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  1. I got some doc prescribed armidex from when I was on TRT. Im now off TRT so have no use for them. But thinking about it, what would they do to some one who was over weight, had no testosterone issues, and took them at 0.5 eod. Would they help lower estrogen, and in turn burn some fat? Or is that a stupid idea. Seems such a waste to bin them.
  2. Test levels & advice

    When ever i have played with gear I have been 100% straight up with my doc. They are not allowed to talk about your medical history to anyone. Its confidential. The problem occurs when most doctors are clueless about testosterone / steroid use etc. Where abouts are you Wantmoregainz , depending where you are I could possibly put you on to a very helpful doctor.
  3. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    cheers mate.. Melatonin come in safe and sound. But as I had to go to the doc I got a script for melatonin anway so was covered.. Script is for 3mg tabs. So 3mg is legal in NZ....
  4. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Thanks Dianabol.. Have you ever used them before? Are they realiable?
  5. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Now this looks great.. .. Im tempted to try to get this in, but dont like the idea of throwing away $40 if it gets stopped. GABA and Melatonin are both prescription only in NZ unfortunately.. Hmmmm.. http://www.anabolicoutlaws.com/product_details.html?productcode=sand&resultpage=product_list_page_wfilters.html&ocateckey=anabolicoutlawsall
  6. Some good reading here, and all free. http://www.anasci.org/ebooks/
  7. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Dissapointed. Went to order some other stuff from iherb and they dont sell it. Where would one order Armodafinil from?
  8. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    All good, i have bought the 1mg tabs for starters.. It'll give me room to play with the doseage. will try 1mg for a week if useless bump up to 2, then up to 3 to see where it works best. Once I know that, I know what to oder for the next time.. And if I do have to order the 3mg and they catch it, I expect the worse they'll do is to send me a warning. So not the end of the world. Just be a pain losing it.
  9. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    I have ordered it, and yets its you need a script for it in NZ.. Should I ask iherb to be discreet with the packaging? Or are they on to it? If it goes get stopped by medsafe/ customs I'll just go to my doctor and get a prescription to show customs.. Problem solved. Problem with getting it prescribed here in NZ is its not funded, so apparently quite expensive. Just makes sense to buy online.
  10. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Handy info cheers guys.. I was going to buy some melatonin online and couldnt figure out where to buy from. iherb looks to have some really great prices.. Anyone had experience with this product from iherb? Seems too cheap. Is it the real thing? https://nz.iherb.com/pr/Natrol-Melatonin-3-mg-240-Tablets/4299
  11. Lol, now Im really worried.. Think I'll pack my bags and head for the air port tonight.. Hmm, how to smuggle all my millions of dollars out with me? Might stash it all in my undies.. Shhhh, dont tell the cops..
  12. no worries.. Whats the name of your pharmacy so I can google earth it. Then I can send the cash to the address on the pharmacies website..
  13. There are many legit pharamcies selling online. just a matter of figuring out which ones.. And I have an idea. Look for address on website. Then use google earth street view to check to see if a pharmacy actually exists at that address.. Next step to google which country can legitmately sell meds to the public. Im a bloody genius lol
  14. just found this little beauty.. But not sure if thats world wide or only the states.. " "3. Look for "dot pharmacy" in the address. If an online pharmacy has ".pharmacy" at the end of its web address, it's OK to buy medicine there. Only outfits that follow the law can use that domain." http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/features/beyond-the-pharmacy-online-and-mail-order-prescription-drugs
  15. Im after some PCT gear, and am going to try to buy through a legit source. I.E a legal over seas pharmacy. But there are many sites. How to tell which are true chemists ie real pharmacies and which are just u.g sites with a nice website... I dont want to buy U.G, for pc if I can avoid it.. Anyone know how im going to about determining which online site is a legit chemist? And yes, I do realise there is a chance it will get stopped at customs. Im quite willing to take that risk.. I assume first step would be finding which countries can legally sell what im after with out a prescription and target a pharmacy from that country? Does anyone know which countries are legally allowed to sell meds Im after?