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  1. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    Take care mate, health is more important that being big. 👍
  2. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    Why would you feel hot or light headed on Dbol? That doesn’t sound good at all. 🤔 Dbol makes you feel great and like an Alpha male and strong as an ox. 30mg a day is enough for good results if you ask me. And It’s hard on the body.
  3. First Test E cycle - questions

    Doesn’t look good mate. 😔 400mg per week levels would be high. Sorry mate, it’s annoying to find out your gear is fake and always makes me think WTF has been injected into the body. 🤔😡
  4. Hay guys, just a quick bit of news for you all. Went to path lab today for self request blood work and was told by the staff that if I self request blood work and want my doctor to receive copies I will have to personally give him the results. So in short, your doctor will no longer receive copies of any self request blood work. 🤗🤗 fee at last. 😂
  5. Help with power rack

    Hello mate, try and see what your buying in person before making your choice. I have brought a few thing in the past online from number one fitness, or as I call it number 0 shitness. 😂 and they have been really cheaply made and weak The foot plate actually tore off the leg press. Some of the powerlifting guys on here will give you some good brands to look out for. Good luck mate, and enjoy them. 👍👍
  6. PCT or no PCT

    Good man, this will clear up any confusion and take all the guess work out of it. 👍 once you see what your issue is you can aim at fixing specifically that problem and get yourself back to normal. Keep us posted mate.
  7. PCT or no PCT

    Keep us posted after your bloods please, will be interesting to see if it’s high estro or prolactin that’s giving you itchy nips and what’s causing it high t, low t ? A naughty little tumor on a gland? Sure your fine, just a little pome humour.
  8. PCT or no PCT

    Have you ever considered that your natural test production is very high and this is why your getting gyno and other sides like lots of teenagers go through? Without blood work you are simply guessing my friend. Get blood work first then you will know what problem you need to fix. Good luck mate, hope you get it sorted promptly. 👍
  9. Steroid side effects

    Pretty bad for me, probably shrink to half the size. And as there is less weight to them they sit a lot higher in my scrotum. But as as people say they do come back after you stop using.
  10. Side effects of test e

    Hi mate, what side effects do you have, and how many mg of test e are you using each week?
  11. Blood tests

  12. Blood tests

    Oh I see. Do you have to wear a tin foil hat while you do it? 😂 no just kidding mate, I’ve never heard of it before. If it works for you then go for it. If I have trouble sleeping I usually just have a wank sends me off to sleep like a cartoon sheriff. Il google it, I never say things don’t work because what’s good for one person isn’t always the same for the next.
  13. Blood tests

    Oh yes, you can get your bloods done at pathlab at a cost. 👍
  14. Blood tests

    Hi what’s grounding????
  15. Gyno Surgery costs?

    Yes sorry mate it was jimmy bro, not sure if it was him or just a random YouTube clip. The adress was Tedder Avenue medical practice just off the strip on gold Coast the docs name is Ian Mitchell