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  1. Albuterol Cycle

    Yeah, actually my initial experiment was to bulk whilst cutting. However, related to the T3 or not, I have experienced a severe drop in strength and motivation. Which stopped me from Bulking, and only cutting. NOT IDEAL! Albuterol had a positive or neutral affect in terms of training. I like the idea of extra cardio to reduce bf%, but that was not the aim of my experiment.
  2. Albuterol Cycle

    @Maccaz and Pseudonym I started taking T3 since 30/03 . At that point I stopped Albuterol. Since then I really feel tired, weak and lethargic. Thinking of ending the T3 only, or entering a T3 + test. Only issue with test is acquisition. Anyone else feel compromised on T3?
  3. Albuterol Cycle

    9/04/2015 3:26pm 33rd dosage. Notice during the day my body temperature is HOT. absolutely higher than normal. Sweating very easily. I have also noticed a disturbing plummet in my strength and endurance. I am not dosing anabolics. If you ever take t3 I definitely recommend doing steroids next to it. For example my leg press dropped by 120kg over the last week and a half. However, I weighed 89.74kg @ 10:10pm 16/03/2015 I now weigh 86.23 kg @ 3:33pm 09/04/2015 So I definitely have lost a lot of weight. Lets hope it wasnt just muscle! Has anyone got a comment on this?
  4. Albuterol Cycle

    31/03/2015 8:55am 15mcg dosage. Over the past day I have noticed an increased sex drive. Internal Heat. Lapse in concentration. No bad sides.
  5. Albuterol Cycle

    I disagree. Edit:However, if you do have evidence to support your statement you could add links.
  6. Albuterol Cycle

    30/03/2015 12:08pm 15mcg dose Morning @ 10mcg wore off.
  7. Albuterol Cycle

    Thank you. likewise, if your duration is high for longer periods it is more likely to effect long term function than low dosage for the same period. 30/03/2015 10:38am T3 dosage of 10mcg this morning - increased heart rate, slight elevation of the mind. definite feeling of heating up. This feels more than 5x powerful than albuterol. I will ramp up the next dosage @ 12pm to 15 mcg.
  8. Albuterol Cycle

    30/03/2015 9:26am Completed 33 Dosages of Albuterol. Not much weight loss within the two week period. Starting first T3 Cycle today 200mcg/mL 0.05mL @ 9:26am T3 is supposed to be more effective, and more dangerous. Over dosing T3 can lead to permanent damage to the Thyroid Glands
  9. Albuterol Cycle

    25/03/2015 9:29am 24th Dosage 1.67mL @ 8:00am No sides. Immunity? Have seen a slight decrease in body fat% perhaps down one point. Results are as expected considering this is the first cycle.
  10. Albuterol Cycle

    Scales weight shows 90.52 last Saturday, but its hard to say, to account for my preworkout shake and drink, it could differ. My actual body has seen no change. However, my arms and back seem to have leaned out just slightly. As in the muscle itself looks more defined. The sides are literally gone now, even at 10mg I dont notice any heat or shakes. I am wondering if that should indicate I should begin ketotifen now? Seems early considering ive only been dosaging for 8 days.
  11. Albuterol Cycle

    20/03/2015 2:15pm 5th Day Albuterol dosages consistent: 10mg morning empty stomach, lunch, and evening. Noticed some spasms in my rats tiny calves. Heat is very bearable for him. I could ramp it up easily.
  12. Albuterol Cycle

    just out of interest, Guessin your rat has tried T3 and Dnp, how long did he cycle it? What dosage did you give him? I know I can read some other forum or article, but Im asking you because I know for sure you aint being paid to speak -haha
  13. Albuterol Cycle

    19/03/2015 9:00am Yesterdays dosage went with out a hitch. Only sides are increased body temperature which has lead to sweats, and the shakes. Nothing unusual. Dropping a caffeine pill with it on an empty stomach to see how or if the two interact at all - observations are no interaction, in fact it has made the albut less discomforting.
  14. Albuterol Cycle

    Any positive unexpected sides? I have read that Clen can harden, or lean out the muscle a bit. Has anyone seen this with Albuterol?
  15. Albuterol Cycle

    17/03/2015 5:20pm another dosage taken 1.67mL. I will start recording it all in one post day by day, from tomorrow onwards to make it more readable. Pictures can come up in a week