone with regards to diet and training. You are doing heaps of training and that part is all looking great. I'm just comparing my pre-contest diet to yours and I definitely don't want to come across as though I'm questioning your nutrition expert so please don't think that! I'm just curious about the bread (wheat) and yoghurt (dairy). For my last competition I wasn't having any bread or dairy from about 8 weeks out and from about the 6 week mark the weight started to drop off quite fast again. My trainer also had me doing a depletion and load phase from week 6 which meant 3-4 days of depletion with very few carbs (only carbs were from veges and my porridge in the morning, so no other starchy carbs at all) and then 2 days of loading, this consisted of porridge, rice cakes, banana, kumara and potato. I found that by depleting the muscles for 4 days (they looked quite flat by then) and then loading for 2, but the end of day 2 load I looked quite pumped. The theory was also to cycle my calories so I had between 1300 and 1500 on deplete days and then up to 1700 on load days. Just a thought, it worked for me but everyone is different. Your trainer will know best, but I wondered if this had been considered? Anyway keep up the hard work. I've been reading your posts and I was exactly the same from about 6 weeks out. (Oh the things I have to look forward to again) You are so close yet it seems so far away. I got panicky, I cried over the smallest things. I flew off the handle for things like walking in and the dishes hadn't been done etc. It is all worth it for that 10 mins on stage though. Stay focused and keep visualising that stage!
  2. Most annoying gym habit

    I've seen this all before too and it really p**ses me off. I've only just started the competition diet! It's going to get a lot worse I think this time round too. Last time it was my first competition and I thought I was just overreacting so I let it be. This time, I'm training with a purpose (to look better than last time) so I won't be holding back on the comments! The other habit that annoys me is seeing people do the same exercise day in day out only ever working one or two parts of their body. Do they not stop to think that's why they might still look the same??!! Also those people that consistently perform their exercises using a techinique they must have made up (even though I've seen them with an instructor being shown before). Makes me want to slap them and tell them to come back when they no how to do it properly.
  3. Low Carb Chocolate Cake

    Firstly Happy Birthday for Friday! It's mine in a couple of weeks too (we've got heaps at work, must be the best time to be born) and I'm also on a pre-contest diet now so I think one slice will definitely not sabotage all your hard work. It will probably do your metabolism good actually. Enjoy your birthday and don't miss out on that piece of cake for the sake of a few grams of fat. I'll be having a "cheat meal" or two on my birthday.
  4. NZBB Challenge - The Before set

    Okay I'm going to enter pics (these are post contest, so not quite as flashy as the others). By Sep I'll be mid diet so should still be looking okay, however by Dec I'll be a month after the last comp and concentrating more on cardio and triathlons for next year. So don't be surprised if my best photos are in Sep.........
  5. Actual protein intake

    Mine is roughly between 120g and 130g. Bodyweight is about 127 pounds and I've heard that 1g per pound of BW is good?? I think it's a personal thing. If I eat too much whey it affects my stomach so I have about 3 serves a day and the rest from food.
  6. Oxygen Magazine

    I think I may have seen this in Rebel Sport from time to time aswell
  7. For the sweet tooth......

    It all depends on what protein powder you use and whether you use almonds or oats but based on using oats and Balance 100% Whey Protein (Chocolate Flavour) its roughly 1.5g carbs per ball, 4g protein and about 0.5g fat. So not a huge amount of protein but I just use them as a means of getting away from the chocolate cravings.
  8. For the sweet tooth......

    If anyone out there has the same problem as me I have a great substitute for sugar carvings, but it's still hard to stop at just the one! Protein Balls - these take about 10 mins from scratch and can be frozen. You need: 7 tbsp protein powder 1 tbsp butter 1 cup oats or ground almonds 1 cup coconut milk (to make the mix stick together) Melt the butter, add the protein powder, oats/almonds and half the coconut. Then mix together with enough milk to make the dry ingredients stick. Then roll into balls and roll in the coconut. Put them in the fridge for half an hour and they're good to go. You can do all sorts with this recipe. I made them for my workmates and just substituted that expensive protein powder (which most wouldn't appreciate anyway) with cocoa. You can roll them in anything aswell. If you choose to use ground almonds instead of the oats they are really low carb, the oats give them a bit more of a carb content as does the protein powder you use. I found them convenient and easy to make and they actually taste good straight out of the freezer aswell!
  9. Creatine? supps?

    Growth - just found a web page posted by a guy called Ray Sahelian, he had an MD and this shows his studies on the effects of Creatine, both good and bad http://www.raysahelian.com/creatine.html
  10. Cardio

    I've always done lots of cardio so I like to keep it up throughout the year. I think being a female too I think it helps me lose weight faster. The diet is good but I find cardio helps move the fat from the stubborn areas....
  11. Cardio

    Before my first comp I did my cardio in the morning and my weight training at night. As hard as it is to get up in the morning I recommend doing it then and having a break between that and your weights so that you get maximum benefit out of each session. It does get easier to get up, but unfortunately you will probably be forcing yourself as you get closer to the comp! As you get closer you will be on a carb depleting diet, the idea behind cardio in the morning is so you straight away start burning fat as there are no carbs left to burn off first. If you have been up and eaten etc throughout the day then you do your cardio in the afternoon, it takes about 20mins to burn all of the glucose out of your muscles before you even start on the fat. Also you will find you will have virtually no energy as you get closer to do both cardio and weight training together. Your muscles need protein to grow but you also need some carbs to have the energy to train, so if you do your cardio in the morning the few carbs you will still be eating (in your veges etc) will get you through your weight session. BB was the hardest thing I've ever had to put my body through, and as much as the sport is all about the physical signs, competing is all mental. It's getting past the diet and the odd times and frequency of exercise required. Believe me there were times when I actually sat and cried because I had to get up and go to the gym and my partner didn't have to. Sounds really silly because we are the ones choosing to do this but the diet can make you very irrational at times. But hey in saying that, I'm doing it all over again. Nothing beats that feeling on stage when you are confident standing in a bikini in front of 100's of people and they all admire YOU! Haha half of them probably don't have any idea how much you've had to endure to get there though. Except those poor partners who are so happy that the ordeal might finally be over for them.........until next time!
  12. Creatine? supps?

    Just wanted to post a helpful website that suggests cycling creatine will give you maximum benefits. http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/creat ... ne-use.htm This website suggests that if you don't cycle creatine your body will get used to it and your gains will suffer. As we already naturally produce a small amount anyway I can see how this would be true. It's like anything, eventually your body will stop responding, so I guess you don't have to cycle creatine, but if you are paying for a supplement you might as well use it to it's full potential. Also - after a week and a half of taking Kre-Alkalyn as a trial I noticed it's benefits for the first time last night. I was struggling to explain the feeling it gave me, but the above website summed it up. "When you exercise intensely, you'll notice the 'screeching pain' (due to lactic acid build up) won't bother you nearly as much!" I did find that I just had this explosive energy that came from nowhere. Unfortunately I'm still doing lighter weights to give the shoulder a bit of time, but I was pushing out more reps on that same weight than last week, and I felt like my weights session could go on for a lot longer than usual. The burn from the lactic acid was minimised so much that I didn't give up when it burnt too much, but only after my muscles just physically couldn't lift anymore. I'd recommend it so far anyway. Just takes a bit of getting used to the extra water retention, but I'll put up with that if I can train like that every night! The real test will be tonight when I do Shoulders. These always burn the most for me.......
  13. Posing

    Hmmm, I probably didn't explain that correctly. When I said a difference in muscle tone, I meant that all that posing does make you sweat and like muffinman said it does make you feel like you've been out running. So really what I was trying to get across was that it's awesome for fat burning which in turn will show more muscle tone as you lose fat. When I was just practicing posing I wasn't tensing as hard as I was on stage, but I still ended up exhausted after 30 mins of it. Most days we used to do it after a workout so I was still warm enough not to inure myself and it was just enough to deplete the muscles fully. I think it just takes so much out of you because even though you are focusing on showing one or two muscle groups everything has to be tensed so it does put a strain on the body.
  14. Posing

    Yip, I agree, you can't start soon enough. I've been slack and stopped mine but I will definitely start again soon. It also increases your fitness and if you do half an hour even three times a week you'll notice a difference in muscle tone. It is really hard in the beginning to hold them for more than about 5 secs but after a bit of practice you will find it easier. When I was on stage I didn't even think about the pain, you just hold it for as long as necessary but I found that the next day I could hardly move. Everything was sooooo sore. It's the adrenaline that gets you through. I used to feel like I'd run a 10km run after I'd finished practicing! I also found that my posing got heaps better after practice, the trick is to keep smiling (start practicing that now, it's easy to forget!) and make it look easy even though every muscle in your body is screaming for you to relax!
  15. Nationals in October - comp number 2

    Yay, after the outage I'm able to get my post up for today. I don't tend to post on weekends, generally because I only do cardio and also becuase I don't have the time usually. So here is today's entry Weight = 58.0kg - this did get up to 58.7kg but seems to have settled into the new diet, so currently 5kgs heavier than comp weight and happy with this. 5.30am 30mins stepper 20mins crosstrainer 8.00am 30g oats, protein powder (had a meeting so had to hold off eating, was quite hungry by 11.30am) 11.30am 150g low fat yoghurt, protein powder (forgot the almonds!) 12.45pm TRICEP workout 2.00pm One slice wholegrain bread, chicken breast and salad with spinach and lettuce, tomato,carrot and red capsicum Apple 4.30pm 100g tuna and 2 x rice cakes 6.00pm CHEST workout 7.00pm Steak, kumara and broccoli 8.00pm WW Hot choc and either fruit or if I can be bothered I'll make up a WW Mousse and add protein. TRICEPS Rope Pulldown 30kg - 15 35kg - 12 40kg - 12 30kg - 15 Rope Pullover 30kg - 15 32.5kg - 12 35kg - 10 30kg - 15 Kickbacks 6kg - 12 x 4 sets CHEST Bench Press (still keeping it really light to rest shoulder) 30kg - 15 40kg - 12 45kg - 10 30kg - 15 Cable Crossover 20kg - 15 22.5kg - 12 25kg - 10 20kg - 15 Pec Deck 30kg - 12 35kg - 10 40kg - 8 30kg - 12 Pressups - 12 x 4 (to help shoulder - been told to do "Plus Pressups" which means extending the arms at the top of the movement so the back is in an arch. This should strengthen my lats which apparently is what caused my shoulder injury)