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  1. Newbie wanting to get the cut lean look

    Height - 175cm Weight - Went from 92 KG to 87.7 in 2 weeks from eating less junk food. Now I'm 90.5 from eating junk for the past 2 weeks Age - 25 Experience - Finding random weight/cardio training programs from the internet and doing them on and off
  2. Newbie wanting to get the cut lean look

    Thanks maccaz! I'll adjust and see how it goes. Do you have a weight training/cardio program for me you recommend?
  3. Newbie wanting to get the cut lean look

    Ok these are the pics. Relaxed pictures and pictures of me flexing and sucking my stomach in and tensing. Thanks guys
  4. Newbie wanting to get the cut lean look

    Hey! Yeah bro! Thanks for the replies everyone! Ok, here is some data. Tips on what I should change when I was eating well please or do I need to completely change the healthier diet I was on? How often I need to do weights and cardio? I haven't done any exercise for the last 3 months. Previous gym experience is just finding random weight training programs from the net and doing them. Thanks Eating this way for 2 weeks I went from 92kg to 87.8 KG in a week and a half Breakfast - 2 weet bix, trim milk, banana Snack - 1 cup mixed veges Lunch - Salad Snack - Smoothie (Baby spinich, walnuts, blue berry, strawberry, bannna) Dinner - Lamb chop, salad, brown rice Eating this way for 2 weeks, starting 6/March/2015. Few sample days. I went from 87.8 KG to 90.5 KG Thursday Break - Weet Bix Lunch - Cheese burger, Large Fries, KFC cripsy chick thigh (2) Dinner - Duck fried rice, KFC crispy chich thigh (2), KFC large fries Friday Break - 2 Fried eggs, Tip top white bread (4) Lunch - Duck fried rice Snack - Big Ben Pie Saturday Break - Big Ben Pie Lunch - Skipped Dinner - Duck fried rice with sweet and sour pork Snacks - Subway choc chip cookie (2), Premium mince Sunday Break - Premium Mince, Tip top white bread (3), Butter Lunch - Double whooer with cheese, Medium Frys Dinner - Bowel of Pasta Snacks - Double whooper with cheese Monday - No Data Tues Breakfast - Sealord tuna sensations 95g, Tip top white bread (3), Butter Lunch - Skipped Dinner - Fried rice, duck, sweet n sour pork Snacks - Nutrigrain, Cookie from subway Weds Lunch - Wendy cheese burger, Medium Frys, Sundae Dinner - KFC Cripsy Chick things (5), Large Frys (2) Thurs Break - 3 Big Ben Pies Lunch - Skipped Dinner - KFC Cripsy chick thighs (3), Large Frys, Premium mince sandwich I'll get some pics and put them up. Thanks
  5. Newbie wanting to get the cut lean look

    Thanks for the response mate. I don't have my cell on me at the moment so I'll do it tomorrow. Thanks again!
  6. What's up everyone I would like to get some advice please. I want to get the cut lean look but I'm unsure of what exercises to do in the gym, how often I should do Cardo and the list goes on..... Help would be great Thanks
  7. Thank you 'gymnation'!

    Hey mate! My goals are to get the cut lean look. I don't want to be bulky. I'm unsure of what lifting exercises to do at the gym and how often I should be doing cardiovascular. Advice would be appreciated Thanks
  8. Thank you 'gymnation'!

    What's up all! I'm a newbie in the lifting world and from the posts I've read. This seems like a friendly environment to learn and receive some good feed back. Look forward to learning from you guys and applying your knowledge! Peace