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  1. Another pic just for fun.... Bulking gone overboard.
  2. Yeah I got up to 105kg a few years ago but had a few shoulder issues and stopped lifting out of frustration instead of fixing the problem. Probably stopped training for about three years. Just got back into it last year at in Dec
  3. Thanks. The first was about February and 95kg the second was last week 105kg.
  4. Bit of a before and after just for fun... Sorry about the shit after pic but you get the idea.
  5. 10% sounds like a good rule of thumb. I'll give it a go. worked damn hard to get this muscle. Want to do this in the most optimal way to keep as much as possible.
  6. Just finished bulk up to 110kg where I was doings out 7000 calories a week. Want to bring it down to 3000 todo carb cycling and cut. How quick should I drop the calories? Been told 500 a week. Was wondering if I could do 1000 per week? Endomorph kind of body type
  7. So I hate eating oats as either porridge or as muesli so I have been throwing them in the blender and mixing it in a shake... home made up and go. I was just wondering if I'm kind of missing out on the energy benefits by doing this because its getting broken down by the blender and not by my stomach?
  8. The selfie topic.

    Helps if I attach the pic..
  9. The selfie topic.

    Three months in