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  1. Coke Life v Coke Zero v Diet Coke

    Made for people who only want to be half fat
  2. RIP Justin Rys

    Rip mate I thought he came threw but. f*ck.
  3. Auckland Mens clinic doctor gets Charged

    Don't they double the price as well??
  4. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Sweet got some mag so will try that
  5. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    hmmm yeah I used to take a Handful at a time when on night shift, maybe I'll try them out again, try some relaxation techniques beforehand. Thanks
  6. Protein Shakes!

    you can have yours with whatever you want bro, I have mine with water, milk if im feeling fabulous. I always like to have powder around its handy as!
  7. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

  8. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    I try go to bed early and get my rest, but end up not sleeping until around 12-1am fuckin sucks, tried melatonin it don't work for me, Tried zoppys but they taste like shit, I work in a factory so its hard yakka, todays switch from evenings to mornings fucked me big time didn't even go to gym... plus kids, and unfortunately its tough out there bro cant click my fingers and get a new job, But I will definitely be looking. Will be in bed early tonight for sure and hope I get some shut eye.
  9. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Yeah bro done those diets great been to doctor 3-4 hours sleep today. Looks like test it is ha ha shot bro
  10. All the fuckin time? Constantly low on energy and feel drained, other than concrete capsules, how do you cope? Family, gym, early 5am starts etc.
  11. Big Ramy wins Arnold Classic Brazil

    Them droplets!
  12. Books!

    I think I've seen it, is it about Scandinavians?
  13. Weights n protein shakes

    Interesting read I don't shit about gear man but from my observations you should have put on a hell of a lot more size? Do you think with out the gear you could have accomplished the same lean physique? Not hating bro. You look mean!
  14. Workout frequency/split

  15. Workout frequency/split

    Mon. Squat, bench, deadlift 3x3 at 85-90% max then 3x12 generally half(or just over) of my 3x3 Same on weds and Friday. Tues and thurs I might throw in some shoulders or cardio/boxing