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  1. Could anyone recommend me a kickboxing or muay thai gym around west Auckland? Found Rebel lee gar online but cant seem to find much info on them.
  2. Strongman gym in west Auckland

    Thanks for the info Realtalk. Are there classes for beginning strongman or will it be just like an ordinary open gym?
  3. Hello Everyone Are there any strongman gyms near west Auckland? I'm new and looking for classes or workshops to try out. Thanks in advance
  4. Looking for MMA/BJJ gym in Auckland

    Thanks for the insight maccaz
  5. Looking for MMA/BJJ gym in Auckland

    Thank you so much for the feedback guys. Does strike force have any grappling coaches or classes or will it be entirely stand up ? Also how are the gym regulations for training at 2 places ? Both strike force and Oliver mma . I plan on competiting so I doubt it will be allowed? Just my thoughts Do enlighten me on this issue. Thank you
  6. Hi Everyone I'll be studying in Auckland in a few weeks time and looking to find a MMA/BJJ gym. Could anyone recommend me a good gym to train? I'll be staying in west Auckland. Been training for 5 years. Heard a lot bout Strikeforce and Oliver MMA. Could anyone share their experience training at those gyms? Hope to hear from you guys soon. Cheers