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  1. I'm Czech and have been to NZ for 12 months already. Long story long: The first weight loss, about 5kg, came right in the first month in NZ, which I attribute to intensive trekking and learning how to travel in NZ. Then I worked at a vineyard in Marlborough, nothing stressful, good food, plenty of beer, etc ;-) We started traveling again in Sep 14,but were more and more into serious tramping, doing all kinds of crazy 3-8 days tramps, incl. difficult routes, etc. Our tramping fitness rocketed.It peaked in April with 35 days packed with tramps, just a few days for transport and repacking. I tried to eat as much food as I could, but when we returned to Renwick, the scale said, 60kg and no more, which is quite scary for a 179cm guy ;-) Was worth it, though. My name is Pronounced with y like in yolk, so it's Yan. Gorilla pit is a nickname for local MAWLA gym (Marlborough amateur weight lifting association)
  2. Hey everyone! New to this site and new to 'Gorilla Pit' in Blenheim. Thanx Ignite for sending me a phone number to get in ;-) Long story short, a 1000k tramping in South island and 10h work days has reduced my weight by 12kg to skinny numbers. I took up Occam's protocol to regain at least some of my original weight in the remaining 2,5 months, so my mom doesn't bust into tears when I get back :-D Anyway, I assembled a T-handle (t-bar) as a substitute for kettlebells, which r not available at the pit. Was wondering if anybody can lent/rent me some plates up to 25 or 30 kg so I (and my lady) could use the T-handle outside the gym as well. Let's say for a couple of beers? :-) I'm a nice guy and am definitely not flying away with plates in my pack. Thanks to anybody for any advice on that. Cheers Jan