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  1. Side effects of test e

    Hi mate, what side effects do you have, and how many mg of test e are you using each week?
  2. Blood tests

  3. Blood tests

    Oh I see. Do you have to wear a tin foil hat while you do it? 😂 no just kidding mate, I’ve never heard of it before. If it works for you then go for it. If I have trouble sleeping I usually just have a wank sends me off to sleep like a cartoon sheriff. Il google it, I never say things don’t work because what’s good for one person isn’t always the same for the next.
  4. Blood tests

    Oh yes, you can get your bloods done at pathlab at a cost. 👍
  5. Blood tests

    Hi what’s grounding????
  6. Gyno Surgery costs?

    Yes sorry mate it was jimmy bro, not sure if it was him or just a random YouTube clip. The adress was Tedder Avenue medical practice just off the strip on gold Coast the docs name is Ian Mitchell
  7. Gyno Surgery costs?

    Hello mate, did a massive search in NZ for complete gland removal and the cheapest I could find was $15000 Nz. (Maybe cheaper now) but not a lot of places in nz wanted to do total gland removal. Then I believe it was PETN a member on this forum posted a gyno surgery clip from YouTube that was done in the gold coast oz. So I called the doc there and he was amazing. Return flights were $360 first consultation was $90 Au The compression vest for after surgery $100 AU And the actual surgery was $1700 AU that was total gland removal so no chance of it growing back, I chose to be awake and not to take the sedative and it was all done under local anaesthetic and I watched the whole process in a mirror, took about 20mins each side. And then you just leave with the compression vest on and 2 drains hanging out of each nipple. 😂 the only strange thing is the doc keeps all the glands he has removed in jars on shelves there’s hundreds in his office. 😂 way cheaper and you get a holiday. If you do go for it let me know, and I can give you the vest if we are around the same size and all the strong pain meds I never took. (COVER MY ASS HERE). If the pain meds that were prescribed for me are the same ones the Doc proscribes for you, then I have some you may have to save you some money as they were quite expensive. PS thanks for posting that link PETN saved me a small fortune. 👍
  8. Yes, clomid hcg nolva and fsh are all available over the counter in a lot of places in Europe and they are super cheap. Again personal preference, I’m old now and definitely do not recover without pct I always use clomid, proviron, hcg and tamoxifen that’s what I was told to use by my doc in Spain many years ago and it’s always worked. I know you guys don’t use hcg in Newzealand (it the only country I’ve live in that doesn’t use hcg for pct and I’ve lived in a fair few places) If I don’t use hcg in my pct my balls do not come back to size and stay shriveled. But that’s me and how my body works pct is a must for me if I taper off my test slowly drops really low and my estro sky rockets making me fat and loose muscle so I welcome those dealers without them and there pct drugs I would have to stay on a trt dose year round.
  9. Hi Wooster, science and med labels will tell you one thing but YOUR personal experience could show another, as I’m sure your aware. Lots of people react in different ways to different compounds. I personally am very estro sensitive and this has got worst with age, if I use test or any aromatising compound at any dose I need an AI if I ran 300mg test a week without AI I would be a water buffalo with DD boobies. I can normally feel a little itchy irritation in the nipples at about the 4th or 5th day if I don’t use AI or some kind of anti e. Guess you will just have to start out with the test and see how you go first, then if you see you need it add it at the lowest dose and work your way up to the most effective dose for YOU! Horses for courses, everyone is different. Good luck mate. Hope it all goes well for you. 👍
  10. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I have also seen some of your photos on here trainlikeafreak another amazing physic. Guess you and petn are just genetically gifted nothing to do with hard work, sacrifice and knowledge. 😉😉
  11. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Hay petn, I’ve seen some of your photos on this forum and you look amazing lots of round full muscle. Great work. 👍👍👍👍
  12. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    So what your saying is, if you have good genetics you don’t have to work hard or have to have any idea of training or personally know what you did to get a great physic. Google copy and paste knows loads more about the human anatomy than any of us but it’s physic is crap. Know what I’m saying Daz?
  13. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Lol, oh I see. You look great. 😂
  14. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I think everyone one the forum should post a pic of there physics in the profile photo, so we can see that the person giving out advice to others actually knows what they are talking about from experience and gains they have made themselves. Obviously no faces needed, I’m guessing a lot of people on this forum know each other so we would soon find out if someone posted a physic that was not there’s. 🙄
  15. Bad UGL gear (Colombia)

    Yikes! That’s nasty. This is one of the reasons we should be allowed to discuss brands of gear and ug labs. So we can share with others how things have worked for each of us.