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  1. Hmmm Gymnation vs NZ Bodybuilding

    Yeah its shit now compared to when it was nzbb. Most of the old posters left and is strongly censored now
  2. Capo aus. And nz?

    Can i lift in it if i tell everyone im not using gear in my prep for a meet? (Wont do a prep)
  3. Cooking rice to reduce its calories

    Wouldnt it make more sense then to eat things high in protein/fat then and less carbs rather than filling up on wrecked rice? If you in a deficit you always going to feel hungry. Even if you feel 'full' after eating your dinner of shit rice then youre going to feel hungry as f*ck next day and still just as likely to cheat on diet with other food etc. IMO youre a shit c*nt if you throw away/wreck good food. Just eat less volume of food and your stomach will shrink and youll feel full off less. This is stupidity along the same principles as stuffing your face full of high cal foods while taking weight loss drugs to mitigate weight gain.
  4. DNP cycle

    Start a workout journal FUBU. Be keen for a read
  5. Cooking rice to reduce its calories

    If you still feel hungry then you prob need to eat more unless youre just fat in which case you should feel hungry all the time because should be dieting to lose all the fat. you still gonna feel hungry if youre filling up on 'food' your body isnt able to absorb
  6. DNP cycle

    He actually seems like nice guy (he been member for quite a while..was posting/stalking IDW irl in 2013 i think) and posted pic looks big yeah. just sound like legit retard sometimes on here.
  7. working out all day vs an hour

    I heard Layne Norton is a liar...
  8. Cooking rice to reduce its calories

    why not just mix sawdust with your food then? cheaper and basically same thing. youd be better off eating more and getting bigger and stronger anyway rather than staying at a natty weight. like i reckon your lifts be better wilkes/glossbrenner competing at 100kg BW than at whatever you compete at now if similar bf%.
  9. Cooking rice to reduce its calories

    Remind me why destroying the nutritional value of a food which has probably been grown at the expense of replacing some natural ecosystem with vegetation clearance and farm pollution, a food that you pay for by time from your limited life doing something you'd rather not do if you had a choice is a change 'for the better'...