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  1. Absolutely addicted to their range especially the cookies and cream one. Are there any cheaper alternative to them? The whole tub is like only 360 calories. I wonder if there is anyway to buy in bulk.
  2. mens clinic?

    Pretty keen to find out if there is any in Auckland or Chch. Thanks!
  3. Purchasing prescription med via men's clinic?

    Sht. I Hope its not breast cancer, been using 40mg nolva for last 5 days and the lump seem to have gone smaller. So hopefully not breast cancer!
  4. Purchasing prescription med via men's clinic?

    That seems really inefficient. Like impossibly so. Have you double-checked that with your new GP? I'm really struggling to believe there's not a better system than that. Surely people would have this problem all the time? Yup triple checked. Consultation fees is like 70 ish bucks instead of 40. I went in to get a pre travelling vaccines done and that cost me an arm and leg mate. Plus I'd prefer my first visit to my new GP to be something like a common cold than a full blown gyno issue! Gotta build them rapport and confidence first! Yeah, I see the problem. It's a tricky issue to explain at the best of times. Are you natty or is this gyno a result of AAS? AAS use. Is there any alternative to going to the doctors and getting the meds prescribed by them? maybe like a men's clinic or something similar? It's for an ongoing gyno issue.
  5. I have a situation with my current GP, i moved houses recently and it takes apparnelty upto 3 months for the govt funding from 1 GP to go to the next GP (my current local GP). Until then it will cost me heaps for docs visit and meds etc. Plus I'd prefer my first visit to my new GP to be something like a common cold than a full blown gyno issue! Gotta build them rapport and confidence first! Is there any alternative to going to the doctors and getting the meds prescribed by them? maybe like a men's clinic or something similar? It's for an ongoing gyno issue.
  6. Thanks. "If risk factors are in play, or if you have suffered gynaecomastia during past AAS use, especially if it came on early, preventive treatment with aromatase inhibitors may be wiser. Keep in mind however that this will not address estrogenic problems caused by drugs that do not aromatize to estrogens but are still estrogenic in nature, such as nandrolone and oxymetholone. One should take care to avoid these drugs. Long term treatment with SERMs is acceptable as well, but usually more costly." I was of the impression that the gyno was solely because of Tren, but from the above literature I believe it could've been due to the Dbol. On a sidenote, the studies and references cited above, most of them are over 10 years old, would that matter much?
  7. Realtalk and Daz you guys both make valid points. Realtalk - I'm not ignoring your advice, lots of internet boards say Letro reverses gyno full stop. But if what Daz says is true, why wouldn't anyone pick Nolva over Letro considering Letro made me feel horrible, just like you said you felt like sh*t as well while on it. Daz - Say Nolva does inhibits further growth of cells. "These cells now await apoptosis (cell death) at the hand of androgen-mediated action....." What is this androgen mediated action you referring to?
  8. Hi Daz You mentioned Letro for gyno is bollocks and Gyno removal = Nolvadex. Later I feel like you contradicted yourself by saying Nolva only inhibits gyno growth so it doesn't do anything for existing cells, reduction of existing gyno depends on "your androgen levels". Firstly could you please shed some light on 1. Letro vs Nolva (reason being letro is harsh, logically why would I use letro if Nolva can do the same job). 2. Please explain the "androgenic levels" you mentioned earlier. Apologies in advance just in case if you feel like I'm criticizing you, I'm not. Just want to learn. Thanks!
  9. Sh*t so Letro does nothing for gyno? Mind you the lump appears to be there, I always believed Nolva is used more on a to be safe but Letro is used to 'reverse' / fix gyno once it's already formed.
  10. Thoughts on Trenbolone..

    Hey daz could you pm me? For some reason it's not allowing me to PM you. Prolactin secretion stopped as soon as Tren cycle was finished. So please correct me if I'm wrong, I associated the issue with Tren use.
  11. Ok now that's something I didn't do, argh! So AAS induced gyno, use Letro followed by Nolva should fix the gyno? I know it's not as easy as that but I was about to lose all hope go kill myself because surgery is not affordable atm
  12. Thoughts on Trenbolone..

    Might be worth looking into the Tren induced prolactin and gyno issues. Not a lot of people are prone to this but I guess you don't know until it happens. I recommend something like "Caber" to go with a Tren cycle. Better to be safe than sorry. (I'm a living proof lol) well not really lol-able matter tbh.
  13. My nipples have been sore for over a year but never really bothered me too much. But lately in last 5 months the lump + nipples have been tender and sore to a point where it is not possible to sleep on my stomach. Slightyl pressing my pecs(where the lump is) it hurts. I've searched on this forum + others, also read some existing posts including few long write ups of 'daz' and 'atroll'. the lump was always there but never bothered me but now it is painful. 26 years old, 78kg, 5'6", 2 cycles, but regrettably my physique doens't look like I've had 2 cycles. First cycle was 2.5 years ago, test e. (400mg/week) Second cycle 1.5 years ago test e tren e with dbol kickstart. (cannot remember the dosages but was nothing high, I regret going into Tren on my 2nd cycle but too late, I learned the hard way) Both these cycles were followed by PCT as stated in books and forums. I read heaps and followed the protocol as advised by people. First cycle was great but second cycle I took the risk of running tren with no caber and started having prolactin issues. Followed PCT and everything was fine. When the first lump started to come up, used Letro to get rid of it adn it worked to an extent. Due to change of circumstances, lifestyle, work couldn't train for a while and But last 6 months the lump came back, I have tiny bit of Letro left but my dilemma is: 1. Should I leave it alone and let the body take care of hormone levels to bring back to homeostasis? Reason being if I use Letro and suppress eostrogen, once I'm off Letro will the Eostrogen come back with revenge and put me in a worse state? 2. Self medicate with Letro (I might have just enough for maybe 1 or 2 weeks, hopefully the expiry date is legit it says 2015 if i remember correct) 3. Go to a doc