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  1. Gyno

    Surgery- either hospital or at home- depends on your budget
  2. Stimulants

    Yeah Ill pass
  3. Stimulants

    Perhaps a fat suit then :pfft:
  4. Stimulants

    Because that will be so easy considering Im not fat , nor a house wife . And I got ripped for some change bro, hardly a stand over for a 100k car . Admittedly fucken stupid, but then again the fulla died so it all evened out
  5. Stimulants

    Hey, Does anyone use these while contest dieting or on low carbs? If so, which ones do you use, legal or other ? Thought about trying my hand on some ephedra from Poland ( low risk country) but after I had some peptides seized - not so keen . Cheers
  6. Whats up with this- clen nz

    I have some water which I call growth hormone- wanna buy it #legitasbro
  7. Test e , Tren e

    Macca- Nah, but sh*t goes around and comes around and to be honest the ":publicity " he got on here was sufficient. Im still confused as to why he could have stiched me for a g , but dicked me over for 250 bucks. Oh well Yee-lang...cheers mate Ill start at 350 and go up. Test went up to 1600 and deca to 1000 , d bol I dumped after week 3 as it was too much with the back pumps
  8. Test e , Tren e

    Whats up peeps? Can someone offer a balanced opinion on my next cycle please. Ive been researching the two compounds aforementioned and have conflicting info on the Tren part . Forums etc advocate a low test (125-250 mg per week) dose and a high Tren dose. While others advocate an equal or higher Test model. Im looking for experiences only on what worked , and what didnt for you-not your mate or cousins uncles second cousin you spoke to last week. Im thinking 125-250 test e ( based on what Ive read) and 3-400 Tren e a week. Last cycle I ran Test e up to 1600 mg per week and deca with a d bol kicker. Any experiences on the above would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. Customs and Ancillaries

    I tried on my first attempt to get some peptides in.........got a letter. Needless to say, back to the local market place if I require anything like that or aas. Obviously someones sucking someones dick because c*nts get it through, but in reality unless you dont mind blowing your coin, dont bother mate its not worth the hassle. #fuckcustoms lol
  10. Anavar dose

    so wait!, you are contemplating using 'var on the same calories it would take to look like an AIDS patient -whilst running ffs !! what lean mass are you hoping to preserve, it sounds like you would have none full stop. I agree with Kiwi Cannon
  11. Swollen Dolan

    Awesome bro, looking solid as. Like a mini Lee Priest as already mentioned -Beastly
  12. Whats up with this- clen nz

    Thread of the year
  13. nabba - wff

    Thanks Rebel
  14. nabba - wff

    Thanks bro, will do
  15. nabba - wff

    Hey all, Myself and my partner are going to compete in Welly ( September) in the NABBA-WFF comp and Ive been trying to source info on posing , routines and for my Mrs , if they wear footwear in the extreme category . Any one competed in this federation who could offer info. I contacted them but they havent responded in an eternity Cheers