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  1. I live in a small rural NZ town. Four years ago I weighed 170 kgs at 6 ft and it wasn't muscle. Basically I decided I wanted to live and began a slow process of 'lifestyle changes'. 15 months ago I began going to the gym as one of those lifestyle changes and fell in love with fitness. I love step-aerobics and high-intensity, low impact classes. I also began to lift weights at a local gym. I had difficulty getting answers about direction, proper lifting methods etc. About 3 months ago I got some injuries lifting and my doctor told me these injuries could take up to two years to heal. Then somebody told me that what I was doing was 'bodybuilding' and directed to a gym in another town 35 min away. I looked, liked, joined, got a personal trainer to write a program and have never looked back! I never really had to stop and just needed somebody who knew what they were doing! I have been holding at 94 kgs for 10 weeks now. My 7 week assessment results indicated that I had lost 3kgs of fat and gained 2 kgs of muscle! I'm happy with that. On the weekend I went to Auckland to seethe ‘Kiwi's vs. USA vs. World’ body building championships! This was the first body building show I have ever seen and loved it! I didn't like the half-drunken woman next to me who kept hitting on me though! I eventually had to go stand at the side just to watch the show without being hassled. Anyway, I now know that in the time I have left on this earth what I want to do with my body! Be healthy, work and train hard and be the best I can be! I love body-building and am off to the gym for my 5:30 AM workout! Best time of the day! BTW, I used to have very negative ideas about bodybuilding. All that has changed now! Anyway, hi everyone!