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  1. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    I thought you were trolling at first, None of your posts have had any real context, just crap based on opinions and bias research held by a minority (I'm assuming this) of people in fitness community. If you search long enough you'll find studies, opinions etc etc showing what you want to see. It's all just smoke and mirrors to a degree Animal products can be beneficial for health - FACT!!! (note I didn't say 'are' I said 'can') Claims like you're making is like saying there is only 1 way to get bigger, faster or stronger. Anyone with half a brain knows these things can be achieved in 1000's of different ways. Here's a fact for you Drinking 6L of water in one sitting has a 50% chance of killing you Does this mean water is bad for your health? No, absolutely not but in the wrong context can be harmful/bad for your health.
  2. Bench Programming

    I ran smolov jnr for incline bench earlier this year but changed it up a bit from 4x to 3x a week. Just meant it went from 3 week program to 4 week program. Ran it 3 times with deload week in between each cycle and added 20kg to total. Recovery seemed to be all good for most part. Took me a while to get used to no accessory work though. For me anyway increasing frequency helped can accumulate more volume easier too
  3. Nabba/wff nationals

    If John Pyers can make weight I think he or Alex Faulkner might take Tony down this year. By the looks its going to be a pretty good show
  4. My workout journal

    28/9 Monday Training Worked up to 3 rep max Back Squat: 60kg x 5 100kg x 4 140kg x 3 170kg x 2 182.5kg x 3 (PR) Was pretty chuffed with this PR weight for reps!! Previous best was in all likeliness a shady 180kg single at best noticed knees cave in a bit, did a bit of reading neither good nor bad but something to keep an eye no doubt. 30/9 Wednesday Front squat: 4 x 3 @ 105kg Deadlift: 4 x 3 @ 140kg 2/10 Friday Work up to 1 rep max on deadlift warm up 140 x 5 160 x 3 180 x 1 200 x 1 205 x 1 (PR) 140kg 3 x 3 Hit a PR but not what was hoping for. Knew it wasn't going to be my day when pulled 180. PR is a PR though so that's all good Hip flexor/groin been giving me a few issues lately so gonna lay off squats until that has come right and then include a bit more mobility work. That and wrist is still bung, waiting to see a specialist so still no pushing and pretty limited with arms and shoulders. Other than that happy days body weight 75.3kg
  5. Why not just keep doing what you're doing as it seems likes its working? In terms of abs, you need to lose body fat. You're still making newbie gains (putting on lean mass and losing fat at same time) so I say keep doing what you're doing. To lose fat your energy expenditure has to exceed your daily energy intake. ie eat less. There's 1000s of ways to achieve what you want but I'll try keep it simple. Looking at your diet the easiest place for you to consume less energy would be limit your fat intake ie cut back on the peanut butter and almonds or (not both, not yet anyway) less carbs and take out 2 pieces of bread, 1/2 can of beans I would even think of subbing your couple glasses of milk for a protein shake (w/o milk). Alternatively add in some cardio or another weights session and keep diet the same. It's really kind of hard to say without knowing you. Your daily intake really isn't much plus with your training age dieting to lose fat doesn't make sense to me. That's my advice, someone will probably give you better, other than that keep trying to progress at the gym by adding more weight, sets or reps. You'll get there eventually and like most of us when you get there realise you want more haha Good luck hope this helps
  6. My workout journal

    25/9 Friday Training Deadlift (with wraps): 170kg x 6, 4 x 6 @ 175kg Pullups: 15, 15, 15, 7 Was meant to do 5 x 6 with first set being a RPE 8. 170kg moved really well so increased weight for remaining sets. 175 for 6 is actually a PR at that weight, should have added more weight but decided to be conservative. Probably a good thing because last set of 6 was reasonably hard. Excited to try pull a new PR next week 26/9 Saturday Training High bar squat with 2 sec pause: 6 x 3 @ 110kg Leg ext: 3 x 10-12 Leg curl: 3 x 10-12 Back ext: 3 x 12 Rear delt fly: 3 x 10-15 Hammer Curls: 2 clusters Tricep push down: 2 clusters
  7. My workout journal

    22/9 Tues Training: Work up to 5RM lowbar squat 167.5kg x 5 (RPE 9-9.5) 167.5kg x 3 x 3 Deadlift: 170kg 4 x 3 Happy with this workout, nervously excited to set a new 3RM on Mon or Tues. Was pretty stuffed after so decided to save dl accessory work for next workout. Face and neck was all kinds of red during workout, popped quite a few smaller blood vessels ha. Back to normal now though so can't be that bad for me right? 24/9 Thur Training Front Squat: 3 x 2 @ 140kg RDL: 100kg 5 x 8 DB Row: 44kg 5 x 12 Hammer curls: 2 clusters Tricep push down: 2 clusters Front squats worked up to 2 reps @ RPE 8 then sets of 2 until this weight was RPE 9 Front squats have felt rubbish last few weeks, look rubbish too but was happy enough with how it felt today to keep them on for next meso. Body definitely feeling Tues workout still. Weight is down at 75.7kg which is as low as it's been all year. Don't really care too much about it as long as my training is moving forward and abs still visible lol.
  8. My workout journal

    17/9 Thursday Training: Front Squat: 4 x 4 @ 130kg Leg extension: 2 Clusters Tricep pushdown: 2 Clusters Front squats worked up to 4 @ RPE 8 and then sets of 4 this weight until RPE 9 Friday Training: Deadlift (with wraps): 6 @ 160kg, 3 x 6 @ 170kg Back extension: 3 x 10 Pull ups: 12, 12, 12, 10 Rear delt Fly: 2 clusters Deads were meant to be 4 x 6 reps at RPE 8 for first set, weight moved really well and quickly so upped weights after first working set. Saturday Training: High bar squat with 2 sec pause: 6 x 4 @ 100kg Leg curl: 2 clusters Tricep pushdown: 2 clusters Hammer Curls: 2 clusters Pretty happy with progress being made in training in deads and squats. Current numbers have my theoretical maxes above my PR's so hopefully can improve on them come a few weeks.
  9. My workout journal

    Monday Training: Work up to 7RM lowbar squat 155kg x 7 (RPE 8.5-9) 155kg x 3 x 5 Tricep pushdown: 2 Clusters Was disappointed a little bit with the depth of my squats but really happy with how the weight is moving. Definitely starting to notice some carry over from the front squatting I've been mainly doing over the last few months. Tuesday Training: Deadlift: 150kg x 6 x 3 RDL's: 100kg x 4 x 8 DB Row: 44kg x 4 x 12 Reardelt fly: 2 Clusters
  10. My workout journal

    Training from yesterday: With the wrist still injured and upper body limited I decided to experiment with some occlusion training or blood flow restriction training. Craziest pump I've ever had, not sure if I was doing it quite right, will try again. High Bar squat with 2 sec pause: 6 x 5 @ 90kg Leg curl: 2 clusters (30,15,15,15) Leg extension: 2 clusters (30,15,15,15) Pull ups: (bodyweight) 12, 12, 12, 12, 9, 7 BFR Tricep push down: 18kg 2 clusters (30,15,15,15) Hammer curls: 6kg 2 clusters (30,15,15,15)
  11. My workout journal

    Pretty lousy workout today, weights were moving really slowly... oh well Front Squat: Work up to 8RM (125kg) 3 x 6 @ 125kg Deadlift: 6 x 3 @ 140kg RDLs: 3 x 8 @ 100kg DB row: 3 x 15 @ 40kg onwards and upwards
  12. Powerlifting belts

    Thanks for help guys, I'm thinking of making a smaller investment in the mean time and getting the basic getstrength powerlifting belt with double prong buckle. A lot of the more expensive ones I like the look of are out of stock in my size anyway :-( Do people have preference for single or double pronged belts? Most of what I've read says single prong because it's easier (don't have to worry about 2nd prong) I guess it's more of what you're used to than anything??
  13. Powerlifting belts

    Wanting to get a powerlifting belt with the idea maybe one day getting on the platform. What's good? Where to buy? Best way to decide on sizing? would appreciate any kind of input. My waist is generally in the 78-82cm range.
  14. My workout journal

    After a little hiatus courtesy of my laptop breaking down on me I'm back but not fully training. Wrist still hasn't recovered fully so probably a few weeks from any kind of upper body pushing but oh well. Training has been a bit here and there, pretty much legs and started doing a bit of back in the last week. The time off work really gave me a chance to put a bit more thought into how I want to train/goals etc etc. So ditching last split and easing into a squat 3 x week program, deadlift x 2, and when possible will be looking to slowly accumulate volume on bench press 3 x week when back fully training. Tonights workout. Work up to 9RM lowbar squat 142.5kg x 9 (RPE 7.5 maybe so not 9RM) 145kg x 3 x 7 I was anticipating this being a lot harder than it was but still easing back into it so decided not to push it too hard but lift the weight a little for working sets DB row: 3 x 10 Pull up: 10, 10, 8, 6 Rear delt fly: 2 clusters (24,12,12,12)
  15. New here, keen to learn

    Welcome 07Guy, Sounds like you want to do something like a push/pull/leg split? Layne Norton's PHAT program could be good too. There's no right or wrong training split, it's what works for you. imo training in a way that enjoy is pretty important, if you enjoy it you're more likely to keep doing it. I'd recommend either of those two above as a good starting point or the split you have above. Choose your exercise selections and go from there. If it's too easy/hard adjust your volume (sets and reps) or intensity (weight) accordingly and try progress slowly. You can progress by adding weight to the bar, increasing reps/sets reducing rest time or whatever you like. I think strength is a good progress indicator because you know if you are or aren't getting stronger. It's not always the case but stronger muscle = bigger muscle. Hope this helps