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  1. Well from the article he admitted to 20 charges of misconduct. He could have done much more, but going by that, it seems he had a handful of loyal repeat clients as opposed to just handing out scripts 'willy nilly'. Another point was that he would hand out the scripts without actually checking up on his patients. But his 20 or so 'patients' knew full well that they just wanted gear, and so would the doctor. It must have been mutually agreed. So waste of time for them and the doctor to get pretend checkups for the sake of it. Im sure he was responsible and checked up regular with his everyday TRT patients. If he did not, then that would be a different issue. Then again, misconduct is always wrong for doctors so nothing we can do is there. What he did was harmeless compared to the likes of other dealers at gyms etc. probably.
  2. My first comp

    Fully passed out on sunday. did weights at school Flat dumbbells 30 x15 X 10 X 25 PR wtf X 10 Did arms after. Squats next
  3. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Melatonin 2 - 3 mg 2 hrs before bed time. It takes that long and it dosent 'work' like a sleeping pill, just helps you sleep faster, but you have to put yourself to sleep It cant do that for you.
  4. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Melatonin defs good. Try make a schedule of everything your doing throught the day and see what you can fix / change to accomodate good sleep and more productivity.
  5. Guys, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    Do you have pics of 1st place?
  6. time to get bigger and stronger

    Good luck for comp. Have totalls sussed out?
  7. My first comp

    Bench today 60 x 5, 5 very fking fast 80 x 2 72.5 x 5, 5 72.5 x 4 60 x 5 paused 60 x 10 Machine row 77 - 3 x 10 85 x 5 Dumbell bench 32 x 6 PR!!! 32 x 5 32 x 4 32 x 3 Machine flies 65 x 20 65 x 10 65 x 8, 5 Tricep extensions / ez curl superset 5 sets 30kg's Making sick progress. Quite strong for a girl. Party tonight, hangover squats tommorow.
  8. My first comp

    86 kg's @ 170 cm. Meh my squat and bench suck, but if I train hard and you guys help keep me on track we are looking at maybe 180 / 130. Really want to get there by the end of the year. Aiming for 10kg increase every 4 weeks atleast. Not deadlifting, its a waste of time for me. I'll do it a few weeks before august and pull a 160 + on comp day. Doing bench again today.
  9. My first comp

    Was caught up with work on wednesday, trained legs yesterday. Squats 60 x 5 60 x 5 90 x 7 90 x 5 90 x 4 90 x 3 100 x 1 slow and controlled pause for form check Machine row 75 kg's for 2 x 12, 10 85 x 5 75 for 3 x 8 65 x 5 Lat pulldowns 3 x 8 with 68 kg Leg extensions 110 kg for 3 x 15 115 for 1 x 12
  10. My first comp

    Hey guys, I have gotten into power lifting and loving it. Gotten on a good program and currently training for my very first comp in August, which will be up at the Mount. Get distracted sometimes so this looks like a good place to keep in track of my results. You all seem like a friendly bunch !! Trained Chest today. Nice big scoop of pre workout. Bench 40 x 10 60 x 10, very fast 70 x 4 slow 75 x 4 75 x 4 70 x 5 60 x 5 did these paused and focussed on dialing technique Flat Dumbell Press 30 x 10 !!! - This is a new PB by 5 reps 30 x 4 30 x 5 30 x 7 - PB by 2 reps 30 x 5 Pullups 4 x 5. Put these here to get a bit of back in. Good back good bench right. Been a while since I have done arms, took advantage of the pre workout pump. Supersetted rope tricep pushdowns @ 25 Kg and EZ bar curls @ 30 kg for like 8 sets. Arms nice and streched. Did 3 more sets of hammer curls like 12 kgs for 8 reps. Was really pleased with the dumbel PB but not too happy with the benching to be honest. Doing 2 bench sessions and one OHP / CGBP session a week so looking at a 100 kg bench within 8 weeks of training, If im consistent. Squats tommorow.
  11. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    Not intimidated at big guys doing their thing. Thats probably why I bother showing up in the first place lol Then there are those scrawny creeps who have been there forever, lifting half as much as me. Imo their the real creeps, always staring at me and my training partner all the time
  12. Breast Augmentation

    Thats pretty cool Ilyese and damm the after photos look hot! Not sure about getting mine I like em small and they dont go away when dieting. Training chest really hard though to kind of make them stand out a bit. Looking to get into powerlifting someday so benching is a must I guess
  13. Instagram

    Follow me at @JaimeesPersonal My favourite would probably be @gemmasteelx she competes in the ifbb. My uni mate too!