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  1. Building The Beast

    hey bro sorry been awol,if your still interested he said give him a text on 0211735088 and can just do it from his home or yours so be cheaper
  2. Operation getting massive

    How do you dismount the treadmill then?
  3. Becoming a PT

    i actually love your replies gymrat
  4. Operation getting massive

    Ratty have you considered MMA would love to see you head down to team hammerhead and have a cage fight sometime
  5. Building The Beast

    If your shoulders still playing up I can recommend a pretty mean massage therapist in Christchurch bro,Its a guy if that's a problem lol but strong as no mucking around. He'll do it for cheap if i talk to him.
  6. Diet coke cup cakes

    since you mentioned chicken, I had chicken and pasta for dinner was quite nice.
  7. Liberal Milk?

    you can definitely can an intolerance from eating the same thing over and over again but it uncommon. As concerning Asian cultures, Asia is such a large continent you can't really use it for things like this as i would consider indians to be more similar to Europeans than Chinese if you look at from that angle.
  8. Jason genova sickening belated bday

    what on earth! how is this the first time i have seen this video? bloody serious attire worn by the Rat!
  9. Operation getting massive

    will you be joining teamox for operation get massive?
  10. Vegan protein powder

    Pea protein has an ok amino acid profile its just lacking a good amount of leucine which can be cheaply bought (obviously look to get a vegan based leucine)
  11. Vegan protein powder

    I recommend this as well
  12. Don't stab me

    Yea bro no doubt, Old Rich Piana goes on about it abit lol how he would rather sign someone with 100 thousand ig followers than an elite body builder with no social media presence.
  13. Duramine

    They should if you have any convictions related to amphetamines
  14. Duramine

    Ok sweet cheers, i think the main reason the doc gave it to him was for the appetite suppression as he struggles after work. But the man has convictions for selling mdma and bzp so how the f*ck he was prescribed it haha
  15. Duramine

    I'm not looking to take it at all just always interested in what pharm companies are doing/selling ( I know this is quite old) but it was just brought to my attention as a close friend of mine was prescribed by a relatively shady doctor. Question- Being has any body taken or had clients/friends use this and what sides did they get? Note- he is a Big boy and was taking clen but I managed to convince to stop, as 1 its a waste of time if your not eating in a deficit and cannot be good for his heart at that weight!