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  1. My tren experience

    Awesome post bro, insightful, honest and informative. I haven't done a cycle of anything yet, although I'm keen to try test e but I'd likely respond to tren similarly and throw some speed in there to deal with the fallout, I'm susceptible in that way. Hope you get your girl back if she was something special to you man.
  2. Giant Sports, Giant Rush.

    What was it like FUBU? Was thinking of giving it a go. Do you recommend any particular flavour?
  3. TV - what are you watching?

    Watching a variety of shows on Netflix on my ps4/tablet. If you haven't got Netflix I highly recommend it. If it wasn't for sky sport I'd drop sky altogether, it's that farkin good at a fraction of the cost. All in glorious hd lol.
  4. RIP Justin Rys

    I met Justin in wellys when we went to see Flex Wheeler. He was a friend of a friend and we hit the town with him after the show. Awesome character. Was like going out with a superstar, unbelievable attention. Will never forget the stop at the shop on the way home at 6am and him cleaning up 2x2 litres of trim milk right there in the shop lol. Gotta get that protein no matter what.Rip bro.
  5. Eating eggs galore.

    Yeah i smashed a couply 3 creme eggs today fark it lol. Been eating lean trying to lose a bit of weight but gotta say, its much easier to do when at work, in the routine of things. At home with the kids, oh well, easter eggs instead of boiled eggs i guess. Happy Easter everyone. Good times.
  6. tren causes rape

    we're a relatively different species to fish lol
  7. Whats up with this- clen nz

    It wasn't really a review Pyro, nor did I state that it was legit, merely pointing out specifically my results using it but stipulating that I couldn't compare that to results I may have got without the stimuli. Perhaps stupid buying it it seems but when you haven't any sources, you'll have a go but still reasonably expect to get what you pay for. You all make good points though, this is a great site. Probably another con but can anyone tell me about the Page on Facebook that apparently sells stuff from (edit, no brand names) ? Is it legit? Guessing from what you guys say that it isn't.
  8. Whats up with this- clen nz

    I purchased couple bottles of the liquid Clen (orange) 2 months ago. Cant verify but can say that using it had all the hallmarks of legit Clen from my reading. I've lost 12kg's in 8-9 weeks, 7.5kg's of that in the last 4 weeks. Been training wickedly hard and have been eating lean but cant say how much i would've lost without the clen. Even if its fake, can say it motivated me mentally regardless lol. Bummer to hear his Test E is crap, really want to do my first cycle in due course and not knowing sources or legitimacy sux.