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  1. Esports... now with drug testing

    it means i clocked the kitchen and i don't burn anything anymore
  2. Esports... now with drug testing

    ima huge gamer (add me on steam Ilyese) anyway. people that just play games that are funny and okay at what ever game make so much money its ridiculous. One day i hope to have a beast as comp and stream. people donate thousands of dollars just to watch you play. one guy Summit1g started from nothing. streamed on twitch 8 hours a day. 2 years later people have donated 20k as one donation, now owns a 2015 GTR Nissmo and owns two houses and now is looking at buying a BMW for his wife at the age of 27 i think. Pro players are so good at what they do and there inhuman reactions no wonder its hard to believe it wasn't hax lol. Counter Stike Pro players are the best and have the best community love it. also saw a RuneScape post. 99 cooking here level 94 with 82 strength.
  3. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    lol don't see how thats even possible. but it shows your knowledge of make up.
  4. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    Caked with makeup? i go to the gym with makeup on. With my eye brows on fleek and my contour on point. Why? because i can, because i want to and i like makeup. I don't think whether you wear makeup or not to the gym effects how you work out at all. I think everything you said is very small minded. -From a Les Mills show pony
  5. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    nope. 80% i bet i could curl what you just curled. question... males do i 'gymtimidate' you.
  6. Soundsgood Lifting heavy sh*t

    i like lifting heavy things.
  7. Breast Augmentation

    im also planning to get mine done aswell ive done so much research and ive looked at tons of places. http://www.cosmedic.com.au/ this place in aussie has really good reviews and their before and after photos are amazing. A friend of mine got hers done here. and they are perfect.... hope it helps
  8. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    thats cute. Males don't 'gymtimidate' me. ill curl what they curl. well at least attempt it.