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  1. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Well I don't know about that Realtalk but let me tell you a little something about myself and how much I can bench. 😂😂😂😂
  2. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Extreme nutrition has Black Friday deals on. Just got an email with offers on.
  3. Double unders

    My wrist strength and speed always improves with twice a day masturbation. ( sorry mate, could not resist ) 😂
  4. Blood test NZ

    Real talk is right all blood work done in your name and date of birth get forwarded to your doc and go on your record. Use a fake name, a few options are Ivor hardy Russell sprout Dwane pipe Dick short Hew mongous
  5. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Lol you got to be careful with that pome humour out here, kiwis don't always get us. ??
  6. No 1 Fitness

    Hi Wolves, I brought an iron power preacher curl and a leg press/ hack squat from number 1 shittnes and they are real light weight equipment the seat on the preacher curl broke as the ply was super thin and the press plate tore off the leg press with only 270kg on it. Number 1 shittnes didn't want to know about the seat and the leg press they made me strip down and they sent it to Christchurch for welding??????? I'm in tauranga. they didn't even replace with new and when it came back had a shit weld and some spray paint on it. Lol so buy something a bit better quality in my opinion. I will never touch iron power again. Good of luck in your search.
  7. Hi mate, I tryed doing some SQ shots a while back just to have a few extra places to rotate, I found that if you pin any more than 0.5ml in one spot it takes forever to dispurse, even 0.5ml takes about 5 to 7 days to loose the oil bump. Still works but intramuscular is better for me. Best spot for me is ventrogluteal like Daz mentioned. You can use both hands you don't have to twist round to far, makes things go a lot smoother, and I've never aspirated any blood using this site. Good luck stay safe.
  8. Bulk Meat online site?

    Nz does have an online meat market, cant guarantee the freshness of the meat but the website address is www.nzgirls.co.nz lol ?
  9. Like I said each to there own schering say it works, and continue to sell it to date for these various ailments. you say it doesn't. Dose on directions panflet is 25mg 3 x daily and can be dropped to 2x daily after a few weeks so not as high as your studies show. Surpresssion is possibly caused at higher doses. Im not arguing with you daz mate. I like proviron and will continue to use. Also use as part of my PCT as set out for me by a very knowledgable doctor. thanks for your views
  10. I love it when people disagree with thousand of hours research and thousands of dollars spent testing by massive respectable pharmaceutical companies because they read a post on the internet. Lol, can tell your not a fan daz. Each to there own.
  11. In Europe when you buy a box of scherings proviron from the chemist, not the guy at the back door of the local gym. It has inside the dosages and directions panflet. It has doses for various ailments including. Subnormal androgen levels. Hypogonadism in pre and post pubescent males. Infertility when a increase in quality and quantity of sperm are required. Surly if these are some of the things it is prescribed for by actual doctors it must be good for something???? I personally like proviron but each to there own and what works for some don't for others.
  12. Dieting for strength

    I find having a little fat stops my elbows and left shoulder hurting when lifting heavy. When I cut even when I warm up loads still get elbow pain with heavy lifting. But I agree with what your saying, my strength is more or less the same fat or thin.
  13. Transgender M2F wins weighlifting contest.

    I think it's only right to compete as a man if you were born a man. Just my thoughts. Makes it very unfair for all the real women that train super hard for these events. People can do what they want with there bodies it's there right but don't compete in any comps that give you an advantage. Lol, question for all you none transgender guys, if you hooked up with a nice young lady in a club one night and took her home for a night of passion then in the morning she/he told you they used to be a man. Would you think it's ok her passport says he/she is a woman now????
  14. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Yep! Your right, like I said you have to keep eating like while on cycle and train as hard also. Just letting the bro know that any first cycle he does he will gain muscle but it's hard to keep what you have gained Unless you keep up the intensity but will always loose a little. IMO cheers guys, good chat. ?
  15. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Yep, il give you that they are lazy lol. So what your saying is you never loose any fullness or size when you come off cycle? Your as big on as off?