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  1. Female bf% for competition

    Good Morning Ladies, Just a quick question today, I'm looking to compete in the Physique class and I'm not sure if I need music?
  2. Female bf% for competition

    Hi to all, Wondering what the average BF% is for female Physique competition. .(( 40+yr and 170cm tall.))
  3. New to Gym nation

    Thank you, I feel a lot more sure my PT has me on the right track after talking to you. It's always nice to re-assured.
  4. New to Gym nation

    Yes the plan has been drawn up by a trainer that has competed " only once though" here's the thing - I've been weight lifting for four years now. I'm 5ft 6" weight 80kg (yes that's up there) bf 35% so the scales say, yet I have tear drop shape on my quads. I'm more muscular than most females. I lift heavy weights. My PT now is a young chap (lovely guy) . last session I mentioned to him I thought the weights were to heavy,,,, example when doing DB rows @ 17.5kg --this was fine , no probs lifting but when getting tired my quality wasn't good. so I said quality is better than quantity at the moment. As you said there are many issues here.
  5. New to Gym nation

    Meal 1 = eggs x2 + couple of whites meal 2 = green beans or asparagus + 4oz chicken + 10z almonds meal 3 = same as mid morning meal 4 = 1/2 cup rice + 4oz chicken meal 5 = 1 shake + 1oz almonds meal 6 = 4oz chicken + 2 cups green veg I'm up at 5am gym at 6am then work. Lunch time I do cardio. finish work at 3 then sort children, by the end of the night I'm done!
  6. New to Gym nation

    Hi There, I thought Gym Nation would be a great site for a chat and to get some info etc, I'm 43yr old female training for my first competition in September this year. I've been training for 2 months so far. I have been loosing bf etc (great) also had a nutrition plan drawn up it is pretty much chicken, beans and nuts. I cant do beans all the time so have been having salad. My training is 5days a week and cardio 6 days a week but by Thursday - Friday I'm shattered. do you think its the diet (so low in carbs) or is this just the way it is when training? and I need to suck it up.