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  1. Training Whangarei

    Hi Elle Would be interested to contact you and see if we have the same goals ... Could you email me at leahmaple85@gmail.com? Leah :-)
  2. Training Whangarei

    Thanks teamfatboy, I've been to a comp here and know most of the people you mentioned, and yes - Trish is a machine! Unfortunately they are spread all around Northland. I'm hoping for someone who trains regularly in Whangarei. Doesn't have to be a powerlifter or wanting to compete, but a general interest in the three main lifts would be great. Anyway, I suspect I am a little bit wishful here! Maybe I should just move to a bigger city :-)
  3. Training Whangarei

    Hey everyone I'm just wondering if there are any Whangarei peeps on here? I'd love to have a training partner but unfortunately there aren't too many women in Whangarei training for powerlifting! About me - I'm 29, training twice a week for my first powerlifting comp in April 2015. Would love to hear from people with the same interest as me! Or even just Whangarei gym people! Leah :-)