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  1. Body fat percentage - how do I test or calculate?

    Hi guys, Thanks for your responses. I'm aiming to start training for a figure/bikini comp next year (after my fractured shoulder heals, mountain biking fail) and doing some research. I thought those scales might be dodgy, so good to hear. For female comps are you looking at around 9% body fat? It's also looking like I'm going to get a program off a training/nutrition coach in Australia, would you recommend that I get someone here on the ground too?
  2. Hi ladies, I'm pretty new to the world of competition bodybuilding and looking to enter my first fitness model competition early next year. Rookie question, how does everyone else get their body fat percentage tested? I've seen scales that calculate it but don't know how accurate they are. And with that, is it true that fitness/bikini models are looking ar being around 7 - 9% body fat percentage prior to competition? Or is that a little too low? Thanks, Larryetta!