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  1. i'v been getting some joint pain on my legs, some snapping occurring on my knees when i extend them. difficult to run, knees hurt when walking up or down stairs etc. Any idea whats happing, physio just taped the knee's up, did have a serious hip flexor injury back in my teens when i played competitive sports thats about it for my history of injuries. Thanks
  2. floyd would most likely win it
  3. where are you daily updates bruv
  4. that will be cool show man, im taking a cosmos paper at uni atm
  5. brah...solid
  6. pretty sure peptides, like GH, ghrp etc help with injuries
  7. change the style of training, do high reps low weights with slow negatives full stretch , or high weights slow negatives etc, go ham
  8. this, lol
  9. i fell ya, in my 20s and i don't have Facebook. don't give a shit tbh
  10. same thing popped in my head
  11. agreed...:(
  12. this is where i buy my supplements and some specific foods.,
  13. probably cause ended cycle lol.