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  1. isagenix

    Thanks guys. I wont be doing it
  2. isagenix

    Hi there, Sorry if this is in the incorrect area. Firstly I have lost 30kgs in the gym loving my progress and everything HOWEVER my PT trainer has now gone on something called isagenix. Now my trainer is/was a bit of an asshole. There were some times I didnt want to go down because of this. Ever since he has started taking this stuff he is a different person. Hes not stressed and he feels amazing. Hes like 10kg in 22days from this stuff and I just wanted to get peoples opinions on this. Here is the website http://www.isagenix.com/?sc_lang=en-NZ Basically you pay $700 NZD for the first 30 days which includes proteins, bars, cleansing suppliments.. everything you need for the first 30 days. The things that are putting me off are the following 1. Cleansing - I dont know a great deal about cleansing - I know the basic stuff about it however If I was to just do the 30 days and then go back to eating healthy and gyming I'd like to know if I was going to put that weight back on or not?? 2. The price - however if you sign people up (2 people + ) you will make your 700 dollars back so that part is appealing due to the fact I can make the money back and there isnt much to lose money wise. Has anybody been on something like this or is on isagenix? I know it works because ive seen the results for myself as there is around 10-12 people at the gym doing it and the results are amazing but If anybody has been on something like this involving cleansing and they stop doing it then do you just suddenly start putting on the weight again? I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask questions as I said im new here and just want to get any advice possible. Thanks
  3. Has anyone tried hemp or pea protein? Any thoughts? Any recommended brands? Better than whey?
  4. Hi there, Ive recently lost quite a bit of weight and about to start a new bootcamp - I used to be on Carnitine however my friend whos a PT trainer said to try grenade fat burners: http://www.sportsfuel.co.nz/grenade-thermo-detonator-100caps.html. He also said possibly to use Lipo 6 because you can use it with Lipo 6 Carnitine http://www.sportsfuel.co.nz/nutrex-lipo-6x.html http://www.sportsfuel.co.nz/nutrex-lipo-6-carnitine-120-caps.html My question is - Is there any point using fat burners AND Carnitine? Could I lose more weight or could it be bad for health? Does anybody know much about these three items? Thanks
  5. Crossfit and health

    awesome, thanks for the comments
  6. Crossfit and health

    @AZIDE No never had them at the gym they have always been nocturnal. And regarding more information thats all I have, that ive had two seizures, both being at night. I have talked to my doctor and he said its okay to go back to the gym but as i said its put a lot of doubt in my mind. Ive looked on the internet and a lot of people seem to think its fine also was just wanting to explain my situation and see what people think. I still havent had any tests.. talked to neurologists.. so its rather annoying as ive been holding off going to the gym until i heard from certain people which just hasnt happened.
  7. Crossfit and health

    Hi guys, sorry if this is in the incorrect area but im hoping someone can help me. Since around October last year I have lost a total of 24kgs. Ive always been rather big im not huge im rather proportional if there is such a thing. Around Easter i stopped gymming as I had a family death and had to do a bit of travelling and sort out some things. I then had a seizure which made me tired and lost a lot of confidence in weither or not it was the intense gym workout or something else. long story short ive been in and out of the gym and with my 2nd seizure im doubting myself in the gym, if I should continue etc. Im trying to do different stuff ie. swimming. My question is has anyone heard of, or been through the same thing? I am planning on doing whats called xFit 30 which is an imitation of crossfit. Its Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays id be hitting the pools. Do people think this is wise? I was thinking of doing a few days to see how I go but the problem with that is once i stop i find it hard to get back into it (like now) Any help, advice would be great. Feel free to ask questions or if anybody knows someone I could talk to then that would be great. Thanks.