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  1. Dc vs Jones

    that was only a few weeks into the treatment and the fight was on very short notice, if the same Vitor that fought Hendo fought Jones i think it would be a different story
  2. Mark Hunt - Title shot vs Fabricio Werdum

    man in going to loosing the plot when this fight happens can't wait hunt has a good chance!
  3. Experiment 101

    Dam look freaky!! Awesome how small your waist is bro.
  4. I have no idea about manufacturing so i don't even no if your trolling me or not with the socks and tumble dryer part haha,
  5. Viagra dosen't have all the benifits of Cialis either.
  6. usually i mix up a bunch of caps for EOD use with both my cialis and aromasin priort to cycle. worked great so far this last cycle - will be continuing in future ones.
  7. Tiger fitness video on roids.

    thats why you also get beginners on large amounts of Deca and HGH to help there tendons and ligaments aswell *crazy* haha.Na gotta agree with you bro.
  8. What are you guys thoughts on Marc's recent vid on gear use?
  9. Kiwi muscle kitchen bulking for summer?

    Lying Leg Curls (body extended) 7 7 4-0-1-0 80 secs B1 Dumbbell Squats - DB’s slightly in front of knees 4 7,7,14,14 * 4-0-1-0B2 Dumbbell Squats - DB’s beside hips 4 7,7,14,14 4-0-1-0 40 secs Stiff - Leg Deadlifts 4 21 4-0-1-0 leg extension 4x21 4-0-1-0
  10. Also as with everything it depends on the dosage your taking. You shouldnt need more than 5mg over 36 hours to notice an increase. Up it from there.
  11. Yea only twice while in Cambodia sell it like Gum at dairys. Fair enough thats a good point but fortunatly not everyone has that effect from it.
  12. Kiwi muscle kitchen bulking for summer?

    OH cable extension 7 x7 4-0-1-0 30sec rest straight bar cable press down 3x 8 + NOS (3xdrop sets)(ALL sets) 4-0-1-0 40 secs rest dead lift 6x6 40 sec rest E1 Wide-Grip Pull-Ups 4 10 2 secstretch 4-2-1-0E2 Reverse-Grip Pulldowns 3x14 machine row 4x3 10-0-1-0
  13. proteins -hemp and pea?

    You can make mean puddings with Pea protein thats my input haha stuff fluffs up better than whey or casein.
  14. OK ok the title is slightly misleading I'm a student and next year i've got a assigmnent on prescription meds so just thought i'd do something a bit different that actually can be used for bodybuilding, pct support. vascularity, or what it was actually intended for hahaha. I'll add a few studies at the bottom but to some it up a few things which may spark interest are supposedly -Increased peak testosterone after exercise (note also increased cortisol but only post training which is a entire new agument to whether thats a benifit or negative) -Decreased blood pressure -Usefull in preventing enlargement of the prostate which can be a problem with gear. -Obivously increased wood (note if you have no sex drive cialis will note work) -Apparntly increased pumps in the gym from increased NO What i've gained from this very brief research is that at a dose of 5-20mg Cialis would be a great icing on the cake for PCT being lowered test, less pumps and vascularity and shut down are all/can be aspects of coming off. An these can mitigated with a a small doseage. I've added a few studies below with a tiny little cliff note of what the benifit/result was. Theres alot more out there but i'm assuming no ones going to read them anyway so i'll just chuck a few real straight forward ones up. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.2047-2927.2013.00131.x/abstract (Increased testosterone levels likely ascribable to a direct effect on the balls.) http://www.webmd.com/men/news/20111006/fda-approves-cialis-to-treat-enlarged-prostate (Prostate health) http://www.ergo-log.com/cialisantie.html (reduced estradiol, very slight test boost)
  15. Kiwi muscle kitchen bulking for summer?

    A1 Barbell Preacher Curls 4x 7 5 secisometric 4-0-1-5A2 Incline Dumbbell Curls 4 x7 + NOS(last set) 4-0-1-0 40 secs Incline Dumbbell Press 4 x12 4-0-1-0 40 secs Machine Chest Press (any) 4x 12 d1 bent db fly 4x12d2 machine rear delt fly 4x15-20d3 db lateral raise 4x20