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  1. T3 Worth it?

    If you get angry on low carb then shreddings not for you. Your idea of low carb is actualy probably just a shitty put together diet. What dose clen got you "parkinson meth addict" heart rate?
  2. Looking for a mentor.

    Huh 72 at 184 not too twig-like.... thats almost just skin and bones at that height...
  3. No motivation after cycle

    Harden up and keep pushing through. Your test is just going down/sitting at f*ck all. Experienced it myself and it comes right eventually. You came off to give your body a rest so may as well do what you planned and give it a rest.
  4. Skinny arms

    I always found the best routine to train arms was to lift a weight from point a to point b. Really did me wonders. But seriously there is no 1 perfect routine sets or reps. Go do an arm sesh and figure out what works for you.
  5. Does anyone in here even lift anymore?

    Im currently running and leaning down for a show but i dont really run anything too redic. Also i have a umbilical hernia too. Have to wear a belt or if i tense core too hard while lifting it fills up a bit more and have to push out the new stuff.
  6. Hamstring Training

    Keep it fresh with the basics. Obviously they work really well if theyre still around being used by the pros. Switching up your workout doesn't always mean new exercises. Try moving around the order, sets and reps.
  7. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    Theres no secret drug, diet, macro ratio or workout thatll get you huge. Its different for each person. Either go hire an experienced coach(not a 1 comp insta diet pro) or learn by trial & error.
  8. First Test E + Dbol cycle.

    Asks for help, Gets help from most clued up person on here, Ignores the help... brilliant wee section we have here. Wonder if it will ever change?
  9. First Test E Cycle - 500mg/wk with 1000mg Frontload

    No offense but did you try and gain muscle before deciding on the gear? 70kg at 5ft 7 seems rather small especially at around 15%bf.
  10. How do I lose this dam gut!

    seriously sort that diet out! wow! start eating some proper food and not all that takeout.
  11. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    Cause people presume more is always better. Ive heard of 500mg pw cruise doses. Also didnt raps cruise on 500mg test and bit of deca?
  12. IFBB Advisory Notice

    As far as i know. you have to apply to switch class and think that may be you for the year? so cant go back and forth? Chris bumstead got his pro card in bodybuilding but switched straight to CP within a couple of months.
  13. PCT for a low dose first cycle (250mg)

    Any specific reason why you were using aromasin on such a low dose?
  14. Takaways/Lunches

    If youre willing to put all the effort in the gym why not put a tiny bit of effort in the kitchen? i can understand occasionally feeling lazy but no time is no excuse. Cook up few days of meat at a time and store it in fridge, cook up carbs night before and add veges. I prepare 2 meals daily the day before and it takes maybe 30mins. Out of 24hrs are you busy for every minute of that?