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  1. Thank you, There are no clear indicators for the attacks of pancreasitis and that's the problem. I have had tests for Africa but I don't fit into the normal reasons why someone would develop it. No supps because they won't know what could be putting the pressure on, if it's them. At the moment the doc is trying to cross off what it isn't, with the tests. Since I was sick (September ) everything flew out the window with training and nutrition, I wasn't able to train and I ate what I could that didn't cause trouble. My bf and weight are not where I would like them to be but they aren't where they were when I started and I won't allow that to happen as I have worked bloody hard for a year. When I started with my trainer, I started on fat burners, carnitine, bcaa, glutamine, protein & vitamin c, magnesium, iron, multi vitamins and liver aid. A week out, the water tabs started. I'm not sure what type of workouts I should be doing at the moment, so I'm doing a large and small muscle group (back/bi). The weights are heavy enough to have me working, my sessions are around 45-60 mins. :)
  2. Hi again, I thought I would update my original post. I got to the stage, competed at Hawkes Bay this year & competing is definitely an experience. Came off disappointed because I knew I could have posed harder/better but being up there was different to practising amongst people you know. But anyway I want to have another go... However a number of things have changed since my mate and I started and since the comp: * I don't have a training partner, my mate needed to spend time with her family instead of at the gym * I've been sick, pancreasitis and in hospital. Docs say NO supps! * and even worst, my trainer has moved away.... I feel like I'm back to square one but I'm still weight training, going to gym once a day 4-5 times a week and 1-2 high intensity classes pw. The last year and a bit has been a roller coaster ride! If anyone has any info on prepping without supps I would appreciate any help with that. Hope everyone is fit and healthy :)
  3. Update: We have set a goal 12mths...and against our original idea the goal is to get on stage in Wellington October 15....scary but motivating at the same time. We are lucky to have two trainers helping and supporting us and some great friends encouraging us. The changes in our bodies have started, slowly but we are making progress. Definitely learning about ourselves, bodies and what we are capable of.
  4. New to weight training

    Hi baroness, im fairly new to here but was wondering how you are getting on? A friend and I have decided to get into bodybuilding/scrupting as well and trying to find our feet with training and nutrition.
  5. Sounds like we are on pretty much the right track so far. We have changed our diets, protein every meal in some form or other, clean eating basically with the protein. We have a program that was written up by the gym trainer so we figured we would stick with it for 4-6weeks and see if we are getting any results, if not we can see about changing it. Thanks everyone
  6. Thanks....we have made some contacts with a couple of people and done alot of reading from websites but we sort of feel like some of it contradicts the other info that we read. We are feeling confused. We asked at the gym. .... No one has trained anyone like that before but our trainer will do some research. Competition... The first person we contacted gave us ideas of costs to see someone and that we would have to think about shoes and bikinis. .....we were like 'huh'....ummmm no thanks. We are about impatient and want to get into it. You guys are really welcoming Thank you
  7. Hi, A friend and I are both interested in getting into bodysculpting but we aren't sure how to even start. We both started at the same gym and talked about taking it that extra step. We (at this stage) aren't looking at competitions. Any suggestions? We live in Whanganui