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  1. Hey Guys, anyone tried Tren ace 200? This is what's floating around at the moment, but not sure if its possible to mix 200 in a ml, can this be done?
  2. Working towards the summer physique

    No time like the present, I know there's going to be a few mishaps along the way so miles well get a head start. (got to enjoy those filthy meals)
  3. Training guns on light week and getting leaner.
  4. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    Hahaha, after all these years of use I'm sure I would have picked that up along the way. I'll take your comment literally when my best bud won't stand up for me.
  5. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    That's what literature say's, but that's not the case with me, I flare up on tren for some reason just like i do on deca.
  6. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    Most times I run a test/tren cycle I suffer from a little estro side's (puffy tender nipples) and I f##king hate it so I use some adex to combat the issue. AI's are there to be used and they've helped me out a lot, unfortunately we can't all be immune to sides like yourself big guy. WTF!!!!!!!
  7. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    Nothing wrong with that cycle, I see you've done your cycle log research. Tren is quite powerful on the system so might have to up the adex to 0.5mg eod (only if issues arise).
  8. 1 week heavy/ 1 week light

    It's been a month now, but time will tell. I will carry on for another three/four months and see what results I produce. The main thing is I feel hundreds in the gym right now without feeling the pain of those old injuries.
  9. 1 week heavy/ 1 week light

    People always say go heavy whilst dieting to maintain size and others recon burn the muscle with a lighter weight to stimulate growth, so I decided to alternate the two and get the best of both. I find that the muscle/joints heal up nicely on light week and when it's time for heavy week the lifts are much easier while having that little extra strength.
  10. Been switching my training around with 1 week heavy/low reps and the next week light/high reps (continued weekly). I wish I did this years ago! No aches and pains from old injuries Dramatic strength gains Physique looking more leaner Training heavy every day made me drop voltaren's every other day. Feeling good now (touch wood).
  11. HPLC Bars

    I generaly chop them in half as one full bar can be a bit much, but definitly stops me from buying crap in the sweetie section.
  12. HPLC Bars

    What an awesome way to kill that sweet tooth and still keep your diet in check, 4g carb/3g sugar/45g protein.
  13. That's exactly the same symptoms I had followed by heaps of itching.
  14. Two weeks in I managed to get my hands on some HU pills which helped a lot.
  15. Yeah, could be an allergic reaction (built up my immunities now) so should be good for the next run.