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  1. Sleep....How Much Do You Get ?

    in the winter i get to sleep 8-10+hours a day including my day naps and i love it , usually have a broken sleep at night get up to piss allot cause i drink a heap of water probably , when summer rolls around i try my best to get 6 hours due to work , if i cant make 6 hours i start dropping cardio for that day to let me sleep in an extra hour
  2. getting back to triple digits

    the weights are lighter over here or mabye im stronger who knows i also seem to weigh less which is bugging me but if its fat loss i guess i cant complain will go get a skin fold done tomorrow from a dietrition , am planing to get a local trainer here to do them for me but shes never done skin folds so might no be so good to start with smashed out my 10x10 squats with 110kgs way easy on leg day will be moving back to 120 for the next time i go 10x10s any way i found the perfect spot in the gym to get some progress shot while hiding my face lol my cameras pretty shit not sure if thats in my favor or not
  3. getting back to triple digits

    finally back online ,7 hour flight and a 3 hour drive and im back in my kennel again had 2 days off and didnt get nearly as much food as i need so this will be a recovery week for me started cardio again today and heading back for weights soon might go shoulders i think
  4. getting back to triple digits

    legs squats (super set) leg ext (3 warm up sets 20 reps of the bar/20kgs 50kgs & 70kgs) 3x20reps@90kgs super set with leg ext 3x20reps@40kgs wide stance leg press super set with walking lunges 3x50reps@80kgs and 3x50reps with 10kg sand bang (25 per leg) seated ham curl drop sets 3 warm up sets of 20 reps @ 30kgs 3 drop sets - 20@80kgs 20@50kgs 20@30kgs hammys where on fire stiff legs super set with sissy squats 3x12@20kgs and 3x12@body weight smashed them out real quick as was out of time looking forward to getting back to my 24 hour gym
  5. DYD Diary

    i love 10x10s good stuff :)
  6. getting back to triple digits

    tuesday was arms quick as i could as people wanted to see me skull crushers 1x12@35kgs 1x12@40kgs 1x12@45kgs and 1 drop set 100 rep triceps flex lewis style, 4 sets 12.5-15kgs 20 rope ext hands apart-20 rope ext hands together-20 push dows - 20 rev push downs -20 over head rope ext bb curl super with hammer curls 4x10@40kgs and 4x10@17.5 kgs always gets me pumped as this pair peacher ezi curls 3 sets to failure 20kgs+the bar? dual cable curl 10kgs per cable 3x15reps arms have some doms today so pretty stoked with that one back into legs today i want to go 10x10 squats but lower back still feels it a bit from the deads i did the other day
  7. getting back to triple digits

    i just do this because its become the normal for me , i like getting results i wanted to compete but when all the comps are on is when work gets busy usually ,no comment there will leave that up to you own imagination there are rumors already but what ever im doing its working and nah im not even working at all right now , been catching up on all the sleep i loose over summer havnt been slacking off tho monday was chest bench p 1x20reps@60kgs 2x20@70 1x20@60 db incline, super, incline flys 5x10@24kgs 5x10@12kgs decline smith press 4x12@40kgs fly machine 21s 4x21@30kgs negitive press machine 1 set of 10 100kgs
  8. getting back to triple digits

    mmm my diet well i go through 1.4kgs of chicken breast every day at the moment ,and i have 10 meals a day some are liquid meals like my 1+1/2 scoop whey+3 egg white shake pre and again post gym ,also lots of kumara and broccoli and beetroot im fairly strict with it one cheat meal a week although it is my birthday today and i fly to aus on saturday to start back with the firefighting so this week is bound to not be the best, and once i back at work im probably 90% perfect as sometimes i dont get to choose my dinner ,or if its going off i might not get to choose what i eat for 2 weeks
  9. getting back to triple digits

    abs n calves yesterday back today legs not sore at all so good day for deads deadlift- couple warm up sets then 10x10@110kgs lat pull down 5x10@60-70kgs cg cable row super with hammer strength wide row 5x12@60kgs and 5x12@40 kgs that was it ran out of time but should be enough i think
  10. getting back to triple digits

    dietrition does my skinfolds for me and adjusts what i eat
  11. getting back to triple digits

    weight 91.75kgs bf 13.1% lean mass actually went up a whopping 1.05kgs since last sunday , more food for me this week
  12. getting back to triple digits

    shoulders day 100 rep warm up 10kgs 20 reps of lat raise ,front raise ,seated rears , then 20kgs heavy partials 20 reps lat raise 20 bent over rears seated shoulder press 2x12@60kgs 3x10@60kgs seated lat raise super with seated fronts 4x15@8kgs both incline rear db raise super with uprights 21s (7 wide 7 medium 7 close grips) 4x15@7kgs 4x21@30kgs then i hit the newer shoulder press machine for a drop set but it felt way to close grip too much triceps so with my last 5 or so mins i just did cables cant remember what you call it but shoulder flex type raises and lat raises couple sets had like weird electric shock type feeling in my hands doing up right rows mabye i was gripping the bar too hard idunno who cares just shake it out and keep going
  13. getting back to triple digits

    legs day again , dont think was as good as my last one, went for heavy for the first time in ages but wasnt as strong as i was at my heaviest , used to get most of my 10x10s squats with 140kgs squats warm up with 12@20kgs 12@60kgs 12@100kgs then though id get 6x160kgs but i only made 2reps sad as dropped it down and went 5x6r@140kgs leg ext 1x8r@120kgs 1x8@140kgs 3x6@160 i think, was the full stack anyway seated hammy curls 5x6r@130kgs bit more cautious on pushing heavy on the hammys leg press 8x8r@200kgs
  14. getting back to triple digits

    still smashing cardio out 1hour 20mins 5 days a week but no one really cares about cardio so last ill speak of it
  15. getting back to triple digits

    hit arms pretty good today i think push downs super set with wide grip cable curls 4x12@20/30/40/50kgs for both seated incline db curls dropset 3x15/15/15reps@12/9/5kgs tri rope ext drop set 3x20/20/20@20/15/10kgs straight bar curls super with hammer curls 4x12@25kgs i went 1 and 1/2 reps on these 21 style but 1 full rep then one half rep 12 like that and 4x12@16kgs for a hammers skull crusher super with kick backs 4x12@30kgs and 4x12@12kgs 1 set to fail of cable curls to the head 10kgs a side made 25 reps 1 set to fail over head rope ext 20kgs made 25 but hand ended up together for last 5 if you get me