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  1. Raw Nationals live stream

    All of them? lol Shoddy camera work / streams seems to be the standard in PL for some reason. Even IPF worlds had no side cam. As far as recent local meets, Equipped Nats was pretty bad.. Stream dropped multiple times, glitched out, required an account to view, and if I remember correctly you couldn't even see the lights on the stream. This one is hosted on Youtube so hopefully it will be better, just need to make sure they get a good camera angle.
  2. Raw Nationals live stream

    Venue looks awesome, hopefully the camerawork is better than certain comps in recent memory..
  3. Transgenders in strength sports

    Is there really any difference between a man who wants to be more masculine than naturally possible using hormones to achieve that goal, and a man who wants to be more feminine than naturally possible doing the same? You'd think more of you would be at least a little sympathetic to trans people and their struggle. As for bathrooms etc, creepers gonna creep. You really think that many people gonna go trans just so they can listen to some girl take a shit from the cubicle next door? I doubt it. In a perfect society a trans person could go to either bathroom and it wouldn't fucking matter because we would all act like adults and mind our own goddamn businesses.
  4. IPF Worlds

    Haacks coach/assist was on point, all his numbers chosen perfectly. Gutted for Gibbs, but mad respect to Haack and his team for pulling everything off so flawlessly. Watching Ray Squat 438 was absolutely insane, and boy was it intense when Kelly Branton bailed on his last squat, he looked like he was seriously injured for a second there. IMO it's a shame he didn't shoot for silver, that final pull sailed up so fast...
  5. Got a bad shoulder? Try this...

  6. Transgenders in strength sports

    I am a so-called 'liberal' and I couldn't agree more. I hope that one day gay and transgendered people can live completely without fear of discrimination, however what this requires is a cultural shift, not draconian legislation by a higher power. It is not up to the government to interfere with and involve itself in the personal affairs of it citizens. Simply put, I would fight for the right of the baker to refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding, even though I would personally consider that baker to be an asshole, and would likely never take my business there. So I suppose the same rules would apply to powerlifting and sports in general. It would be up to the federation to decide on what is or isn't allowed, and if people have a problem with those rules then they can simply choose to ignore that federation and compete elsewhere.
  7. BENCH! why won't you grow

    I suggest working on increasing your arch and moving your hands out wider to shorten the rom. Haha But seriously, if your goal is to improve bench press numbers and you are currently benching like a bodybuilder i.e. flat back and no leg drive, then you can probably gain a huge amount by changing up your form. Working on your arch will also help prevent shoulder impingement while benching, allowing you to handle more volume and heavier weights without risk. I don't know why so many bodybuilders look down on the powerlifting style bench, it's a safer and more efficient movement which allows you to handle more weight. Decreasing the ROM does decrease chest activation, which occurs most at the bottom of the movement, however increasing grip width INCREASES chest activation. Also, it's not like bench press is the only movement in the world that works chest, if you are that worried about missing out on the work you can always follow it up with some dumbbell fly's or something similar. I highly recommend this article which explains the difference between flat and arched, narrow and wide: http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-technique-bench-press-form/ And this article on bench press setup and execution: http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-technique-how-to-bench-press/
  8. Apps for powerlifters?

    I don't think Gibbs trains there anymore, but yeah it's the same Gym (Powerhouse). Video is of Josh Tukua, guy got bronze at worlds last year in 83kg class competing alongside Candito and Owen Hubbard, he's an absolute beast.
  9. Standing Desk

    I have one at work, it's pretty cool if you can stick to it, definitely notice a different a difference in posture, tightness in hams etc. Helped me fix up my anterior pelvic tilt. It does take it out of you though, I get pretty tired when I'm using it. Also my feet get hot and sore. I end up spending 90% of my time at work with it in 'sit' mode for this reason.
  10. 2016 Goals

    1000 pound total
  11. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    That's 170 foot pounds, not 75. A 2016 R1 has 110 for comparison, and that is in a relatively narrow power band. The electric bikes power delivery is far more linear so all of that torque is far more accessible to boot. It's the same bike that recently won the pikes peak race by more than 20 seconds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_LS-218 Incredible performance, especially when you consider how recent a development electric motorcycles are and how little R&D has been done on them. Just imagine how they will look if big sports bike manufacturers with millions of dollars to spend start adopting them. @Gyzz You are right about one thing, wind and solar are not anywhere near reliable enough to provide backbone power generation, and battery tech is far too far away to provide storage for the peak power they can generate. I disagree that this means that we need to keep burning fossil fuels though. Just because 'a bunch of fucking liberals' decided to ban nuclear power in New Zealand doesn't mean that it always has to be that way. Nuclear power has come a long way since cold war technology, and modern reactors are extremely safe, clean and efficient. Reactors like the Liquid Fluroid Thorium Reactor can operate by burning our existing waste, are extremely safe, and due to their design, can not be used in assisting nuclear weapon proliferation. I don't think banning nuclear power in the 80's was necessarily a mistake, back then the technology was still relatively young and had not had much in the way of field testing, people were nervous about the potential for nuclear war. However, I do think that societies current perception of nuclear power is a mistake. The media loves to focus on events like Fukushima. Which for the record, has not yet claimed the life of a single person, despite the fact that reactor was ancient and long past due to be decommissioned and almost every single thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. A single oil spill poses a far heavier environmental impact than any nuclear meltdown, and is also far more likely to happen.
  12. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    Electric already overtaking the combustion engine. Fastest production bike is now electric, it produces around 200hp and makes 170 foot pounds of torque, which is not only nearly double what most sports bikes make, but is immediately accessible due to the efficiency of the electric motor, no gearing or rev ranges to worry about.
  13. Buying lifting shoes. Need help

    The only place I've found in Wellington that has weightlifting shoes that you can try on is TOA Crossfit on Kent Terrace. I got my Inov-8s there and they are great.
  14. Not sure if real, but...

    Holy shit, at first I thought no way that is real. Then I googled it...