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    Paid the 12 bucks. Thought it was worth it. Best I've seen. 720p. repetitive adds were abit annoying. Good to see the Ozzie guys competing and not just filling spots. Andrey looks like bringing the weight down is the hardest part of the squat for him.
  2. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Do you have weekly video check ins on the off season programme ? Or do you just go for it by yourself?
  3. 2016 GPC Nationals

    Which miada gym is it at?
  4. Where to get softsuits?

    Think I'll go with the Sbd. Bought sleeves of him at fit expo seemed like a good guy and see him at comps. The sbd is 120 so I was being cheap. If I order overseas got to pay shipping on top of 80 so not much different. Plus I'm inpatient waiting and its a easy swap if it doesn't fit. Only thing is the red sections on the sides will highlight my muffin top situation.
  5. Where to get softsuits?

    Hey I've been looking to get a lifting singlet but doesn't seem to be many options. I got a Titan one and it fits shit. I wanted a plain black one but seems hard to find. Sbd seems the best quality or the loaded lifting one. Any recommendations?
  6. The Slappening

    True but he did hold back with his whole weird passive aggressive thing he had going. They're both dumb, one was a cyber bully one just a bully. Same same. Social media is a living for some people now.
  7. The Slappening

    Jason's a c*nt anyway. About time something happened to him retard or not. His mum shouldnt let him talk shit on the internet if he's handicapped. then ask the same people for some videos to up his YouTube, Instagram. His piss army really think he's a joke if they are honest.
  8. Are these shoes allowed in gpc?

    I've had wrestling and boxing shoes before. Found that the leather split sole wrestling shoes are really flat and when you tie them up they lock in really tight to your foot and dosent move around. Depends if your squatting or just conventional deadlifting in them. If Deadlifts those Adidas boot would be ok. The boxing ones are harder to tie up tight and not get any lateral movement. They usually have a mesh upper material. Most of the Nike boots have a padded sole which caught me out when buying online too.
  9. Online coaching?

    Well looks like their both good, would be happy to have either Ptc or Realtalk if they have the time available. Wookie approved has got to be good it sounds like. Will look into it, can you pm on gymnation? Noob status.
  10. Newbie

    I recommended YouTube. You Can learn a lot watching the right channels and be weary of the run of the mill pts out.
  11. Online coaching?

    I'm kind of in Auckland. Just past puke
  12. Online coaching?

    So It's worth the money. Is it hard to get a spot?
  13. Online coaching?

    Good point bro. Just after a bigger total. I know that sounds ambiguous but right now Im aiming for 700. So about 50 kg and to lose ten kg of fat that I put on. Need some help with form too I reckon.
  14. Online coaching?

    Anyone had any experience with online coaching in nz or overseas? Gains have stalled and am coming back from injury so was thinking about getting some help with a programme. Feels like I'm getting no where and picking up injuries for nothing. Be good to hear what people think about it.
  15. Knee wraps

    Yeah that a good point I never thought of. I was putting them on with my knee locked out but really relaxed. Thanks